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Iven't(I haven't) read this story yet, but I do got one question for ya... did you or did you not do the cover art for this story? Because if you did, then I'm amazed at it.

I just read this... my answer... can we have more plz, but on your own pacing.

No, unfortunately, I did not have the time to do the cover art of this story. I did commission https://www.deviantart.com/gaelledragons to do it, and he did a marvelous job.

Hehe, more will be coming soon. I'm working on the next chapter now.

Excited Squee

oooooooooooo This is ganna be gooooooood!

I'm am very excited for what's to come in this story. Very promising!

Geez... patrolling the Mohave almost makes me wish for a nuclear win- oh wait...

Me, after reading the first chapter: https://youtu.be/AgyLeF3zYDo

This story is starting pretty good so far, can't wait for the next chapter!

Hmm okay this seems decent so far. Twilight taking a bullet right off the bat... Dam girl you really need to start listening to Spike sometimes. Gonna be hard to explain away the limp after that.

and as similar to ours as possible.

hmmmm, taken as this is supposed to be a post-apocalyptic earth.....


Also a little tidbit. Bullets are copper jacketed not brass. Brass is what the cases are made of. Though I’d imagine these are steel cases. Usually what old surplus AK ammo is. This is just me going off you calling out the rifle ammo as 7.62. Unless it’s NATO ammo you are talking about then that’s .308 or 7.62 as well. 30 caliber all the same.

If you're referring to the bullet Twilight pulled out of her leg, it wasn't 7.62. Cooper's rifle is 7.62, but that isn't what Twilight was shot with. I'll cover Cooper's rifle and what Twilight was shot with in later chapters, but I have seen brass coated bullets before. https://ar15safespace.com/shop/sb-9mm-115gr-fmj/ just as an example

It's almost done. Should be uploaded tomorrow or the next day at the latest.

Have you watched snowpiercer?

I have not, although I have heard that it's really good.

The series is anticipatingly great and your story almost reminded me of it when the earth freezes and the the last of earths survivors live on a 1000 car train moving on a frozen earth

I haven't started this story yet, but right off the bat I'm getting a very "The Long Dark" vibe from it. I anticipate good things.

i saw it, and all i can say is...American/French Revolution on a train.

Now these stories are what I like to see. Can't wait for more. 😁

Yep, and next week is the season 1 finally

an AK. Noice.

Hmm... AK’s be more often in an American city... you’d think they would be armed with AR-15’s since they’d be more widely available. Oh well... still makes you wonder what may have happened. On to the city and obliviously more danger ahead. Twilight better get with the magic and blast some of these fools. It’s not a pretty world she’s stepped into.

If his rifles shooting 308 he can use all that ak ammo. Nice find.

New chapter!!! Can't wait to read it.

Nope. .308 and 7.62x39 is a completely different round. The Russian 7.62x39 round is just a cut down version of the Russian 7.62x54 round. .308 is the NATO 7.62x51. However the bullet is still 30 caliber. The two rounds cannot be interchanged.

Ah you right, I was thinking with 7.62x54 since you can shoot it in place of 308 but at the risk of a jam or other malfunction.

You can’t shoot a Russian 7.62x54 round out of a .308. The cases are completely different. For example the Russian 7.62x54 has a case with a rim around the end. The .308 doesn’t. The .308 round came out as a replacement to the old 30.06 round used in most military rifles of the time.

While you are correct about 308 being a replacement for 30-60. 7.62 NATO and 308 WIN are pretty identical, but 7.62 has a lower PSI than 308, and as my range master bud has said, the Golden rule is 308 WIN can handle both 308 WIN and 7.62 NATO safely but not the other way around. That's one of his rules for when some rich asshole thinks they can shoot 308 out of their SCAR. But my boys AR-10 can handle both 308 and 7.62.

I'm amazed that the finer details of modern firearms is the focal point of this comments section and not... like... the story.

And that's why I personally keep a relatively wide selection. Both an AK, and an AR, 12 and 20 gauge, .308, and 30-06, to 30-30, and 22lr. .45ACP, to 9mm, etc. Best to have redundancy, rather than be stuck with just 1 that not very many people have(like 300 blackout, 6.5 Grendl, Creedmoor, etc.).

Oh yeah! This type of story is right up my alley! I love this sort of thing.

Fallout 4: Frost

Is this based off Metro?

AK's are a piece of shit... but I suppose they get the job done at the end of the day. :trixieshiftleft:

Personal favorite fighting rifle. I would not be alive without their ruggedness, knockdown power, and handling.

As a houstonian myself, I am quite happy that a story is taking place in my home town. I can imagine twi and Cooper heading down the I-45 going past the woodlands. Are you from Houston yourself Crimson Wolf? I look forward to more chapters in the future. And just a quick sidenote, it barely snows every here, like once a year if your lucky so you know when Houston itself is buried in snow, it really is the end of the world.

Eh... an AK is a weapon that would outlast most other rifles in terms of just being able to survive. However I myself would take an AR-15 over it simply due to where it appears the setting is. Ammo would be more widely available. Especially in Texas of all places.

I live just a little ways away from the Woodlands. Also yeah, I figured people would make that connection. If Houston is covered in snow, the world is ending lol.

I will reveal what inspired me to write this story in due time ;)

AK's are great for snowy environments. I'm an AR guy myself, but for the environment that this story takes place in, I'd take an AK over an AR any day.

dahell are you on about? an AK-47 is the most realiable Assult rifle ever.

yea cuz AK's a Russian weapons, IE they're made to fire in extreme temperaturs,

Yeah. Their tolerances are looser. Makes them pretty shitty for jungle environments, or any environment with a lot of loose dirt and mud, but extremely effective in snowy climates.

On the flipside this new world you made makes Houston tolerable in the summer time, besides the radiation and anarchy of course


I guess I'll just have to read. You seem like an actually knowledgeable gun guy, so it ought to be worth my time. I usually avoid these sorts of stories because they're written by 15 year old fantasists who want to jizz over some prototype pistol they used in CoD.


I remember reading a report by the Alaska Highway Patrol a number of years ago. They tested different weapons in the cold, like -40 or something. The AK did the best with 0 freezes. https://www.scribd.com/doc/215884687/SWAT-Extreme-Cold-Weather-Test-April-1986 I'm surprised I found it; normally gun-anything more than year or two old gets drowned out by politically placed grabber propaganda.

I'm kind of a gun nut to be honest. I would hope that my gun knowledge is good for this story, but if I do make any mistakes, feel free to let me know.

apperently it can fire up to -40, awesome, XD

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