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Hum, I take it that King Sombra never came to take over the Crystal Empire in this story, I wonder if the crystal ponies will respect them as much if they don't find a way to show that they can protect they if the Sombra had came and left with near impunity from the population? I wonder what happened to the actual King Sombra or his soul? So far the story doesn't look to bad, though I am not clear where this is going, as there doesn't seem to have much of a goal at the moment to keep om attention, so a bit ambivalent for now. Still this could be interesting, so lets' look what will happen next. I wonder why discord decided to change history like that and is it the same discord serving as a pigeon stool at the moment?

Still if you are ever looking for a cover art look me up, you can see my DA gallery in the link bellow if you want to.

I love this I need more stories like this. Now I want to know what is going to happen with the mare.

Angelina Jolie would have been nice, but beggars can't be choosers.

Someone apparently hasn't heard of the r/choosingbeggars subreddit...

I hope most people realize that John de Lancie, who played Q in Star Trek TNG, also is the voice of Discord. Might explain a few things...

I wonder what Candace and Shining Armor r going to do if they learn about him.

Lol that's funny. All how down to Shadow Heart. He is the Crystal Ponies wet dream.

This is one of the best things I read in a while! I love it and cant wait for more! :heart:

Yeah I'd figured that's where your inspiration for this came from, hope to see more chapters soon.

I see that you are an individual of culture as well. *Tips left boob*

Wow, poor colt, he just got finessed straight out of his job.
I like this story, a pretty fresh take on the "sent to equestria at death" theme. I wonder if the Starbucks' in equestria have better coffee than where he was before. He'll probably make sure that if its not, it will.

Well looks like he had fallen into his old routine that he had in his previous mortal coil despite all the new possibilities of making a more interesting life for himself with his magic, with basically getting himself the same job had. I wonder his he could do something more daring to get noticed more by the population or to getter more capital for himself.

I feel that it was a mistake of his of pretending that he was the real prince of the kingdom, as he knows next to nothing about the history or culture of the Crystal Empire that he was supposedly destined to rule over and doesn't know any of the little facts and quirks that would pass for a native, and that Angle Blade was too stupid to notice it. I still do like the back story he had created for himself despite that, and I wonder if the body that he is inhabited isn't in fact that of the real prince, and what would have happened to his soul before the guy inhabited his body now. Is it laying dormant inside or and will have to wrestle for control of the body or with the two souls merge over time through osmoses, or was it removed and placed somewhere else?

"Can I have this priceless new life for absolutely free? It'll be great exposure."
"Uh... Answer a couple questions, and agree to help ______ then sure!"
"F*** you, you insensitive pr**k! I paid my dues! Plus, I have (insert unimportant detail about themselves)!"


"Alright, here it is! Your new life as a _____, free of charge! You always loved _____, so you should enjoy this chance!"
"But I wanted to be ___________, since it's exactly the same as _____ but much better."

Seriously though, that subreddit is hysterical. Loved listening to youtube vids on it.

I'm going with Cowbell.

I watched the heartbroken colt leave the counter with tears in his eyes. 'Poor, Bastard,' was my only thought.


"And guess what this lucky contestant out of one hundred and eight get?"

108 you say?

I screamed a manly scream before I knew no more.

Yeah... manly... let's go with that

Noice I like it when does he buy Starbucks?

I really hope you update this at a decent pace. I don’t want to have to wait a month for one chapter of this awesome story.

This is really getting attention! Deserved I might add! Keep up to your pace fellow author.

I kinda hope that he brings in Coffee into the herd because I like her

Please sir, may I have some more?

Thanks you for the new amazing story sir...

Dammit Q, can't you let the poor man bleed out in peace?


Well I know that, and you know that, but does Not-Sombra know that?

The force is strong in this story! Come to the Shadow side! XD

I'm getting a distinct 'brain damage' vibe from the main character. That the world just runs with it makes it even worse.

Our hero may need to bring more to his side it could be a very hard to take over kingdom with just two ponys he may need more royal Guard concubines to extend his reach

I want more, this story is beautiful

Story has good potential, nice work. The only think that brought my mind to a bit of a cringe was how gary stew’ish you made things hehe. It adds comedic effect at least and I felt that things at the beginning where a bit rush but I see you are starting to slow down a bit at the end of the last chapter wich is a good improvement from the super hurried first chapters. At any rate: be careful with how badass you are because if your 2 characters are turning heads left and right you will have the undivided and cumbersome atention of royalty and a whole city. Remember: the longer u keep “the cat inside the bag” the longer the interesting feeling for readers last..... at least in my opinion hehe.
Again nice work and hope to see more :rainbowwild:

Interesting so far. Wonder how long it will be before he realizes that “Q” likely was hoping for this result or similar.


Huh... well this is off to a good start.

I took one look around, noticed that I'm nowhere near Town Square and that the sun began to set. One word entered my mind when I realized the situation I've found myself in.


I am SO READY FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER this is a beautiful story.:twilightsmile:

i cant wait for the princess to do a search spell to find the missing tyrant of crystal empire only to find him in their capital selling coffee

oOo - ????????????? - oOo

don't you try and play that game that's obviously discord

I take it that Crystal ponies in this story are more warrior-like... or is it just Angel?

You're too innocent. Bless your soul.
You are correct, my dude! On the Crystal Ponies thing.

I am just not a clop fan, and while the story description does sound VERY amusing (and reminds me a lot of the anime Devil is a Part timer) the sex tag has me hesitant. Granted I doubt theres sex in this story otherwise it would be rated M and not T XD

it's entirely possible. except for the fact that it's actually entirely impossible, and when you account for the fact that the very concept of impossibility is innately impossible, it's entire probable that Shadow Heart does, in fact, know this. possibly.

Yea...not gonna lie, I am starting to think this would be better rated "M" than rated "T" at this point with the direction this is heading. Im not complaining, but just letting you know incase other readers get wound up. Plus a "M" rating would open this up to everything and not be limited by rating.

Just a few naughty jokes, graphic descriptions, and over-active imaginations. It's DA RULES!

Can you say ҒƲƆƘ ƬĦЄ ĦЄ˩˩ ИѲ?

Alright... I confess...
It's likely that I haven't actually read the story yet
Now, I shall probably begin reading

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