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Yes!!! Finally, it's out! I am very happy! Thankyou

An excellent start for the second part of this journey. I wonder has Anon explained the meaning of "Ass", that everypony seemed to think being about donkeys.

Interesting start. Anon and Twilight clearly have a rough relationship at this current time, but I see it improving over time. Having Chrysalis surrendering could lead to some interesting routes for the story. Is she really surrendering? Is she doing it to try and save her lings and provide them a better future? So many questions and I love it. Awesome first chapter friend.

Comment posted by CrimsonS4ge deleted June 5th

Oh please let this be RGRE af. Also....hehe titty sprinkles.

Haven't started to read it yet, but this is gonna be pog. And that foursome and really long tongue thing makes me think Chrysalis is going to either kidnap anon, or join his herd, and I really, really hope it's the second one.

My body is ready for this roller coaster ride of a story!

Oh, that ending..... starting off strong, I like it.

"She's... surrendering."

Wow, what a way to open up the new story!

Oooooo sequel and what the hell are you planning bug queen

AND HE'S BACK!!!! I never thought I would see a sequel to this story! Woot!

Whoa a sequel, It's been a while, imma go back and re-read the original.

Bookmarking for now. I'll get back to this when a few chapters have built up and probably after I've reread the prequel another time. Really excited to get back into it.

Alright, ya got my attention... again...

"Oh, Morning Wood, your highness." Morning Wood bowed.

I haven't gotten past this part yet but I would like to beg for your permission to use this name for a blink and you miss it side character in a story I'm working on.

As a funny french man once said...


Your telling me I gotta wait till Friday!

Great start, and will we get images for the foals?

Heck yeah its out looking forward to read it goodday to you sir tips fedro:moustache:

Wow, incest was so good they released incest 2

Ahora me pregunto si los potros seran alicornios o ponys normales o seran una abominacion entre humano y pony XD

"She's... surrendering."

Anon: All shall bend before the Might and Fury of the Frying Pan!!!

Twilight: :facehoof:

Huzzah for this story!

I was also laughing like a maniac with the fist to hoof bumb moment. The only thing missing was a 'Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow'

Now this… this does put a smile on my face.

Huh I just took a look at the story picture and I'm wondering why Twilight is looking at Luna instead of cChrysalis

I wonder if the sister would have twins, or if there is already names planned?

Oh maybe they could combine their 3 names

Aww man here we go again


Не глядя ставлю лайк)

Great start bud! As always your pacing, sentence structure, character building and nuance of their behavior is spot on and a joy to read! Now to get sleep, and in the morning, IM MAKING WAFFLES! I mean, I'm putting that Patreon subscription to good use!

Where did that come from?! Waffles, I swear....

If I were married to him, I wouldn't feel very good about him nicknaming someone else that.


When anon and buggy talk I wonder if they will speak about how anon is a predator

Oh, of course she won't be.

Had a feeling this was the route it would take...... still hits right in my feels, always had a soft spot for these versions of Chrysalis. Not the megalomaniacal, tyrannical monster, but the queen mother desperately just trying to keep her children alive.....

Being honest here I see no reason to not give Anon magic, everyone has it, it's not like he's going to become a unicorn or anything.

Well, that was deep. Just gonna place this puppy here, they love basically anything with a pulse.

I'm super happy to see this story having a schedule and that you waited to release, just a couple mistakes in here

Unicorns, pegasai, and earth ponies

I'm fairly sure it should be Pegasi

By the princess purple arrived

I'm guessing you meant by the time and just missed a word

I have a soft spot for Chrysalis, she is my favourite villain

What exactly happened last time? And how did it almost lead to a war.

Hey me gusta esta chrysalis, siempre me gusta de esa idea de que no es mala sino que solo o hizo por razones buenas, sacando la parte de thora y lo demás, me gustaba (y me sigue gustando) esa idea, me alegra que la escribiste así.

Una duda, en que momento de la serie estamos? Antes del o después del final de la temporada 4, ya que Twilight es una alicornio y después aparece, quisiera ver cómo reaccionara Anon de esto

War, is never white and black. Everyone is right, everyone is wrong and the winner often have to deal how to deal with the aftematch to be on the moral high ground

Still waiting on a few more chapters before I dive in. Just wanted to say something that I missed the first time I saw this posted. I didn't realize the title of the sequel, nor did I look at the cover art. I am a huge fan of a friendly Chrysalis. When I saw her on the cover, this middle aged old man squealed like a little girl. I even clapped my hand like a little kid in giddy merriment. I am extremely excited to get into this when the time comes.

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