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Tried to search it on Derpi but could not find it; can you send me a link via PM?

Just type "derpibooru 1725199" into Google.

Now i want to see the rest of the day.

STAFF EDIT: NSFW link removed

one word "slave's"

Hot as hell and I need more of this.

Now we just need the story for the RD fic.


Note how when you click on the link creation tool there on the comment toolbar, the popup even says "SFW content only." Links to NSFW imagery aren't allowed anywhere on-site, even if it's a mature story.

You can give just the derpi ID number as an unclickable link to help direct people to the image, but it can't be a full link and it can't be clickable. Sorry.

Yeah I know that is why I did not used the link creation tool. But it seems like NSFW linkes does not allowed in any form. Noted. Sorry for breaking the site rules.

please make a chapter 2 and maybe add some impregnation please

I enjoyed this 👍

This needs a sequel.

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