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This story is a sequel to To Be Loved

Fizzlepop and James go out on their date. Small talk and adorableness ensue.

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I'd love to see Fizzie making more friends and making an effort to become a well-regarded figure in the community. She's got a lot of useful skills and unique experiences that she could use to better the lives of others; maybe then they won't look at her like she's a rabid dog. I mean, if Discord could do it, she can.

Hopefully with James' help, she can put down the bottle and work out how to improve her image.

Amazing work!

This was very nice. Adorable stories like this one are always nice to read. :raritywink:

Good stuffs hope there is more coming soon :moustache:

That was sweet without being overly saccharine. Well done.

Make more please, preferably James and Temp hooking up.

I have plans to write the third one of this little series. Just been busy with other stuff for a while. I will try to get it done soon.

Thank you. Tempest needs good human loving.

If you want to read some stories involving Tempest and a human, I have written a couple others. Once More Into the Fray and No Man Left Behind, although to read that one you would need to read a lot of my other stories that came before it to understand what's going on.

Dawww, sooo cute ♡

I wonder why not everyone try get to Equestria if it is that mutch better...

Ear scratches of relaxation :yay:


I have plans to write the sequel. Been meaning to for a while but just haven't gotten around to it.

Ok, see you around :raritywink:

Might get around to it this weekend. We'll see ;)

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