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I write stuff sometimes, mostly involving best princesses, Luna and Celestia.


With Princess Luna's triumphant return from exile, the Royal Sisters are finally reunited after a millennia apart.

But that does not mean troubles have vanished.

Shortly after her first public appearance, the loveable Princess Luna has her form reverted back to that of the fearsome Nightmare Moon, a perplexing problem that she and her sister Princess Celestia must solve.

Together, the pair of siblings work to uncover the details behind this startling development, while learning about themselves and each other as they mend their relationship. Taking a page from the past, what better way to share and learn from each other than sharing a journal chronicling their experiences?

Originally published with one chapter, this silly little tale has grown from what was once known as First Impressions Are Everything.

Art source is mn27

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 40 )

Interesting, now in the comics Luna was stuck in her "child form" for a bit due to mental blocks, she still had issues to deal with. Could be similar here, some mental issue keeping her from shedding the Nightmare Moon form for her Regular Adult form. And traumatizing guards, servants and sneaky papparizzi ponies in the mean time!

Good, but i want much more.

This was fun, though I wouldn't mind seeing more.

As all the other comments I have seen, more is requested. Maybe the moment where they finally figure out the solution?

And of course, everypony should be questioning their sanity. Because.


Well, I had no plans to go beyond the one short chapter, but It was fun to write, I may very well expand on it in the future.

'Thy' refers to the person you are speaking to, not yourself. Makes the story a bit odd to read. Example

Thy dialogue and habits may be aged, but thy keen sight is not dulled in the slightest.

Context makes it appear that she is actually referring to herself, not celestia but with 'thy' it reads to me as

Your dialogue and habits may be aged, but your keen sight is not dulled in the slightest

Which is jarring.

Perhaps it could be rephrased as

Mine dialogue and habits may be aged, but mine keen sight is not dulled in the slightest

You do appear to use 'thee' and 'thou' properly though so 2/3 ain't bad

Story is cool though keep up the good work

I went back and weeded out the misuses of 'thy,' should make more sense now. Thank you!

Very good chapter!
Seems that is not end of the story!

an instruction manual for the Elements

.....I'd actually like to see this go further.

Another good chapter!
Finally Celestia get some help from Luna.

Hmmm. I always thought Luna had mastered the dream realm a thousand years or more ago. I like this variation. Learning to do it in the modern age. This could be really interesting. And fun.

There's always been a big question mark regarding the dream realm during Luna's exile. I figured I'd try something a little different.

Thou = you, subject. Example "thou art..."
Thee = you, object. Example "We beseech thee..."
Thy = Your (like my)
Thine = Your (like mine)
My vs Mine = Depends on if the word after it starts with a vowel.
"My dragon, my pear..."
"Mine owl, mine apple..."

You can read this play for some quick enjoyable training in Middle English...

"Regardless of how it occurred, I feel most fortunate to have been defeated," she replied. "Otherwise, we would not be in this position to make amends with our sibling. But do tell, does thou have an idea of what we are looking for amongst this collection? Certainly, it is understood the final goal is that of a transformation or reversion spell, but that is quite vague."

dost thou

My sister did a double take as she herself began flipping through a leatherbound book. "Thou hath practiced dark magic? The one thing thou so vehemently opposed back in the time we both ruled?"

thou hast

Great chapter!!!!!

The spooks, the hunters, and the dreamcatchers! The mares in black... the Night Guard!

"Thou has some nerve speaking to my sister with such disrespect. Even moreso, whatever spell thou has cast to empower thyself whilst draining Celestia cannot be anything other than some sort of dark magic. Yet thou considers herself better?"

Yet thou think'st thyself the better?

Meanwhile, Celestia's appearance was one I remember, but had not seen in eons. She retained her wings and horn, but her mane no longer flowed with a pastel rainbow. Instead, it hung limply like the average pony, and colored a pale pink. Her whole form had shrunk, regressed back to the age of a filly.

It's not a rainbow. Celestia's mane holds the colors of the aurora borealis.

Despite being visible at night, the aurora is a solar phenomenon, caused by solar winds. The word itself is the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn.


Though many fans might disagree with you concerning Discord. There is a fan theory that during Discord's reign, many sentient beings died of starvation due to the random cycle of day, night, and the seasons, hence, there was no way for crops to grow or even be planted. And whatever random food appeared, like chocolate rain, wasn't enough to feed the population.


Thanks, I went back and fixed the item you pointed out. Luckily I only intend to have Luna revert back to such dialogue when she gets really angry, so I won't make a fool out of myself too much, lol.

And believe it or not, you're the first one I've ever heard refer to that. Her mane makes a lot more sense now.

Both sisters so CUTE!

my identify

My identity. Otherwise great chapter!!!!!

Glad I could help it is a very good story.

Another great chapter! I imagine this might explain why Twilight Sparkle was the only one not to freak out when Luna visited Ponyville on Nightmare Night?


All I'm going to say at this point is that will get touched on very briefly at the start of the next chapter. The way this chapter fell into place, it made more sense to end it here rather than going into detail a few days afterward.

All caught up. Great premise. I'm really enjoying Luna's journey of self and discovery.

«И все же, что случилось, когда я был освобожден, сестра? Чего достиг этот момент искупления ?!» Луна закричала в ответ, ее голос дрогнул. «Я вернулся с тем же количеством гнева и ревности в моем сердце, которое существовало до того, как меня изгнали! Эта… эта чернота, эта мерзкая вещь внутри меня, она только росла!»

The anger has a property to accumulate erase in the crazy rage. A single conclusion of a long one thousand years is certainly not going to favor (the more if you take into account that this was before such a form of torture as a single insulation)

As much as I love this series, if it ended with this chapter, I could accept it.

But... please more?

The main arc regarding Luna has ended, but I intend to keep this going in some form or another. I haven't quite decided yet.

Good character grow here. Celly's and Lulu's emotions came across very well and I'm glad they were able to get some silliness in. So you have plans on continuing this world huh? I look forward to seeing what you bring forth. Thanks for the update.

Yes, I believe in some form or another I will be continuing onward. Right now, as I have begun another chapter, I find myself at a crossroad that I hadn't realized when I commented earlier.

I have enjoyed writing this, trying to channel the emotions each sister feels as they try to mend their bond, as well as exploring how I feel each would word their inner thoughts through this journey.

With that being said, I certainly do not want to undermine what I have accomplished thus far by following it up with chapters full of zany hijinks. A bit of silliness is fine as I have sprinked throughout, but it is a slippery slope. It was why I had a noticeable delay between the last two current chapters, because the tone of my original idea was such an abrupt one-eighty.

So, I have one chapter I am working on for certain, which, as I write this, reads a bit like an epilogue. I may post it and then mark this as complete, but leave my options open for further growth, whether it be more chapters, or a spin off.

Time will tell.

An epilogue is quite fitting for this part of their tale. Celly's & Lulu's characterization and growth played out very well. Not once did I feel I wasn't reading their thoughts, their fears and desires. Well done Autopony, well done. I look forward to reading more from this universe.

Well, I enjoyed this story, and I’m glad to hear there will be another one!

the story is good but it is a pity that there were no moments with the first reactions and impressions of both sisters on the returned nightmare moon form. I think this moment has a certain comedic potential if you beat it correctly

Yeah, there was an opportunity missed there, but I think it would have been hard to fit it in. This was never meant to be more than a simple short one chapter ditty, which is why the first entry is so much shorter than everything else, aside from the epilogue. I think backtracking after that would have hurt the flow, so overall, I don't really have any regrets on that omission.

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