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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty.

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I loved this one very much.

This was really hot. I wouldn't mind seeing more.


implement you


Holy shit I should not be allowed near keyboards. Thanks for catching this!

This could almost certainly be its own story.

Guardsmares are so underappreciated it feels like, I need more stuff like this, unf.

Nicely done Intricate, nicely done! :yay: Quite the glorious little short.


IIRC, the first mare Royal Guard we've seen on the actual show was the one apprehending Cozy in the S8 finale.

This was hot, but I'mma have to halt you at "the constriction of Auburn's airwaves". That's dangerous. If you sex choke, you constrict blood flow to the brain. Otherwise, you risk damage to the windpipe.
Ok, carry on with the amazing work.

A little choking never killed anyone!

I-I mean, right?

u can choke me anytime

I think Vader would beg to differ on that one.

If you enjoyed this story and would like to help me create more smutty goodness,

...with a creamy filling!

I'll see myself out.

Especially if it was Jeff Vader. He runs the death star ya know lol

...they never saw the RPG coming.

Down vote" Please disregard I was just being a troll.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Nov 20th, 2018

I thought I favorite this but it turns out I didn't, my bad dude:twilightblush: I have now tho!:pinkiehappy:

Clarification? I don't exactly expect much from HxP smut, never mind commissions since they're mostly self-inserts, but you're not exactly being very communicable. Simply stating 'downvote' is redundant as I have eyes and can read the rating bar.

He hasn't read it. This user comments 'down vote' on pretty much every story that gets featured, it's his version of trolling.

9303458 Never mind it was just a troll post. It will never happen again.

Silly question, the cover art is from whom?

Pitcher 1: hey do you know what a guardsmare is?

Pitcher 2: yea

Pitcher 1: and do u know what a solider from our world is

Pitcher 2: yea

Pitcher 1: *snorts aggressively* lets have a guardsmare fuck a solider from our world

Pitcher 2: i dont think we should do that

Pitcher 1: *does it anyways*

Gets featured like a boss

I clicked hoping for Specialist Sunflower, but Auburn wasn't too disappointing. Good stuff nonetheless.


Damn you for getting some creative juices going.


So, the human in this is a British Soldier?

A Corporal isn’t a CO, that’s an NCO. COs are Commissioned Officers, Lieutenant second class and above. NCOs are Non-Commissioned Officers; Corporals, Sergeants, ranks like those. So the Guardsmare is actually an NCO.

I'm sorry, next time I'll be sure to check my reference list, make everything is as factually accurate as possible and include all the necessary citations, y'know, before the sex happens.

I once watched a porno where the guy spent the first three minutes pretending to cook eggs for plot reasons and the stove wasn't even on.

I’m not trying to be corrective in a negative light, I’m trying to be helpful. I apologize if I did not come off that way.

Also, dafuq? I usually look for pornographic material involving genuine feelings. Mainly because it’s something that I haven’t had that I really want, making love to someone out of your feelings for them.

Idk, ask Bojack...

I don't feel like that was really warranted. He just made a polite correction.

Oh no mate, you didn't, I was just being a little facetious, all in good fun. Apologies if it came off as serious!

I will fix that little detail when I get a chance, thanks for pointing it out!


I appeciate your Bojack reference, man of good taste.

Just reading the first part of this makes me laugh at the absurdity of that private not mentioning SHARP, UCMJ, and the plethora of other rules and regs that get pounded into BCT soldiers. (Insert big green weenie joke here) banter wise, even most privates would have her by the tail hairs. That said, not like i expected you to be fully aware of just how easily he couls have shut her down if her wanted to and even if he did, then it wouldn't be a clop fic.



Further to what MR35 already said: the artist in question is rather well known under his main nick, NCMares. As a courtesy to those of his followers that might not appreciate crotch shots and such, he posts his more raunchy stuff under the alternate nick Raps.
In the above pic, the "NCMares" signature can be spotted just below the tip of the tail.

Thats why the style looked familiar!

"There you are, corporal."

"Honestly, I still find it a little weird having a small unicorn as my CO.[...]"

