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I don't write much, but it's a nice past-time. I'm not committed to what i write much, often taking months long hiatus.

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Why is BAYMAX in the picture? This isn't a Big Hero 6 crossover, as awesome as that would be.

Wouldn't take much to change it. Green tint the white and replace the face with a "?"

Hell, could prob get away with just the green tint and leave the face as is.

“Come into my parlor, Ted. I have cookies!” -Reykan

I love that cover art. I'm busting my ass laughing before I've even read the story yet! Chrysalis looks like an ecstasy and pleasure-ridden mess and the strong white guy is just like 'This is fine, I'm okay with the actions happening around me' XD

Not enough Chrys x Anon, and this appears to be decently enough written, so sure, I'll keep an eye on this.

I should mention: Chrys x Anon that doesn't involve domming Anon...

I haven’t read the second chapter yet but I do hope she goes around in different Disguises constantly trying to get His attention Making this into a type of a love story


I hope she finds a way To keep her human alive with the centuries to come

Well, she's the last true changeling, not one of those watered-down, weakling crayonlings. :V

I know someone here want to ask but have no courage to said then, let me do it for u guys..


this is nice

Lol. You, my good internaut, has given me a new term to use, thank you

not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed

Fimfiction's rules on source images is kind of awful. The artist is Sundown.

Fine, i will do it myself..
Here you go guys, the code

This fic is my jam but your profile pic makes me deeply uncomfortable. Wicked.


I haven't read yet, but take an upvote just for the Ninja Sex Party reference in the chapter titles

Baymax be looking swole

Feels like it's been awhile since a read a clop-fic about Chrysalis, especially one with a story and more than one chapter. Hope this will be good.:raritystarry:

I am still wondering how twilight will play into this

DWL I absolutely love this cover art.

Anyone else get a chuckle at the cover art?

Damn. That was hot!
Hoping he sees her true form, and continue the "fuckining!

Great job!:moustache:

This is some high quality smut.

Be careful Anon, it's cheating to read the fourth wall! 🍢

Authentication initiated. Token sent, waiting for reply...

I have no idea what this means...

In short, it means identities have been shared and a relationship is being established.

Newest chapter is woefully under-proofread. If you find errors please point them out for me to fix

OK, i definitely need to read this!

"Anon. Where exactly are we? I may have been... tunnel-visioned, so to speak. Last night, I mean."

"Seriously? Kind of hard to miss the biggest palace in the nation."

Chrysalis felt her heart drop.


Yeah this is gonna be good.

Noticed a typo.

...reputation is in tact.

Should be one word 'intact'.

"I'm the only one of my kind, so kidnappers, thieves, Lyra..." Anon shuddered at the last one.

Of course, Lyra. I don't even need to ask what happened. :rainbowlaugh:

Wouldn't Lyra be consider a kidnapper, also did the tittle of 'king' actually means he controls the changelings? Boy I hope he doesn't have a hive mind, that could get awkward

"Seriously? Kind of hard to miss the biggest palace in the nation."

Chrysalis felt her heart drop.


So, to reiterate, Anon fucked a queen in a queen sized bed inside of a castle.

... ...

I'm trying to think of a good joke here, but it's not coming to me, hang on... Um... Your princess is in another, A new meaning to regicide, the crown of his dick crossed the draw bridge, fuck it, I got nothin'.

Alright, I'm still with you so far. I'm actually starting to feel hopeful that this won't end up another "Chrys doms the shit outta you" kinda things.

Don't worry. If I do write Anon as a sub at any point, it will be an exception and not a rule

Lyra's much more... invasive, shall we say

Snrk silly Chrissy you played yourself!
Connection established and confirmed. Ready for command!

I didn’t find any but then again I didn’t look and when I write mine have tons

Na last time she just broke into anons house when he was asleep and sucked on his fingers for three hours then left before He woke up. The only reason anon knows this happens is that she bragged about it the next day and showed pictures

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