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I write stuff sometimes, mostly involving best princesses, Luna and Celestia.

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This looks interesting. I have a soft spot for any story involving Luna or Celestia. I'll certainly get to reading this very soon and shoot you a follow. :moustache:

I'm invested in this story, great start!

Good nuff start to get me following, looking forward to more bruv👍

More or less like a robotic Night Mare Moon, but without the regalia. Yeah, I am finding some curiosity how this will play out, especially with the "sex" tag. I mean, sure there are plenty of sci-fi tales involving humans having sex with robots and such, mostly what could be considered to be "pleasure bots", or some such.
However, this "Midnight" sure isn't any "pleasure bot". She seems to be a modified bot for a purpose that you will eventually reveal, tbh.

I'm 90% sure that this is the actual NMM, who is pretending to be a robot.

This story has great potential! I still think she might be real. It was only the last paragraph or so that made me except she might not be. She eats food. Meat specifically. Surprised she isn't a bat pony with those teeth and eating habits


Maybe not. Unless she is lying about the VIN number stuff. I suppose that we will see.

Discarded? Who would dare? Tsundere Princess ‘Bot is far too adorable for such a fate. :flutterrage:

While keeping her eyes glued to me, she sidesteps and starts to walk along the passenger side of the vehicle, the windows giving you a view of her movements. The sand doesn't lend itself to creating loud footsteps but for her size, she's almost soundless. Quieter than she probably should be.

Missed a (you) in your conversion here. As an irrecoverable moonhorse fanatic and a dude who likes beating cars into shape you've got me hooked. Can't believe I somehow missed this on the Bolivian wicker shaping committee what with how much I used to lurk the bootleg thread.

Very entertaining so far, love it. Looking forward to future chapters.

He’s a defense contractor drone prototype that got liquidated? Enjoying the story. :)

Love the premise of this.


We have a long, long way to go. I haven't checked on a whole, but the last time I added it all up, the greentext of this was over 350k words. Rewriting the first handful of updates thus far had almost doubled the word count of the original iteration.
The sex tag for the time being mainly refers to the referential nature. I was on the fence how to tag this story, but overall, I think this is better off left in the Mature category, so the more tags in that the better, even if they don't seem to be that extreme.


All part of the intriguing tale and what I was looking forward to - folks trying to figure out her true backstory

Noted. Yeah, I'm a relatively new face to that gen, circa August 2021. The past nine or ten months haven't been as brisk in terms of updates like the first year I started.

Like I said elsewhere, happy to see Middie's story here. It's going to be an interesting read for sure, as those conversions always bring something new, whether the author wants it or not.
Ok, as instructed in /boot/, here's what I found iffy so far:

  • in the first chapter, when Midnight proves her worth by showing her abilities and knowledge, the part where "John" explains to her what he wants to pull seems to be missing compared to the greentext version. Midnight just goes to explain how to take the turbo out without ever being told they're looking for a turbo (unless I missed it).
  • "You seemed gung-ho about investing gating on the drive back to your humble abode. About me. Things like me. Figuring out a clearer picture about pony companions and filling in the blanks."

    I'm not a native English speaker but that highlighted part looks like a typo that an autocorrect got creative with.

Again, so happy to see it here and again, thank you for your gifts both in /boot/ and in /moon/. Merry Christmas!

Got em both nicked. Finding the second notation, realized I ought to change up the words anyways for something other than "investigating" which I've used quite a bit thus far. Thanks.

Love the interactions. Her reaction to Princess is very suspicious. Robo-Pone weapons in the plans?

Nice start! Good human/pone interactions. Looking forward to more.

This is odd, but interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes... And just how lost I'll get from all the vehicle talk.:rainbowlaugh:

She's definitely right about the quickest way of getting to the turbo on a 2.2/2.5 Chrysler, they're rather annoying at the best of times 😆

consider me intrigued.

Huh. You mentioning some threads made me look them up on 4chan. Bootleg? You got one hell of a premise, story, and what amounts to a real good outline.

A promising start.
Would be improved by removing the occasional lapses into second person.

So FIM is an in story thing here. Nice. At least now we know for sure that she is based on NMM rather than being NMM.

Hmm, interesting, having someone there to to help (and who he is pretty certain isn't going to slack off or steal from him) should do a lot to help him going forward. With as clever as she is, maybe he'll let Midnight take care of the bookkeeping?

