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A beautiful and sexy start. 👍

"This is an Anon in Equestria story that I have already finished writing. I will be uploading chapters every Monday and Friday."

*splutters out cereal* ALREADY FINISHED?

Well I'm gonna inhale the first chapter and see where it goes

I'm sorry man. This is just no for me. I was so excited when I heard that you are making a new HiE story but sadly it seems that you are just making porn. So I have to say no, sorry. Love your other stories tho.

I mean... the first chapter is porn, yeah, but like... the next 19 aren't. Sorry you got your hopes up... I guess?

Meh i'm still going to but this on read later because you have some grade A writing. And if you say that the rest is not going to be only porn then I'm ok with it.

I get your reasoning. I think I have a total of 2-3, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe 4 porn chapters planned total. Also this story has about 30 chapters, so take that for what it is.

RGRE? It seems like i am in on for a lovely read. Pretty nice start, and the story with a little of porn might be a quite a good composition.
Now I await the next chapters. It is good to know that the story is already written too.

Ah yes, another Clop with Plot. Among my favorites to read, this will be a pleasure. :trollestia:

I have to agree. Was excited too, but the first chapter is 'just' clop between Celestia and Luna with no actual story or character development.
I'll stick around for the second chapter and see if there's more to it tho...

Just to be up to speed does this take place like in season 3? Maybe 4? No Twilight hasn't had wings yet so it from season 3 below, and according to the sinopsis Anon arrived almost at the same time than Nightmare Moon, so…next chapter you will clarify things up and how he just end up having to accidently been the betroyal of Celestia?

This story takes place between season 2 and 3. Pretty much before season 3 starts.

Nice. But I do wonder how the incest started. Hopefully that's covered later

Is this going to end with the dude becoming a pony, or will he stay a human?

Anon will remain a human for the duration of this story. I have learned that people on this website do not appreciate the transformation genre as much as I do lol

I mean, with things like The Conversion Bureau, and other misanthropic fics that goes almost hand in hand with the genre can you blame some?
Also, you know, majority of people that click on a story that says it is an interspecies romance want to see just that. Not something that basically kills the point.
Granted, there are still people that enjoy that genre on this site. It is just niche.

I'm unfamiliar with the Conversion Bereau, so I'm afraid I don't know what you're referring to. I know it's a niche, and that's why I decided not to take that route with this story or my last couple ones either :)

Conversion Bereau in this context basically means a story in which pony’s what to forceable change all humans into to ponies and this has mental changes as well think xenocide from there perspective
Or speciescide

Can’t wait toi see what happens next.

I see. I'm not sure how that's really relevant to the last story I wrote that he's referring to, since I made it very clear that the choice was a good one and the main character was still himself afterwards, but I do understand the dislike for the typical "humans bad, ponies good" stories. Can't stand those ones. I pretty much only like stories where humans and ponies either work together, of fall in love lol

Ugh incest....really? Gonna pass on this then.

I mean... that was in the story summary, so... not sure what you expected.

Yeah, if anything and by that tittle I half imagine the classic
"All is well in paradice until Anon came along and catch the eye of one of the princess"

They start dating the other princess get jealous, maybe even angry. Confronts him, a spark of pation ignite and then she decided to join and the 3 form a herd…not sure where or how Inkwell factors in, but I bet she will.

Can't wait which princess get the attention of the human and which one is the one that would get jealous.

Hyphotetically speaking of course

All things that we will see in future chapters 😉

hurray! Man I can't wait to Monday…hey nice! you make mondays fun again! Garfield would be so happy

Not Monday, Friday 🙂
I'm uploading twice a week

Im gonna hold of on jugment until next chapter. But so far with what the description is saying and the first chapter i have my doubts.

Starting this one off with a bang eh? I'll be watching

that was the idea lol. Surprised at how many people are commenting sounding upset about the into. People saying the story is only going to be porn after only one chapter XD

Warnings are there for a reason, do you rush across the railroad tracks when the gates come down?

I read the story summary and like the idea.

HiE ... love it.

Anon .... I'm on board.

Sex scenes... Can't wait.

Focus on story with loving tender moments and light comedy... You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.

And it's already finished so we can expect regular updates!?‽

After reading the other comments, I can understand why they think this is going to be "just a porn" story. It's because 100% of the story—so far—is (only one chapter is out as I'm writing this comment). They only have this beginning chapter to go on and they don't see the entire story.
Though I will side with them that this chapter did little to nothing to set up the bigger picture outlined in your summary. It only has a sex scene and a pretty good one.
Besides the bedroom scene, the plot so far can be summed up as the number of princesses is increasing, and the guards are worried about being stretched to thin. Which doesn't match with your summary.
And wow this rant is going on to long.

Bottom line, I enjoy your writing, can't wait for the next chapter and additional plot elements.

...far more people do that than I like.

Well I'll start by saying thanks for taking an interest in the story. As for your criticisms... something something, don't judge a book by its first chapter lol. You're the second person to say nothing happened plotwise in ch1, and I really don't see why people think that. Yes. Porn happened, but it serves the narrative in that it established the relationship between Celestia and Luna, as well as Luna's fear and doubt that will come into play later. It literally sets up their personalities for the rest of the story and no one seems to get that. Also, as for the guard scene, that was to show what season this story takes place in. I thought I did a pretty good job of showing, not telling when it came to that, but I still had to answer that question in the comments anyway lol.

Love the cover art! :twilightsmile:

Ps. I liked how you avoided the use of the in the first paragraph gave umph of immediace to the intro that is good to see. (Havent finished yet.)

Pps. Though my exprience is nominal and not as broad as your's one of my better story's has hella symbolism. Basically there is like twenty or so bit's that all tell their own little hint's at story. So...my point for your comment?

This one person did not understand what was happening. Now...other folk's liked and got the vibes? But, inspite of my effort's people did not understand what it was about...and...that is ok. I do not alway's think it reflect's on necesarily as a writer. More on how you are willing to engage with your audience which is commendable to explain what for some is not for some clear . :twilightsmile:

Think that's due to many of those ending up as generic harem self insert fics.
Personally, I love when main char goes pony or native, even some of those aforementioned self inserts.:twilightblush:
If you post more of those, you'll have at least one avid reader! :heart:
As for this story, can't wait to see how this plays out! :twilightsmile:

Well if you haven't already, then you should read the rest of my stories :)
The Discovery in particular has a human turned pony element in it

Thank you :)
I've tried to do my best with the writing in this story, so I'm glad to see some people picking up on the little symbolic things.

Found this story through the cover art on ponybooru. Excellent grammar for a start, I'm liking this story so far. And

as more and more pleasure was forcefully fucked into her snatch.

Had me laughing. Really hoping for Anon/Celly/Lulu herd. Not enough stories with that pair up. Can't wait for the next updates. :trollestia:

Thank you! I'm glad you like it so far. The next chapter comes out tomorrow :pinkiehappy:

Sure that happens, but also some authors pull people in with the "insert part here. In this case hie," but that gets discarded realy early in a story. People then get grumpy bout that, authors (from my experience) then either blow up on the readers, tell them they gonna explore the "human to pony experience" and dont toutch it OR my favorite one. "I will adress that soon in the story"

I can't say much, hopefully the next chapter anon comes in

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