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Yet another example of your ability to make stories involving borderline abusive dominance and roughness... and do it well.

I was not expecting this sequel, but I'm very pleased with it. Nice work. :raritywink:

I'm seeing a pattern with these titles.... I'm liking where this is going~

Aww, Thanks! ^_^ Really glad you enjoyed it.

I feel it's fair to say, the titles definitely prepare you for what's in store. xD

>end of fic
[slow splash sound]


You pulled no punches with that title. :rainbowlaugh:

Hahahaha Thanks!

About as blunt and straightforward as can be! 😂

Where's the non-con tag? I mean, 'a little plan of her own' hardly seems to cut it.

It’s consensual, the ponies in this universe are well aware of what’s going to happen to them when Anon appears. The ‘reluctance’ is mainly anxiousness and nerves from Anon’s size, not because they don’t want to be rutted.

Our main man better be careful or mare may just come to his house in lines or droves
May even be a little funny if the stallions never catch on except for the ones that are kind of bent that way with other nations dignitaries also come looking for some of him to fall prey to his human prowess.

I only read these for the plot. :ajsmug:

We’ll just have to wait and see. But keep in mind that everypony is available for Anon.

Damn, I guess I’ll just have to put in more ‘plot’ next time. xD

Apple bottom soooo thiiiicccc ^_^

You can never go wrong with more plot. Make sure the plots extra thic next time too, so nobody misses it. :trollestia:

🎶 And cheeks with the fur,
got the whole town looking at her,
She hit the floor,
next thing you know,
Pony got low low low low low low low low,

her plot be fine,
and her thighs be dummy thick,
they jump and shake when she gives the tree a kick,
She hit the floor,
next thing you know,
Pony got low low low low low low low low. 🎶


:rainbowdetermined2: Oooooooo... Kinky. :trollestia:

And I'll have you know my ass is not scaly! :ajbemused: It's all leathery, wart covered and sags around the edges, just as it should be. :pinkiecrazy:

Says the guy who named himself by just changing one letter on a brand of deodorant. :rainbowwild:

:rainbowhuh: What was that? Weird, I could've sworn I heard a yapping chihuahua a few seconds ago. Oh well, just be my imagination. OH! You finally got back to me North? For a guy named after the steady star you sure do get lost often. :moustache:

With all the flapping you're doing with your gums I'd be surprised if you could chew anything other than water. And I'd rather be wrinkled than the skinny, twiggy thing you are. Seriously, if you stood sideways and stuck out your tongue you'd look like a zipper. :moustache:

See's cover art
Frank from Sausage party: "Holy f|^@>! What the f|^@>"?

Someone doesn't like us having a laugh apparently. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm you know our main man probably likes to skull fuck and rough anal his way through the populace doing it Insert his dominance mybe if one/or a few who come back for Second and thirds But also swear to there master he mights fuck them in the puss . ( Just putting ideas out there)

Pending on which way you want to go you can go to the frozen north right in the middle of the day court You can walk right by shining armor you know talking to him for a few minutes saying hi and everything and tell him he has to do something for a quick walk past him and fuck his wife . I means skulls fucks Right there in there Infanta every pony climaxing multiple times to go hours to finish husband to shop to interrupt and enjoying it without trying to amid it in quite embarrassed that he likes what he sees well I mean man and done he simply just tell cadence you’re welcome to take a couple deep breath‘s and tell him “thank you” he just leaves .Passing those out of the room he says see you “around shining armor”.

If you wanna go to a different direction it could be a meeting between the other world leaders do you know Griffin ,minotaurs ,the dragon even Changlings you can throw in some species that we never truly met in the story and when anon walks in Because the princess sisters invited him since he is the only one of his kind and technically makes him a dignitary for his species he will thank the princesses for the invite he will get up out of his seat and walk over to princess Luna will probably be distracted by talking loudly to the other dignitaries and walks up behind her push her front half forward down onto the table and eat her ass out like it’s the best thing he’s ever heard And when he finally comes up for air and princess Celestia shocked and flabbergasted trying to nervously get it exclamation for what is going on and everyone else is too stun to move or say anything he’s gonna drop his pants and then anal fuck luna . I’m talking rough and long long hours well he stares the entire time directly into the eyes of her sister not explaining anything at this point when she’s stuck between dreams of the future Of her new master that she silently worships in her head . All anyone else hears are unintelligible grunts and moans also silent screams coming out of her and when is Anon is done she will passes out a funny look at her face and her ass is gaping and he gives her a load so big it makes everyone jealous it wasn’t them he was buckling and he just goes back it’s just down in his chair trying to continue the meeting like nothings wrong while leaving the princess of the night in a sexual coma and everyone male and female wet between the legs.

Sorry about that when I find a story I like reading or a series I might make large comments about what I think the store should do next

You can probably use those ideas in a story to spread our heroes Anthony across the world . When it’s all said and done they should start calling him the mare breaker Because even the toughest mares will neil before him and the most loyal of wives will beg for him and cucks, cucks as far as the eye can see . Even the Stallions wanting to be pretty for him hoping they get a turn.

The finishing touch with the hat was perfect.

Do you plan on doing one for every mane 6? And Trixie and starlight? And the princesses

Don't worry about it, I'm glad that you've enjoyed this fun little series so far.

It was kind of a last-minute addition, but when the idea popped into my head... It felt like it fit the story well enough.

Honestly, I have no clue! These Anon ideas just sort of happen. Would I like to equally dole out Anon's 'rough-lovin' to all the 'important' characters? Absolutely! It could just be a while until the right idea for each pony 'appears' though.

Anon ear fucks pinkie.

A different kind of mind fuck

any hope of seeing fluttershy being destroyed in a mating press :pinkiehappy:

Fluttershy should be left until the last of the Mane Six, and should be the one waiting for him in his own home.

Sitting her living room lounge chair. "I've been expecting you..." :rainbowlaugh:

Well that's because you don't know about the pictures that guide this fics

Artist sundown your love it or you hate it

...I'm honestly curious. Who was his first pony?

Rainbow Dash' mom, I believe

I decided to turn on view mature for a bit, and the first story I see is Anon Ass Fucks Applejack. Not sure what else I expected to see.

This was epic I can't to see who's next(no rush).

For some reason I imagine you shrugging and shaking your head while saying to yourself, "This is what I get for clicking the button..." 🤣🤣🤣

Rarity is the first pony in this series.

I believe you're thinking of Clopficsinthecomments's own Anon series (Amazing set of stories by the way) where he galavants around Equestria plowing each of the Mane 6's mothers. Unfortunately, as amazing as that Anon is in his own right, these stories follow a much less talkative Anon.

The best part is, I don't even know who's next! 😂

I meant canonically, not story wise. Since he has such a reputation, I figured he must've done Twilight first or something. I dunno.

Dude, some creampie to ponka pie will be
Pretty good.jpg

Being the gentleman that he is, Anon just held himself inside, allowing Applejack time to get accustomed to the size and the bulge in her gullet--he may want to fuck the mare’s brains out, but he didn’t want to hurt her. He watched as the tiny orange mare’s eyes fluttered every time he flexed lower body, causing his dick to twitch inside her.

Some of my faith in Anon’s humanity was restored in this moment.

So who is anon going to fuck next

Sequel please 😍

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