Okay, before I read any further, that would make her his NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer), not his CO (Commissioned Officer).
Okay, with that out of the way, I shall keep reading.

I'm glad people got it, and didn't get mad at me for potential spoilers.

Now that I'm actually reading it, I'm pretty sure it means "Commanding Officer." So CO is right in this instance.

Unless I'm wrong, of course

I liked the story, but the title is even better

COs can only be officers, not NCOs.

David Carradine.
Remember folks, always practice safe (auto)erotic asphyxiation.

Okay. I have read the story now. Hours ago, in fact.
Now, the story itself was good. As expected from you, the sex was also well done. However, it's also quite clear that you aren't military in some regards, namely in the terms used for the ranks. First off, Auburn is often referred to as Bradley's CO, despite her once being addressed as 'Corporal' This is incorrect as a pointed out before, Corporal is an NCO rank (One of the lower NCO ranks at that) and not a CO rank. This leads to another thing, Bradley referring to her as 'Ma'am'. You simply don't refer to a NCO by Sir or Ma'am, as that's what you refer to a CO as.
If I'm wrong about any of this and someone who knows better wants to tell me, feel free to do so.
Other that that, it was a pretty good read. Have an upvote.

NCO - Non-commissioned officer
CO - Commanding Officer

Corporal IS and NCO rank
A Corporal is usually considered to be in command of a group of privates so yes, she could be a squad/platoon leader, but would not technically be called a Commanding Officer.
Of course, take all this with a grain of salt. I am not in any military and all of this is just based off of a few minutes of questionable research.

This is in relation to the US Army branch specifically, since I think there is some variance in other branches, and I believe other countries may handle ranks differently as well. That said, this is a list of each rank, the category they fall under, ordered from lowest level of authority to highest, and form of address.


  • Private
  • Private Second Class
  • Private First Class
  • Specialist

- Addressed by rank by NCOs and higher. Among each other it is acceptable to more informally use just each others' last names.
- Naturally you do not refer to them as "sir" or "ma'am."

Enlisted NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers)

  • Corporal
  • Sergeant
  • Staff Sergeant

- Earned by advancing through initial Enlisted ranks.
- Addressed by rank title. Referring to them as "sir" or "ma'am" can potentially get you in trouble.
- Starting at Sergeant and continuing to the highest Officer rank, each higher rank is expected to be saluted by anyone of subordinate rank.
- In the US, Corporal rank is actually a lateral promotion from Specialist for someone selected to advance to NCO ranks, and generally follows the points outlined in the initial Enlisted section above, except under certain circumstances.
- Specific to the story: The informality between the two characters actually isn't entirely inaccurate. However, the use of "ma'am" is. Not to mention both of their conduct, particularly when supposedly on-duty (let alone deployed), is highly inappropriate and would most certainly get them in big trouble.

Enlisted Senior NCOs

  • Sergeant Fist Class
  • Master Sergeant
  • First Sergeant
  • Sergeant Major
  • Command Sergeant Major
  • Sergeant Major of the Army

- Senior ranks of Enlisted service.
- Addressed in the same fashion as regular NCOs.

Warrant Officers

  • Warrant Officer 1
  • Chief Warrant Officer 2
  • Chief Warrant Officer 3
  • Chief Warrant Officer 4
  • Chief Warrant Officer 5

- In the US they are regarded as Officers above the senior Enlisted ranks (including NCOs), as well as Officer Cadets, but are subordinate to all Commissioned Officers.
- (I believe) are addressed initially as their rank and then afterward as "sir" or "ma'am," but I'm admittedly a little rusty on Warrant Officer ranks.

CO (Commissioned Officer)

  • Second Lieutenant
  • First Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Major
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier General
  • Major General
  • Lieutenant General
  • General
  • General of the Army

- Earned by completing Officer training as Cadets. Generally do not go through Enlisted ranks, but I believe Enlisted can take the training to become Officers.
- Addressed initially as their rank, and afterwards as "sir" or "ma'am."

Rank play sounds hot

Good lord, not only was this some steamy awesomeness, but I laughed myself numb too. XD

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