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It's been 100 years since her friends have passed. Deprived of her royalty, her magic, and her will to keep moving.

Deluded into believing that she could bring her friends back, she is tricked into giving up all of her magic, it being sealed in a scroll. Now she roams Equestria, the evil spell leaving her wingless but still immortal, regaining magic and power through ancient scripts. Searching for the one who took the little she had left away from her.

Hlight foresetten pliht

(Art by NCMares)

Chapters (3)
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Mhmm... this is rather interesting. The concept of a bitter regretful immortal Twilight isn't something new, but her actually doing something about it feels like a road not many trend on. It seems like this could be a really good story, there's a ton of potential. I'm curious if we'll see descendants of the others along the way, or Flurry Heart, or Spike.

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

And on that night, Twilight learned never to make Faustian deals. :ajbemused:

Heh... Faustian... :ajsmug:

Also, I love how this dude basically just pops in, steals her magic, and fucks right off. Something about how that whole situation went down just amuses me.

Hlight foresetten pliht

What's with this gibberish in the synopsis?

Old Ponish saying. "Reward Requires Risk"

The scene and how it played out with Twilight and the unknown pony happened so fast, it just didn't feel right, the same goes for Twilight's reaction to the mention of her friends. It's been almost a hundred years she must have had counseling by that time. If she took the matter of her friend's death in a more mature matter but still kept to the point about resurrecting her friends I would have been very interested in Twilight's character in the story. It's good, the story left me with a good feeling inside, very satisfied, knowing the plot of the story is leading somewhere. I hope to hear more of this story in the near future.

You really are doing a good job so far, the absolute anger I feel to whoever did this to twilight is palpable.

Well then. Traumatized Twily is traumatized.

Ah, another story where Twilight is overwrought by the death of her friends and behaves like a complete moron, totally out of character. Give the wings to Derpy. I'm sure she'd bear them better than Emolight Spackle.

You know, most people do not wallow in misery perpetually when people close to them die. Those who survived even the horrors of the Holocaust weren't ceaselessly morose. Seriously, if most people were this mentally unfit, humanity would NEVER have survived any time before the advent of antibiotics and vaccines, when the average life-span was between 35 and 50.

Population-wide longevity is a very modern advent. The modern 'youth' are simply beyond the absurd in psychological frailty.

8721513 For supposedly being intelligent, Twilight doesn't behave in any of these sorts of stories with any shred of forethought or common sense.

One would expect that the obvious notion of her outliving all her friends and mortal relatives would come up rather quickly in her mind, long before it actually began to happen.

Indeed, I've already outlived quite a few people I knew. But, as one who is quite intelligent, I know the frailty of organic life and the randomness of illness and accident. The events are sad, but such is life. I cannot see Twilight ever falling into this sort of despair. If she was so vulnerable, would the 'Power Cosmic' or whatever the astral realm place is have really given her alicorn status, and would she have truly embodied the crowning aspect of the EoH?

I would say if any one of the Mane 6 would be weak in this area, it would be Rainbow Dash. We've already seen her natural impulse to be thoughtless, reckless, and deal with even temporary loss VERY poorly (though it was overdone when she nearly destroyed the Weather Factory... even she would not have naturally been that stupid, not even in Season 1). AJ has lost her parents, Fluttershy likely sees hundreds of little animals perish every year, Pinkie remembers the joyful times with her Grammie and clearly doesn't dwell on death, and Rarity's business-centered personality simply isn't the type affected by facts of life and death.

I could see Twilight trying to prevent their deaths, but if the only means seemed too risky and they didn't want it, I doubt she'd languish over it when they finally kicked the bucket. Besides, she also has Celestia and Luna to talk to... who've seen countless MILLIONS born, age, and die while they went untouched by time. I believe they might have more than a little advice on the topic to give.

I am rather sure that even in the past there have been different kinds of humans, some of them handeling loss very well and some of them handeling loss not so well. Assuming that people in the past were always tough and hardened looks a little bit like a step into something sometimes known as the "survivorship fallacy" (or "survivorship bias"). In a nutshell this means: There may have been always both type of people around, but only the people who overcome their ordeal (i. e. not giving up their will to live) survive/remain to tell their stories, giving a false impression about the people of the past.

Of course there is still the question if it's really Twilight Sparkle who would break down because of the loss of her friends (especially if they died a natural death as old ponies). Maybe it would make more sense if she wouldn't be able to make friends beside the five ones, and now she would be all alone without someone to back her up – but then she most likely wouldn't have become the Princess of Friendship in the first place. Or if her friends died a sudden and gruesome death recently because of her, and she would be driven by guilt. But this does not seem to be the case here either... Hmm...

Thanks for the comments.

8736851 Like I said, I've seen this exact plotline many times before already. Every single one has made the exact same error in characterization, without exception.

Great story. Strong beginning and morale compass to keep my attention. Can't wait for more. And thnks for the read.

Will be working on the next chapter soon, thank you for reading so far!

There’s one thing wrong with your argument that I’ve found so far. No matter the similarities, these are NOT humans, and do not have to face many of the challenges that we do as humans. Plus, it’s already been shown that Twilight is emotionally, (And possibly mentally) unstable.

9162923 Then she should never have been elevated to an alicorn, should she?

And thus, I have proven once more how awful and episode "Magical Mystery Cure" really was. :trollestia:

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