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Proposition? Ugh, sounds so Californian.

Kulpa #2 · Dec 7th, 2019 · · ·

Bureaucratic forms were filled out in TRIPLICATE before said Proposition moved forward. 😂

Nice story.

I'm a Californian, and I don't get it. Do other states not have propositions?

I haven't read this yet but I will say, never gonna say no to more female anon

Other states have bills. California is pretty much the only noticeable state that has propositions. Even when you search it up, it shows California.

Thank you! ^_^

She's a peach!

>MFW R63 Celestia and Luna cover art with male-presenting nipples

Do you think you'll make a sequel?

How is it that even the outline of a female nipple is banned, but Malestia's full on package is not?

Heh, you mean she HAS a peach~ 🍑

Why haven't I been following you? You write great stories!

I can't wait to see and I honestly hope she's very pregnant this time.

Sorry, this kind of a petty gripe, but seeing as how this whole ‘Anonymous’ naming shit is probably never going to go away, can we at least come up with a more feminine alternative for female characters?

*Laughs in Angel Dust*

The door to the office swung open smoothly, through the doorway walked Solaris, three insulated latte cups from the well known ‘Lunar Bean’ cafe floated in his golden magical aura

Come on man! Solaris?! What's wrong with Apollo?

I'm literally too dumb to come up with something like that. 😂

Lol, I'm just going with what the community came up with back when they first appeared. (Fun Fact! I originally had Artemis named 'Lunaris' because I am as original as vanilla ice cream.🤣)

Femanon. It's been in use for years and years now.

Well, fuck the community! Gonna name one r63 sister after a Greek God and the other after some sci fi movie or something? Get the fuck outta here! Apollo was the god of like a half dozen other things, including indirectly killing all your crushes medicine, music, knowledge, and poetry! The only thing he’d need to be god of is “baking” and they’re almost identical!


Gonna name one r63 sister after a Greek God and the other after some sci fi movie or something? Get the fuck outta here!

They follow very nearly the exact same convention as the actual Princesses do. Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon - Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon (among other things). Celestia is a latin female name meaning "of the sky" or "heavenly" - Solaris is a latin word meaning "pertaining to the sun". They hold up pretty well as fan names go.

Huh. TIL. However, I think my point still kinda stands. Why is Luna the god of the Moon, but Celestia is just a word that means "the sun"

I think it's worth pointing out that Luna is also literally the name of the moon, so that also kinda applies to her as well.

True enough. Tbh it’s because I like Apollo better, and since I’m not familiar with r63 Tia or Lulu, I saw Artemis and thought-

Hold up. I just remembered. APOLLO AND ARTEMIS ARE TWINS. Boom, there you go, that’s why Solaris is dumb.

(I like Apollo better in part because I assumed that Celestia would be renamed after the god of her respective body, just like Luna

Also Artemis is a woman. But she is a moon goddess. Luna was also originally going to be called Selene, the original Greek goddess of the moon before, kind of, being replaced by Artemis. Selene, more or less, became the moon rather than a moon goddess, and when the Romans stole Greek mythos they renamed her Luna.

Oh, and Celestia couldn't be name Apollo because Apollo was a man.

Could just use Femanon, Fem as a nickname at least sounds more like a real name than Anon. Makes it easier if you don't want a name. Probably should have mentioned the strawberry blonde hair earlier on too. I don't think it was mentioned until the sex scene. Default hair is usually brown.

Also, sequel. Need to see what happens after. Like months later she's accustomed to essentially being used as a sex toy by the brothers so they bring in another creature for a foursome. Like maybe a male Ember, could be called Ash.

I have now read it. Fucking damn that was hawt. It screams sequel though.

“Vlad the who?” Artemis questioned.

That's some Heresy right there...

looked a bit into it. can't make much of it but it seems that a California proposition is just a regular ballot initiative. Other states call them ballot measures and questions.

...did you miss the part where we're talking about r63 names, and I'm bitching about the inconsistency, since if you're going to ignore the gender of one of the twin gods was actually a woman (as you said:Artemis, while not necessarily exclusive to girls as a name, just look at Artemis Fowl, is a woman), but that the one who's actually a guy, and thus an appropriate r63 name isn't used?

Wow, that was pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing. I particularly liked the fact that it’s ponies dominating humans, which is a somewhat under-served niche that I quite enjoy.

This might just be me, but I can't understand a single thing you've said just now. What's the point your trying to make with this comment?

I was just a little puzzled, because if you read through the whole conversation up until that point, you'd know that I was basically complaining that the fandom had named the r63 (i.e. male) version of Luna Artemis, which as you pointed out, makes no fucking sense, since she was a woman, but I wasn't thinking of that at the time, I was thinking more along the lines of "you'd think the twin who's the god of the sun would be named Apollo" which I, again, think it's stupid it doesn't work like that

Oh. Yeah, naming male Luna Artemis is kind of weird. I thought you were making the argument that Celestia should have been named Apollo. But that makes more sense.

I'm not saying Celestia should be named Apollo, I'm saying the genderbent, aka rule 63 Celestia should be renamed Apollo, since if Celestia's now a guy, it makes sense, especially if the community is gonna be stupid and name the genderbent Luna Artemis, which as we've established is weird, since Artemis is a girl.

Sequel or I'll blast your head with this block here.

This was epic I hope there will be a sequel.

Was honestly expecting a twist at the end where they freeze in the doorway and look back as Anon slowly rose back up like the undead, glint in her eye, and asked: "Where do you think you're going?"

This is pretty cool! I'll be adding this to my favorites list. I can't wait for the second chapter. :yay:

and that is how eris came to be

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