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why finish a story when i could start three more

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wow. the introduction is... something, to say the least. let's see where this goes

zamn i can't keep up but in the good way

That's a lot more preamble than I'm used to. Lots've moving parts, here. Alright Scrungus, lets fuckin' do it.

You, Sir Scrungus, have been cooking, not just a snack, but a whole damn feast.

I look forward to what you have planned for this story!

Man this is funny as hell so far.

Def keeping up with this one

The bastard's done it again


Can't say I've seen this kinda dynamic before, at least not in a very long time. As with most of your stories, I'm eager to see where you'll take things from here

I gotta ask though, how does Night Light fit into all this? Surely he’s gotta know that Shining is a girl as well right?

Keep that train rolling Scrungus! Really want to see where this winds up.

Kinda makes you think. Did nopony know Cadence enough to know her mannerisms besides Twilight and Shining? Was she just that secluded?

How will the changelings be expelled with love, if Cadence and Shining don’t really love each other and are marrying out of duty?

Trust your gut, bro. :ajbemused:

Twilight seems like she’s in a better position to take Anon but a little too naive to know it right now. :twilightblush: Could there be trouble later after she realizes that? :duck:

Definitely hoping for lots more in this story!! :pinkiesmile:

There's an older rgre paste that has a similar premise. This one is considerably more intricate with intrigue, mind.

It was good, and so is this.
We are truly blessed.

Dang it, was super hype for bi content, but NOPE. Unfortunate. Probably still worh a read if you like anon stuff, but no say gex here :(

This is another good opening

I love the character and world building in this.
Pointing out Celestia's faults... Helping Twilight stand up to her friends... And then there's the whole Cadence and Shining thing.
What a great beginning.
But things like the crystal ponies having unique fur that reflects light in a crystal way???? Brilliant. Well done. I love that kind of world building shit.

That little bulge under Shiny's sheet is plenty obvious, but what is underneath Candy's covers?

You wouldn't happen to have the name/link to that paste would you?

Give it a look: https://ponepaste.org/1061

Don't sleep on this story, though.
Every one of these scrungusbungus releases have been absolute hits.

tyty! And yeah scrungus is cracked at what he does. Only writer I've seen who produces as much work in such a short amount of time is Runic

whens shining going to tell them her actual name is Gleaming Shield

I'd go with Gaseous Snake personally

Depending on how this goes his guts may be a bit busy with something else.

Yeah... sometimes a gut feeling should be trusted.

So the Crystal Empire was already returned before the wedding AND the Crystal Heart is present and working, but Sombra hasn't returned.

Am I getting that right?

Edit; Nevermind. So I guess he got beat and all that before the wedding?

What about their dad? Does the dad know??

Your brother's a faggot

In my experience only 3 kinds of people use the words fag or faggot:

Anons, foresters and the British.

wait, when shining was caught by Cadence, does that mean she was caught "doing the deed" so to speak, because if so would the real gay stallion know the difference, or did cadence catch shining before it could get that far?


Yeah, really do wish the author wasn't terrified of writing an actual bisexual relationship ;w;

im absolutely horrified at the idea of writing two men doing anything more than a handshake


As long as you're not terrified in general of two males doing anything more than holding hands, or get mad about the same, it's okay to not want to write it.

Was just kind of bummed that it feels like a "I wanna fuck Shining Armor, but I'm afraid of being considered bisexual/gay, so I'll make him a mare" sort of situation.

I just wish there were more bisexual anon fics.

No Cuck/Cheating.

OK, that got me to click, but it was the "borderline-shitpost greentext" sense of having fun with the story combined with actual effort put into the presentation that kept me around. The fact that you're telling an actual story and letting it develop instead of just dumping it out there? That got you a follow.


Wow, there is so much heat on this story that everytime it goes back on Feature, I'm like, holy shit they got a new chapter... and then you don't. It's a good story. Unfortunately the Feature section is being a dick and bring me false hope. Write this awesome fic on your own time. I'll be here reading it like a kid in a candy store... but unstead of Candy Rocks, its about Multicolorful Ponies...

the joke is i already wrote anon and a stallion cuddling in the same story, i just write straight stuff

Ну все помянем мужика!

Ухахаха, картинка смешная:)

Thank goodness. so not only is there a chance for Anon to get a pair of waifus, but also virgins too just waiting to embrace the true power of love.

perfectly understandable.
not everyone is into that stuff and no one should force their fetish or opinions on you.

Not a fan of this twist but I can roll with it, your stories are good.

This description is about five paragraphs too long. All of that should be part of the story itself. That being said, still looking good don't get me wrong though. A+ story so far. Not a big fan of using the f slur though.

Just think of it as an upgraded handshake

I was expecting this twist. What I wasn't expecting was the status and reaction of those around said twist. Anon especially just being so nonchalant. The setting is unique enough to get my interest.

"I've lost count of how many times Twilight teleports without me, or tries to drag me around like she does her friends, only to go nowhere."

Can't help but wonder if there were times when Twilight teleported everything that could be manipulated by magic except Anon himself, clothes and all.

Damn, you got a fecking pearl in the making !
Thank you for writing !

Scrungus does it again, can they ever be stopped?

An interesting and intriguing start. I haven’t seen this kind of situation before and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. I only hope you don’t burn yourself out and stop since it looks like you’ve updated 7 incomplete stories pretty recently. Keep up the awesome work!

Love your ANs

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