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New Everyday Life With Guardsmares Side Story: Maestro Cazador · 4:34pm Oct 25th, 2022

TheManFromAnotherTime has made his personal fimfiction debut with Maestro Cazador, an Everyday Life With Guardsmares tale! If you're looking for something to scratch that new content itch, this will do the trick! This is a canon, seasonally themed side story to the EDLWGM universe, detailing a journal entry of Captain Quadra Demarais and her observations of a Bat Pony Witch Hunt. As

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The Long And Short Of It: All Caught Up · 1:04am Feb 23rd, 2022

Hi everyone! With chapter 50 completed, we have achieved greentext parity: The Long And Short Of It is all caught up! Unfortunately, this also means the end of regularly scheduled updates; future installments will follow as they're written. I've greatly enjoyed the ride SQA's made for us so far, and I hope you have too.

Stick around!

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The Long And Short Of It: Start of the Next Arc & Pending Greentext Parity · 11:17pm Dec 30th, 2021

Hi folks! We've reached the end of the current arc in TLASOI, and soon we'll be starting the next! Its also the last of the existing greentext, and when we reach the end, we'll be at parity with what is currently written. Since I don't want to cut everyone off too quickly, and because I need a bit of a break to avoid burnout and some more time with the chapters, The Long And Short Of It will be moving to a once a week schedule. Sorry for the slow down, and thanks for sticking around!

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The Long And Short Of It will resume next week · 2:21am Nov 16th, 2021

Hey everyone! Just letting you know that The Long And Short Of It will resume after a short break. I'm feeling a little bit of burnout, so I'm taking some time to recharge. The story should resume next week!

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Chapter 16 of The Long And Short Of It will be delayed until next week · 12:32pm Sep 21st, 2021

Hey everyone. Like the title says, I'm afraid the next chapter of The Long And Short Of It will be delayed due to extenuating life circumstances. Things should hopefully be back in order some time week. Sorry about the delay!

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Signal Boost: ELWG Greentext update · 7:50am Feb 20th, 2021

For those following the Greentext version of the story, and are fully caught up with TheManFromAnotherTime's Everyday Life With Guardsmares, a new update is available for you!

For those following along on FimFiction, be aware: this is far ahead of where we are now! Spoilers abound!

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All's Quiet on the Fiction Front · 8:15pm Apr 10th, 2020

Not sure if everyone's essential, or if no one wants to write in their overabundance of free time. Human behavior is weird.

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