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I write stuff sometimes, mostly involving best princesses, Luna and Celestia.


After Starlight Glimmer solves the Royal Sister's relationship issues, the pair begin to spend more time with one another, mostly through conversation during meals. But Luna proposes an idea - a Nightmare Night spent with Celestia. Initially turning her younger sister down, Celestia rethinks her decision, and heads towards Ponyville in earnest. However, she has no idea what this festival involves, and is in for a surprise once she finds out...


Just a fun little one shot for Halloween. It was an idea that started well over a year ago, with a drastically different outcome. But I wanted something more light-hearted, so here we are. Happy Halloween everyone!

Cover photo: https://www.deviantart.com/thedracojayproduct/art/Pumpkin-Carving-491885213

Featured 10/29 - 11/01 2018

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Concept = Perfect
Why Has no-one thought of this

Love the sisterly bonding there. Good job AutoPony!



I knew I was forgetting to do something. Thank you, the description has been updated.

This was fun

Love the cover art

When your older sister has never had a Halloween

funny i expected it to be the adaptation of that, i guess not
EDIT: still heartwarming story tho

It was a lovely read.

Now, before I read this, I have to say: I like the cover art, or more specifically, the fact that Princess Celestia is painting a pumpkin in the image of Twilight.

Liked the interactions between Celestia and Luna, enough fluff to satisfy me. It was a good short, me thinks.

P.S. Like

meanwhile somewhere in the crowd Starlight is haveing a panic attack about Daybreaker actually showing up :twilightoops:

XP this was an adorable fic, keep up the good work!

Aw adorable fic really enjoyed it

That was a great story. ^^

By that pic, it seems like Luna went to the school of Calvin and Hobbes of Snowman Crafting.:rainbowlaugh:

No she didn't. She went to a third party knock-off school that hosts lessons on the moon.

She looks like she's been hanging out with Agatha Heterodyne (Girl Genius), she's got that mad SCIENCE!!! look in her eyes.

That was a welcome bit of fluff to brighten my night.

Great Story. I'd love to see a second chapter about the issues they've not considered, ie the water from the apple bobbing either evaporating or putting out Celestia's mane.

Wonderful story, I rather enjoyed it.

"No your Majesty. I believe that is it for the day, both metaphorically and literally," she replied, turning her head to look out the window.

So metaphorically, “that is it for the day,” means that everything that had been scheduled to be accomplished on that day has been done, but for the life of me I can’t tell what the literal meaning of, “that is it for the day,” could be.


It means it's beer-thirty.

That still seems like a metaphorical (or at least figurative) meaning.

I think it means that the day itself is over. Like it time for the sun to set and night to start. Hope this helps


I'll be honest, I get so used to people trolling on the internet that I sometimes have a hard time telling the difference between a serious comment and a sarcastic one.

But yes, Kaoslover is correct. The literal meaning is the sun is about to set, thus the end of the day. My apologies.

No problem, I have trouble telling if people are being serious or not myself half the time. I just tend to get caught up on details pretty easily, so even though overall I really liked the story, I couldn’t quite get that thought out of my head, so I decided to make a comment about it.

Why is there not MOAR?! I didn't even get to read about Celestia and Luna's pumpkin carving! This story is just TOO good to stop here!! T_T

So, in the original version, rabid Luna-loving fans... I mean, ponies... sacrificed Celestia on a dark altar after murdering the Mane 6 to give Luna back her NMM powers, which she'd secretly wanted all along despite the show clearly showing her deep level of remorse... (there are fanfics like this... not joking)

An enjoyable slice-of-life. Good to see the two sisters out and about.

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