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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty.

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Ooooh, this story looks like it'll be fun. I vote for Sunset Shimmer and Queen Chrysalis to be 'reformed' by Anon lol

A good start, hope you continue this.

Hmm, I see Great potential in this clop-with-plot. Considering the thumbnail, maybe Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon will be the ones to satisfy him and give him love?

Next time the itch comes around i know what to read. Thanks in advance :yay:

Just like Base Skipper, I just want more :flutterrage: when is the next chapter coming? :raritydespair:

New Intricate Disguise story = instant read. Right after the blog post, of course.

Interesting idea. I wonder where this will go. Beyond fucking three quarters of the princesses, of course. And don't worry, I believe you with the story.

So, is this story more sex, or more story? If it's something like Twin Suns, then I'd happily read.

Don't make me write one thrust stallion.


Oh please write it. I'm dying to see what you write as his daily exercise routine. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Daybreaker on the cover, huh? Is this a spoiler and/or foreshadowing?

Great to see a new fic out with your name on it. Seems like a promising story so far, excited to see more of it coming. Stay strong and be well.

Very interesting! I look forward to more.

Hmmm... I wonder... has the God of Fornication met the Princess of Love yet? I would not be surprise if he has tutored her at some point.

Or she could help him find the love he desire so much! And maybe give Chryssi something to love besides herself.

I can’t wait to see how twilight will play in this story as it has her tag

Eagerly awaiting the next part. I have no idea what will happen next, but I hope it is Twilight that provides a solution.

I vote for Tirek! Either he sucks his magic out, or sucks him off – would work either way! =)

By the way, does GoF's power works on stallions? If yes – he'd better not come out of his dungeon, or his butt will suffer.

I’m going to guess they haven’t tried the changelings yet…

if He's bored of mares there are alot of other creatures, like diamond dogs, Griffings, yaks, dragons and Buffalo

Or he fuck her until she ascends?

Wow. From the description I was sort of expecting an over-the-top, self-indulgent porn story. This is actually kind of serious, not to mention almost depressing.

I really want to find out what happens next.

Celestia and Luna fucked with him a couple hundred years in the past and haven't ascended. I doubt that it will ascend Cadence.

Err... no. I didn't mean Cadance. I mean maybe he would fuck Chrysalis into submission and probably ascend her with all the lust power he pounds into her? You know, the moose form that Thorax has?

Can’t wait for the next chapter can someone tell when they think it will be and what the discord server is

Oh! That may work. But only if she'd love him back and give him love freely, otherwise she'd become just bloated, not colorful.

Very nice! Getting me some Luna action!

Great to this story continued

Hey if any of the alicorns turn evil can anon punishment/enslave them

“You need to wake up, Luna.”

It’s interesting how his magic takes effect. Not even his mind is a secure place to be to meet with him without being affected. All he wants is to just be a regular person that no one thinks about. Instead, he’s forced into this life he doesn’t want. Meanwhile, just imagining him, not even being there, ponies are in submission to this infatuation with him.

Moaaar give me moooaarr

Now iam imagining every mare have love pupil eyes when see him directly.. :3
Like every hentai girl i watch before..

And also, he can ntr everypony, like cadance..
Therefore chrysalis will immediately worship him when she see him

I'm really intrigued on how you're going to handle the dilemma for him.

He probably watched her get less and less coherent during that dream, and assumed she had wanted to ask him something. What a terrible curse.

Well, that was anti-climactic for sure. What's the female equivalent of "cock block"?

At first i thought: "it's easy, just give him cadance".
But after reading the effects and remembering that she was married i realised that that would be NTR
And may the lord have mercy on whoever ever brought that thing to poneland

Is this guy immortal, anyway? From the sound of it, he is, what, a thousand years old at least.

He's living narcotic, that's even more dangerous than a giant swarm of changelings with Tirek's power and Sombra's malice!

Man, harsh dream, too finally reach something, only for this to be vanquish. On a whim, even if was accidentally made by Luna.

Really, this is a good fic with a twisted plot on the Hie.

How would his presence effect the Changelings?

i think Chrysalis would just surrender herself and her hive to him and there would be no Canterlot invasion. Heck i bet Celestia could trick Chryssy down to him and she'd never be seen again and the rest of her hive would simply be reduced to mewling love drunk females even males like Thorax or Pharynx would forgo their male identity and become female themselves and create new identities for themselves thus turn the changling race or at the very least Chryssy's hive into an exclusively female species

“Hey, lady, I saw him first, alright?” the dream pony from before piped up. Apparently, she’d forgotten the conversation they’d had earlier. Had Luna shattered the illusion already? Had her desire eclipsed the dream’s atmosphere? “Back off, find your own man.”

Luna dissipated the annoying pony with a flick of her hoof. She ceased to be, and everyone in the dream moved forwards as if she’d never existed, as they should’ve.

“That was rather distressing to witness. Did she deserve that?”

Huh, it's Too Many Pinkie Pies all over again. Remember when people wondered if dissipating the Pinkie clones was the same as killing them? Those were the days...

“I’ve told you not to fucking touch him.” Luna struck her again. She felt the crunch against her hooves. She raised them once more, to punish him also, but she found herself incapable. She fought the urge to break down in tears until she couldn’t. “This is my bed…” she moaned and thrashed between tears, trying not to scream. “You’ve climbed into my bed for… for what? We agreed that I could have him three days in a week, and you the other four, and you blasted even keep to your own blasted rota?! This is my time, and I will not have you encroaching on it, you will not steal him away from me!”

Luna spat each of the words with a vitriol that felt so alien to her, yet so right when she was with him. She could be anyone if it was for his affection, do anything, be any version of herself necessary in order to truly win his love…

You know, I joked that maybe in this AU, Luna became Nightmare Moon because she got jelly about Mr. Salacious Decadence (that's what I'm calling him now until I learn his real name), but I didn't think it'd become true.

Good so far, but goddamn can't even find peace in his dream, what if he doesn't wake up, what if Luna doesn't let him, his dream, became her dream,became his actual existence...fuggin el....

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