Precisely my point from the last chapter comment. Once I read that she was colored like Luna, but with a sour, "holier-than-thou" attitude, I instantly surmised that she is supposed to be Nightmare Moon, or rather, a black-market version of her, but without the helmet and regalia. For all intents and purposes, she is Nightmare Moon, just a robotic version. I don't see her trying to conquer the world, nor create an eternal night, but we shall see,,,

So she is a hybrid of NMM and Luna in form

Yikes, I see what you mean. My eyes glossed over a lot after I saw your comment, went back and started searching through and finding those instances. I got em knocked out, I believe, and will keep better tabs on that. Thank you.

This is actually.. REALLY good. like i feel excited for it to be updated. i just hope it doesnt get abandoned like many good stories. please continue this and i will be here every episode of the way.

(Ps: The cover art looks really cool. it has the same high definition feel as art from hooves art, but when you look closer its actually drawn. it really sold me on checking this story)


At least now we know for sure that she is based on NMM rather than being NMM.

Do we? If she's really Nightmare Moon, she also wouldn't have a radio ID. Being taken away by the government for being a scary alien and dissected probably isn't better than being a robot then gets dismantled.

She could easily be allowing him to believe the simple explanation rather than trying to convince him of the truth.

Story could still go either way.

first chapter is good ^^

okay yeah i like this story so far! ^^ I like the robot aspect of it too!

Nice story, like it.

Really liking this so far. The premise is something i haven't seen before and its honestly quite interesting to rhink about.

Though I hope her being a royal cunt, if you'll pardon the pun, isn't a permanent thing. There's only so much of that I can deal with before I just stop reading entirely tbh

I'm reaallyyy liking this premise so far

Intriguing. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Or maybe she's both?
If Nightmare was an entity in her own right then after the Elements blasted her out of Luna she would have to go somewhere. Maybe a somewhere that happened to have a robotic body in her likeness that could be merged with.

Love this story. Need me a car obsessed robo pony in my life

More people should recognize the deep well that is combining the non-fictional things they love with ponies.

Aw, look at that. They're bonding, like water and oil.

And that is precisely why this tale works. When someone knows what they are talking about, it lends a bit of authenticity to the tale.

I rather thought that it would eventually happen. A lonely man and an illicit pony bot? What a set-up! Personally, I am curious to see where this will go...

It is a well of potential - but I'll also say it takes some finesse and a reserved approach for things to fire on all cylinders. Otherwise, the subject manner can start feeling forced, awkward, and oppressive to the story as a whole. I've seen it a lot, and I've made that mistake myself with works in the past.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there is some genuine connection to this update and myself. I had one uncle who owned a 73 Dodge Charger with a 400, and another with a 74 Charger sporting a small block 360. I personally grew up around my dad's '73 Plymouth Roadrunner (same Chrysler chassis as the Charger) he bought back in 1983 with a 318. This update and the next have some glimpses of the occasional 'car spotlight' that comes up from time to time in this fic, some with personal ties and some just my own intrigue in the subject.

I myself have been around cars all of my life. Had quite a number myself once I was old enough. Personally, I've rather stuck with Chevys mostly. Although, my first car was a Plymouth, a '53 Belvedere with an L-head and three-speed stick that I bought for $100 back in '75.

Is this going to be one of those stories like Everyday Life With Guardsmares or The Long And Short Of It that has no ending?

Midnight motivates)
Did they really want to dismantle it for parts?
She is an engineering prototype that was used for debugging, did not go into production, and should have been scrapped, I think.
The rest of the pony-bots are just as intelligent, I wonder?

This has been really good so far, midnight feels intriguing and the automotive terminology is spot on, In fact I think this may well the first piece of written media I’ve ever seen that features or mentions a Plymouth trailduster…


She is an engineering prototype that was used for debugging, did not go into production, and should have been scrapped, I think.
The rest of the pony-bots are just as intelligent, I wonder?

Until I get an authors note declaring otherwise, my idea is that NMM is the actual NMM who was isekai'ed by the Elements of Harmony into a custom pony-bot (a variant Luna model, considering the cutie mark) and who then escaped her makers efforts at control who has since decided that she's better off just not trying to clarify things. The Elements in cannon are already known for dealing with threats non-lethally, why would NMM be any different? That's why she's so uncomfortable about being 'produced'- she's a real person unlike 'real' pony-bots who are just complex VI or dumb AI.

Dang. I had same thought

I'm certain it will be brought to a proper close. When is a bigger question, though I have at least some idea of how it will transpire. It's at least a speck on the horizon in the current state the original green is at right now. The prose here? We've only just begun. There's a lot of twists and turns to navigate.

This has rapidly become a favorite fic! Never thought I'd be drawn in by this so quickly.

Eeee can’t wait for more!!!

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