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I'm surprised you opted to dump this all at once, instead of spreading it out. Either way, I'm really glad you finished the story and posted it here. This is a good one.

I know the cardinal rule of fanfic visibility is more updates > less updates, but I had everything ready and couldn't be bothered.
Assuming you came from its original home, thank you (again) for reading, and glad you could join me here.


Loved the end scene :)

Read it in one sitting, loved it. We need more RGRE in this world ;)

This fic is so good that it makes me go woah!

Oh neat, it's got fancy cover art. Well since you finished and brought it over, I'll give it another go.

So he managed to be in a romantic relationship with the princess of lectures for how long without having any knowledge of what magic could do? Lived in a library for how long without picking up a book on magic?

You just wanted to cuddle this pony.

Oh, don't we all.

Holy crap you just did what I've been dreaming of doing for years. You put out and entire story at once! Awesome job dude!

On FimFic, yeah, but its original incarnation was released over a six week stretch on another site. A scene or two written every night, stream-of-consciousness style. This is after a light editing pass and a prose rework.

Woah, I apparently had read this back when it was being wrote but only saw the second half and any link to the full compilation was missing everything. It's great to see it all nicely written up unlike others that seem to just vanish off the face of the web after the final chapters are posted there.

Wow! Just started reading this on a whim and got totally blown away! Started sometime in the afternoon and just realised it's close to midnight.

What a great story! Thank you so much for sharing it, really incredible stuff! :twilightsmile:

Fucking hell, I stayed up all night to read this... The screen is making my eyes water. Yeah, that's it. It's the screen's brightness.

I am so jealous... :(

ye, i really need to remember the night mode thing for the screen. kinda hurts the eyes after a while....at the end of a reading

This was great! I was absolutely enthralled the whole time. It was beautifully done, and I really fell into the love and emotions between the characters. I don't normally read epilogues to stories like this, as I don't enjoy ending love stories on a low note, but I was just so caught up by this one that I had to. I hope we can see more like this from you.

Such a little bomb you got here from nowhere

Thanks for the story

For quite some time I have been wandering why some people like Anon as protagonist on this site, please share your opinions on this
Personally I usually don't read such fics and ignore them but still...

A little bit of spite and a little pony and you got yourself a regular Anon

Was a pretty decent story. Any plans for a sequel?

Despite sounding like Shakespeare writing a bad porno, it gets you thinking. Specifically: What the fuck have you gotten yourself into? You just wanted to cuddle this pony.

Oh man, that's a line and a half.

-Begin comment-

I couldn't help but notice that there was 25 live readers when I got here.

-End comment-

There is, about fourteen years after the events of Ch.15, but I don't know when it'll make it here.

Where is the sequel? What website is it on?


This is one of the best stories I've read on this site, and this is no hyperbole.

”That’s the best piece of useless advice I’ve ever heard.”

“I try to give advice excelling in all respects. Uselessness represents another category in which it can be superlative.”

”You’d have me laughing if I wasn’t so fucking confused.”

“Yes, it is confusing.”

brilliant. :rainbowlaugh:

great story but if he was trying to make a transmission, a hydraulic torque converter or a gear based one would be quite a lot easier to make than magnetic or cvt ones

ponies have experience building gear systems, you need them for locomotives and airships after all.

wow a full story released in one go...you are a legend in this site friend.

I followed this since its inception in the land of greens and I LOVED every minute of it. Instant like and to the top of my reading list here. Thank you very much Enganon for bringing FALS here.

Not written yet. Sometime in 2020, I suspect.
Only for FimFic. It was written over a six week stretch on another site, where it was released one or two scenes nightly.

blow 👏 twilight's 👏 steam

Brilliant, sleep can wait :pinkiecrazy:

Got a good laugh at the end there i like the chemistry between these two good chapter

I gotta say, if you do decide on a sequel for this. I'll be right there ready to read it :)

Well...provided I can find it at least. Will you be releasing it on FimFic if you do write it?

Idk, it sounds like he's trying to build a CVT similar to what you'd find in a snowmobile, those are pretty simple. Just a bitch to assemble with the springs. He'd have a much easier time building a classic clutch/manual transmission than an automatic with a torque converter with Equestrian technology, it doesn't seem they have much grasp on principles of fluid power.

Wow. A first-timer, with a completed story released in one shot, on the wrong day for it (statistically), it's pretty fantastic, and it stars Anon... and you got featured.

Bravo sir! You deserve it for this magnificent tale!!! :twilightsmile:

I am gonna read this over the next few days and totally look forward to it.

if you're just building a stationary transmission especially for generators you'd just go with a clutch and torque converter anyways since once its up to speed fluid coupling does the rest

Oh god, he just described an entire "Dress Club" routine to Twilight. LEWD!

Ah. And now I cry. Thank you. :raritycry:

This is probably the only Anonymous in Equestria style story I've ever cried at. It's a beautiful work of art, and I hope you realize what you've made here.

”That,” Cadance said, her smile gentler – no, her entire demeanor overhauled in a moment, less bubbly and more sensitive, “is how it often begins. A lot of ponies are caught up in gestures, or courtship, or wooing, but love grows separate from any of that. All those do is create an opening. Friendship – and doesn’t she know about that – is the spark from which the flame of love can grow. And a great fire follows a little spark! Oh, I love it when it develops so naturally.”

Aaah she said it she said the thing!

A truly amazing story. Thank you for writing this wonderful work art!

Excellent work. I am normally not a fan of 2nd person, but this one was among the exceptions to that particular preference in stories.

Read it all in one go, and the ending managed to bring tears out of my blackened, shriveled up heart.

Thank you for sharing your work with us readers here.:moustache:

Well this is interesting.

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