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why finish a story when i could start three more

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Another banger



wow, that was quite the twist. it's even more surprising since the summaries in the description of your other stories usually reveals the surprises.

I'm going to shidd piss and fard

holy fuck Scrungus

tis be another one of thy "Bangers" as the youth so aptly refer to good pieces of media these days.

Dedicated cover arts, fanarts, diodowe, and now animated gifs. You spoil us. MOAR!

Get hype.
So thanks for that.

Was not expecting this to go this way. I'm really interested to see how it plays out.

No shot an Anon x Adult Cozy Glow fic by scrungusbungus i must have died and gone to the heaven

That photo gave me an irl jump scare

Oooooh idea. Anon here is just an offshoot of Darling from the 'Sucker for Love' games! Any eldritch stuff that he sees just makes him more....into it~
Its not chaos magic that borked things, its feedback from him and the few hims in the multiverse that got it on with an outergod.

That's a pretty clever incorporation of what we're essentially gags in the finale to be actual potential lore points. Very interesting

The picture gave me chills ooo

I knew Eldrich shit was gonna happen!

Just love it when writers add images to stories. Add that little extra something.

Getting hot and bothered by destruction of ones enemies isnt the weirdest thing ive ever seen. Quite liking the eldrechy tone this story is going with. Wonder how it will effect the mc? I mean we know Discord says hes dry but is he really?

Holy fuck, that took me off-guard. Love that those three demon out and Anon... well, he's just Anon.

Scrungus you fucking mad man

i hope nothing bad happens to cozy and her family and everything ends with happiness and cozy's a good mother this a good story so far good job


Well then. I was wondering where the horror tag was coming from. And then I got my answer. Now the question is whether this situation is salvageable or not- Professor Arnold's supposed villain reformation skills may get put to the test here.

"Father." Alexander greets aptly, nodding to me as though I were a dignitary in royal court. I'm not sure where he picked it up from, but Alexander always floats this air of regality around him. Even since he was young, he's always seemed to be in control of his emotions... or just generally not very interested in showing them. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen him cry, even when he scuffs his hoof or something -- he's not the most physically adept member of our family. Huh.

"Hmmm... son, are you a isekaiee?"
Edit: well, nope, it's just, as ThunderBasilisk said "eldritch shit"

Scrungusbungus, you are elite

Eldritch ponies? sing me in

Well, we can blame chaos/alicorn magic if we want, but dude's managed to put three buns in the oven.i like to think he's got at least shining armor levels of hidden potential, you know, the other guy who managed to knock up a being of vastly superior power

The gif was a very, very nice touch. Consider me hooked.

Oh nooooo
I was hoping it'd be just a happy slice of life... why do the kids have to be evil...

Fuck you, I'm hooked.

I beg of you, give them a happy ending. I love this version of Cozy so much.

Well, I'm not against this story, but I'm also not really sold on it yet. Hate Discord and the eldritch children are strange and only slightly ominous.

ScrungusBungus, the lord of the great romance related stories and unexpected ideas!

Where do you go for that AI art cover

oh god eldritch children. how horrifying :twilightoops:
great as usual scrungus. can't wait for more!

Anyone notice that Cozy Glow, the pegasus, has a horn in that family photo?

I love this story, continue!

Its her other ear, not a horn.

Cover is from an artist linked in the description, author notes images are renders i did with stable diffusion

Go to the image at the end of chapter 2 to see what I'm talking about. She's an alicorn straight out of a nightmare.

Comment posted by CensoredVigilante deleted May 8th

I initially missed the “horror” tag on this story, so the twist caught me by complete surprise. I must say that this story is incredibly intriguing so far, though! I’m very interested in seeing where it goes.

.....Some of Grogars magic was still in that bell, wasn't it?

The introduction to the family was wonderfully done.
This was probably the most organic, slice of life situations I've seen. How Cozy is late, how the kids have quirks and...

Just one of my kids weird quirks that I love them for

Wow, that's just so wholesome.

Then horrors from beyond were revealed, and all that wholesome shit is out the window.

Was expecting pony, got eldrich instead.

Hey, somethings wrong with the next chapter button? Its not there.

Cozy Glow still possessing some remnants of the power she got from the bell explains a lot. No surprise she was able to have a unicorn, earth pony, and pegasus foal when she has a bit of alicorn magic within her. Also reasonable that such power would be passed onto said foals.

Funny that Discord sees the foals as the bigger concern, though that could simply be because Cozy is a known potential threat but no one knows what they may do. At present, I hesitate to label them as evil but rather mischievous. Only time will tell...perhaps when it is finally the day.

If I got a Bible next to me I would have opened it to pray lmao.

Thank you for writing ! Well honestly, Chaos + Sun & Moon + Alien from beyond this universe, it was almost expected it get fucky haha.

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