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why finish a story when i could start three more

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Ok this is cute I honestly don’t see many human x Derpy shipping but I would most definitely like to see more

Tasty new HiE story with a good start. Good setup for where Anon stands with the town and its major character, and a nice intro of Derpy. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Very interesting I'm a big derpy fan I'll keep an eye on it

The buddies not having fingers joke was just the right amount of dark humor that made me laugh, really reminded me of my grandpa

Milfs are justice.

Interesting story. Quick question, did any firearms come with this veteran to equestria?

I really like what you have written so far. Good job and thank you.

That's adorable. I like this story, good job wordsmith.


What use would any firearms be? A finite supply of ammo and then it's a club or a neato doorstop. He's better off with the locally sourced weapons if they would even let him have any, which I doubt.

Darn it, they have nearly cosmic almost-godlike powers and can't send him to the moon for a little while? What a ripoff! :rainbowlaugh:

He's not wrong. Some ponies and quite a few young ones can kill a man at 50 yards with lethal levels of adorable cuteness if they're not prepared.

Hmm, a terrible idea indeed! Too bad he can't figure out how to make a dog whistle-- not to train them but drive them off if they turn out to be hostile. Still, I have a feeling he's gonna try something based on the terrible idea that "dogs are man's best friend", thus Diamond Dogs should be the same, right? ...Oh boy. :facehoof:

If worse comes to worse, like facing down a spear or two, I suppose he can just shake a stick and then chuck it away from himself, "Go get it boy!" while limping in the opposite direction. :rainbowlaugh:

This first chapter was pretty good! I enjoyed it.

If I had any critiques, it'd have to be the formatting and the sudden shift from second person to first person. But other than that, I liked it! Keep it up, author!

good catch, didn't realize
trying to feel out my preferred writing style between stories, decided against second person early on

Not bad so far, look forward to the next chapter!

This is a great story so far and I can’t wait to see more of it

I havent read a single word of this story but when i saw that its derpy focused its instant favorite

Is...is he going to hunt diamond dogs? I'm not sure I understand the motivation. How does he plan to get money from the dogs with his gun?

He's hunting gems and he's packing primarily out of defense. I don't think he's looking for a fight but, considering his told background so far, he knows a fight might come looking for him. Gems are worth bits as Spike said before after all and with no better choices, he's going for what he can.

I hope he doesn't end up shooting any dogs. Even if they are a nuisance, I doubt ponies would take kindly to killing.

No, no, no, no! I can't catch up now! I need to read more!

I can see 3 options:

1 - The weapon is for self defense and taking all evidence will be so that the technology doesn't leak. The comments about using this as a springboard is to get starting capital so that he can move onto something else.

2 - He's intending to let them do the finding and digging and then killing them for the end product once the work is done. Again, using this as starting capital, and covering his tracks with evidence.

3 - He's going full murder-hobo on the idea of them being Earth-quality "Raiders and Slavers" and will bring back loot and freed slaves, presumably. His motivation on cleaning up his methods is unclear here unless he is merely trying to suppress the tech.

My money is on 1. 2 is a bit cold blooded and I doubt his ability to handle 3.

With firearms, even flintlocks, being unheard of in Equestria I'd imagine that just shooting a round into the air would be more than enough to spook any would-be Diamond Dogs looking for a fight. Guns are loud and if you have good hearing, well, it's even worse. Foraging for gems could work out for the guy since it's a necessary commodity. I do hope he takes into consideration how precious every bullet is because there's no way to get them back.

As far as humans making a weapon out of anything, a blunderbuss wouldn't be too difficult (don't the griffons have them?). Obviously, substitute some magic or alchemical process for the black powder, but the rest is fairly forgiving with no precision machining available. Getting things made is a different story, especially since a lot of ponies in town are distrustful of the man and shun him.

Well, that and he's pretty much broke.

Assuming the chemistry is the same, he could create black powder. I agree a blunderbuss type weapon would be the easiest, or some other shotgun-type weapon that shoots shot. They have steam trains, so they could in theory machine out weapons from the mid 1800's, since they have the ability to create the metals and machine the parts for the trains. The fulminate of mercury might be a bit of a problem to create though :) At least without losing yet another body part in the process.

Wonderful, please 🙏 don't let this one die


something's definitely going to down soon, but it doesn't seem like it'll go too far with the lack of a dark tag

There will be violence though, we can count on that!

Applejack tells me she feels 'Mighty Embarrassed'; apparently those Wonderbolts she adores have some tie-in to my worlds Air Aces, so permanent injury might be a bit more of a grasped topic for her than most of the Ponies I know.

I'd feel like a real dick too if I was boasting about how much faster I was than a disabled guy. Goddamn.


I set about getting the Griffons something to eat. For them, I had five sources to pull from.

They kept Scoots distracted while I worked. I pocketed the spent shells, and had a reasonable wrapping of meat. I might get along better with Griffons then I thought;

while i dont feel particularly bad for the dogs, do muss and the other griffons really not have any qualms about eating meat from creatures that were sentient and freshly killed? (even if said creatures weren't that smart and tried to enslave others)

edit: realized that i should have spoilered this a little too late, my bad to everyone that saw this before reading the chapter

Less slavers, smell of gunpowder, free birds and meat....not a bad day.

Better eat, than let it rot. I think is in a grey zone. Its not canibalism.

Oh, just some casual murder. I'm sure that will go over well with the ponies. Wouldn't be at all surprised if this little outing got the Princesses interested in his gun and in turn got it confiscated. And if the parents of all the fillies that visit him find out he is capable and experienced in killing? I don't think those parents will let them hang around the resident human anymore.

No idea why this guy thought this was his solution to getting paid. Seems very shortsighted.


They might have had more qualms about eating summat that wasn't trying to work them and a random filly to death.

Rescuing people from moronic slavers isnt "Casual Murder" my guy.

You can rescue without murder. And he was pretty damn casual about it.


Man's missing a leg and various other bits of his physicality, going down there to run four slavers off mano-a-mano would have ended real bad. Shooting 'em was really the only option in the moment.

This is a lot better edited than the other two stories on the site. I'm guessing it's the "main" one.

Absolutely deluded take.

Because murder happens all the time in My Little Pony. Oh wait, it usually doesn't. Most creatures in Equestria would find killing to be pretty abhorrent. But sure, go ahead and ride your justice boners at the "justified" killing of sapient creatures. Yes, they were in the wrong. But that shouldn't have involved killing them.

God he really is like the neighborhood dad lmao

Interesting story so far, wondering where it'll go : )

I like all the reasoning going on here. I wonder how this will go over with Twilight and the crew. He saved 3 creatures, but at the cost of killing 5. It could go either way. I'm really interested how the back and forth will go.

Explain how a man who's missing a leg and other bits would be able to fight off Diamond Dogs AND save the slaves without killing them.

It's not always about fighting. Have you not watched the show?

Anyways, fantastic chapter and I cant wait to see more! :twilightsmile:

I love this and can’t wait to see how it turns out

I like how you wrote the violence in this chapter. It wasn't overly gratuitous or gory when it had no reason to be and certainly showed off how professional ol' Non really is. Well done.

The obvious way for the story to go is griffon girl swipes the rifle, I feel like.

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