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If only I could be as grossly incandescent as the sun..

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this aint a bad story out the gate. Im guessing that is got ratio'ed because of anon and second person thing along with the strange Daybreaker/Celestia situation.

Its an interesting concept and the story so far has been good.
The swap with celestia proper and day breaker is nice to see.
I'll keep reading.
Thank you for the upload.

Love the idea of Daybreaker taking over. If you are also still in need of an editor I would not mind lending a hand.

I'm liking where this story is going, interesting concept!

Ohh quite lovely so far! I enjoy Daybreakers antics and Anonymous' as well.

I am excited for more!

Given the subject matter and Anon's mental state, I don't think the Comedy tag is appropriate.

The fic: imminent rape
The commentors: haha, this is such a funny family guy moment!

It seems that I've already found an editor- but you can still get in touch with me to give a lookover on chapters. It's always nice to have a second opinion on the direction of the story.

Comment posted by IncandescentSolaire deleted Mar 22nd, 2022

"Nightmares are different in Equestria, Anonymous. They can take physical form, and change the very pony they manifest from. I have experienced it first-hoof."

Well, that's ominous.

Just don't get raped it isn't that hard

It's proper dark comedy. You set up a dire situation then make light of it via comedic moments.

Damn, only if you could do that. You'd never have to walk again, you could just teleport wherever you needed to go.

Heh, this reminds me of when in my old school, I was talking to my friend and said, "I wish there was just a lift so that we wouldn't have to walk up all those stairs."

She said, "Me too, but if there was a lift, then everyone would become fat and lazy."

But in the school I'm in now, my class is at the top of the building, and I have to walk up a lot more stairs.

feels foreshadowing, man

People only write Anon because they're too fucking lazy too make a proper OC. I downvote every Anon fic I see on principle.

then you my good sir, clearly don't understand the reasoning for the like and dislike buttons. They are there so if you read the story, and dislike it, or like it, you can show it by plappin the up or down thumbs. Not for you to just take a glance at the cover, read 'anon' in the tags or description, and downvote. I personally have found a few anon stories I like, such as 'How Many Friends Have You Made Today?' as an example. Don't judge a book by the cover, otherwise no book would ever get read

Comment posted by StrikeFire deleted Mar 23rd, 2022

People only downvote Anon because they're too fucking dumb to realize why Anon is used in the first place. I downvote every Anon hater I see on principle.

the only thing that kinda throws me off is how anon is still a green skinned human, but I've also read many anon stories that are amazing because they have proper personalties.

Anon's supposed to represent literally anybody. He's green-skinned because if he was white, or black, or asian, he wouldn't be a *totally* blank slate. Hell, the only reason he's a guy is because 99.9% of the time, the people using him as a template are also dudes, and because sex has far more bodily implications than something like skin color or hair color does, and isn't really something you could hand-wave away when your character is supposed to be something an almost exclusively male audience is using.

It's going to be interesting seeing how this all explodes.

Pretty much. I think a lot of people forget that Anon isn't really a specific character design or that he has a specific personality. The fandom has used him in almost exclusively the same ways, which leads people to think that he is supposed to be that way. Anon is supposed to be a blank slate and a place-holder for the reader, or just a name to use when you're writing second-person.

People use Anon for the readers enjoyment, not simply because they don't want to "make a proper OC." Authors simply want us to put ourselves in the characters shoes to enjoy our mutual interest in this magical land of ponies, so that we may feel as if we are in the story. You're still getting a whole different personality, whether they have a proper name or not.

People who downvote anon haters are two fucking amazing and realize that anon is meant to represent the reader not there oc. I upvote every anon hater hater I see on principle.

She's not wrong about the Equestrian military.

One factor for lowering the standarts could be so many ponies are still so terrified of her that the recruiting pool shrunk.

With that last line I just imagine the part in DBZA where Trunks screams wordlessly in his head.

Obligatory Booty song link

Khan go back to the Dynasty Era booo

Can't wait till the chapter Anon snaps and just does the unthinkable. Or he snaps physically and that's the end of the story.

enjoyable as always, will wait for next chapter with grand expectation

If nobody did anything or just slapped her shit in, that kinda removes the possibility of being friends with anyone who appears on the story. Not to mention kinda makes Harmony and Friendship look like bullshit.

It would be, if it weren't for the fact that Anon is still considered her slave. Personally I think she's full of shit and hope Anon doesn't trust her at all

I have to question what the point of this story even is. It starts with an interesting premise and sympathetic protagonist, but all that happens is him being miserable and nothing ever changes or improves. It's like the story is deliberately trying to avoid being enjoyed.

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