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You would make my day if Anon has this small mantra he tells himself when under stress "I'm not Bartleby"It will be just perfect if he indeed is sightly workaholic, and it could be a nice little story to tell his new friends, when asking who is that guy

Reminder to pound that Bound and also that like button

While I like this story either way, I'm disappointed there won't be romantic shenanigans. :trollestia:

Well, it nice to see more of the guards, makes me wonder how would Anon will interact with them

I'm very pleased to see one of my favorite greens make its appearance here.

He seems a sensible sort, let's see if he's been assigned sensible ponies.

Still, though... a chance to experience Canterlot society, at last!

Aaaannnd, Anon stays in his office working except for when he goes home to sleep or when he goes to somepony else's office for a meeting.

This is going to take some serious shenanigans.

I see your commenting on my fic and raise you some support of my own ;). I do get the feeling there may be some E4 mafia shenanigans lol, good on ya for the MOS inclusion, nice touch.

The tags don't exactly support the theory...but it occurs to me that this setup could make for a hilarious RGRE fic where Anon's newly appointed honor guard's highest duty is to protect sweet, innocent Anonymous from the perpetual threat of advances from debaucherous mares.

To his great frustration.

Who says that they need to protect him from only mares either? :trollestia: After all there also exist, Diamond Dogs, Abyssians, Zebras, and Hypogriffins. Anything could happen there. After all he is the only human and it will only need a curious ambassador or representative to have some funny shenanigans


A guardsmare who is expecting to vicariously experience glamour and high society is gonna be really disappointed to be paired up with an engineer. But maybe she'll be molded into a sexy nerd in her own right by the exposure.
Maybe that was Celestia's keikaku.

Really digging the start of this. Great work with the character development and giving them each their own personality and story, this has a lot of potential!


won't be any romantic shenanigans

Oh, there's shenanigans in the original greentext, and I'm sure Bubbles will bring them here soon.

Glad to see this one make it over here.

Am currently reading the original greentext on pastebin, oh this is going to be wonderful.

The ability to simply not get bored is an incredibly valuable one.

I still wonder if I counted wrong, so far I though there were only 3 mares. Yet there are clearly four mares, would he get a fourth one later on?

interesting so far. nice work:twilightsmile:

God it would be funny if this just abruptly changed gears. Just go straight from 8 hours of boredom to JET ENGINE WIND TUNNEL or something like that

You go pony trooper! Woo!

There already are 4.

"Lieutenant Temper Violetta will be the officer in charge of your detachment, although she will reside in the main barracks. The members of your escort will be housed in the servants' quarters on the second floor, above your chamber."

Comment posted by Bobbles deleted Oct 18th, 2020

Oh, so I imagine the fourth one is the mare in full golden armor then. Je wonder what would her story be

I believe the one in full armour is Artemis Sparkshower what with her description of "pegasus mare with a cream-colored coat and a brilliant-blonde mane".

Continuing from right to left, the thestral is Lieutenant Temper Violetta, the earth pony is Corporal Honour Bound, and the unicorn is Specialist Glamerspear.

I see, the last one…is she wearing glasses?

My guess is she made her magic shield into sunglasses? She does have a green shield.

True, and hey there is the tag for adventure so chances are that we will see her in action at some point

Yes, “Sgt.” Purity Ebonsheild rounds out the group later on. She drags in a big tangle of plot threads too! Don’t want to be all spoilery here but that fourth pony is NOT Lt. Violetta.

Lt. Temper Violetta is a secondary character who shows up repeatedly during the story but isn't represented in the cover image as she's not one of the Royal Engineer's bodyguards -- she's a desk officer who manages soldiers across several VIP assignments, including his.

As 10488103 revealed, the batpony character arrives a little later in the story, after the Battle of Newstirrup Bridge. Note that I don't refer to them as thestrals in the tale; they have a different backstory and culture from the general "batpony fanon".

Neuro has depicted Spc. Sparkshower in the cover art with large eyes. Partially I think it's his art style, and partially I think it's also because she develops a reputation in the story for being extremely observant.

I hesitate to link this here but there is a FAQ and character list for the story. Be warned that it has spoilers since I keep it up to date with the original greentext which is far in advance of the version here on FIMFiction: https://pastebin.com/QH8Mwutm

I'll be honest. I tried to read this years ago but I just couldn't. The way you handled head hopping in your green was atrocious. Here's to hoping it's better in fimfic format.

I hope my approach to perspective switching is to your liking.

Very interesting. Looking forward to more!:moustache:

I hope it will too. You haven't rewritten enough of it for me to tell yet. Things didn't get bad until a little later.

Perhaps not. Seeing as how these three mares are the high-speeds of their units, I don't think much E4 Mafia shenanigans will take place.


Heheheheh, I'm not complaining. These are life!

no cuddles yet?

Well she certainly knows what she wants from life

Well it looks like we found the snobbish of the group, let just hope she takes her job serious and isn't easily distracted by a pretty face.

Not for Anonymous at least.

A Mare of singular focus, she reminds me of my ex-wife.

This is rather interesting, well done friendo.

My opinion of Glamerspear has been on a decline since she opened her mouth, but the ability to get inside her head has turned it into a nose dive. Hopefully she gets better :rainbowwild:

If you haven't, read the greentext. She gets pretty awesome, and I'm not even done with the second chapter of that yet.

Okay, this is not rushing things. I like that.

This is a very good story so far, well written and with many interesting characters :twilightsmile: I can't wait to see Ebonshield. One question, will you upload a chapter every day until you'll catch up with the original story on Pastebin or will this story take a different path from the original?

I'm aiming for a chapter a day until we're all caught up with the greentext. This is TheManFromAnotherTime's story first and foremost, so I intend to stay faithful to the original work.

Well this all is simply brilliant! Its got that amazing hook, such superb characters being implemented, oh man it's such a treat to read! I hope ya didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading on the first chapter!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/bn_6tgTYtvE

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

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