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Thanks for the fav! Hope it was well worth your time.

Huh, longest post I've written yet... just one step closer to writing my own fic. :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight: :facehoof:

I often times find interest in HIE's, particularly the "Misadventures of the Lone Non-Ponyfied Human in a World of Magical Pastel-Colored Equines" kind of stories (there are other kinds I enjoy, but can't remember right off the bat). I usually am not too big on the ponyfied human stories, unless the ponyfication was part of a gag within the story, however this one kinda drawn me into it with the character development (the trying to figure out how to use the wings and the "How the :yay::yay::yay::yay: do
I pick stuff up with hooves and no fingers?" Are usually gold in these kind of stories). Given how the story progresses, I can see the "Twilight and friends confronting the OC about his dark past" situation coming up, yet since this story starts between seasons 8 and 9, the Mane 7 probably wouldn't be as suprised to hear about a human, though i wouldn't be suprise if Twilight starts Twilighting about a human popping in Equestria without the use of the mirror, and from an unknown dimension to boot.

Thanks for the fave! May I ask what influenced that decision?

Besides the misadventures of the human protagonist in a land of magical pastel-colored equines, i find myself liking several different styles. That being said, noticed you and Donn have similar writing styles, kinda like you guys bounce ideas between each other... be kinda interesting to see a Taylorverse/Reedverse crossover where Eric's Starlight accidentally sends that verse's Twilight, Starlight, Sunset, and Eric to Jake's verse... would probably makes for an interesting story arc in "Romantic Mischief". Made a mention of it in i believe the comments of the chapter "The Home" in the Donn's story, "Fixing a Broken Man"

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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