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Pfft please, mine is the real deal :ajsmug:

Would like to see more!! I enjoyed this!! Maybe get some Impregnation going on? Or maybe he gets it in with an r63 Discord? Or eith anither princess or chrysalis or changeling?

Spike was perfectly happy with resting for a while before having to deal with the inevitable aftermath.

Aftermath with a white unicorn stallion or white unicorn mare?

Love it, looking forward to the next chapter with Mayor Mar.

I'm kinda hoping the next chapter involves Rarity. Maybe the gossip queen of ponyville finds out about spikes fun with Mayor Mare and Twilight and becomes curious, could probably turn it into a threesome with Fluttershy by bringing Spike to their weekly spa day. :raritywink:

Why not both?

Let's see if he can make a dragoness succumb to pleasure and lust.


Y'all are filthy degenerates! 😂Glad you all enjoyed the story (If you didn't that's okay too). ^_^

Im not really a filthy degenerate. I just want to see those happen.

Don't worry I like the story


Awesome. Now, who's next?

I do just hope Spike has left some buns in the oven and keeps on doing it to the next mares!

I don't disagree!

I would give you a follow but bronies sucks.

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It's all good bro, I wouldn't follow me either, to be honest.

Stop just stop!!! You WILL not make me like you!!!!! (even if you give great comeback )

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I'm used to people hating me, so if you liked me that'd be different. Doesn't matter, either way, you do you.

Finally man!
I was needing some good reading and twilight was needing some good dicking... ;)

I got chu bro! 🤣

Twilight continued to fidget in her seat, but her face took on a more serious tone. “Spike.” She took a deep breath, exhaling before she finished her thought. “I know what you've been doing with the Mayor.”

:moustache:: "Well, I told you I would help her with her duties. And that's exactly what I did..."

“I don't know what it is, Spike... But every time I see your dragonhood, my marehood just begins to drool, I get a warmth in my stomach that doesn't go away until you've left and I've.. *cough* tended to myself. Heck, Spike, I've even caught myself daydreaming about it from time to time. It's just so enticing to look at and even now I'm really worked up and—”

:moustache:: "You want to know why you react this way? Simple: It's a dragon cock. That's all the reason your body needs."

Twilight was still in the midst of her second orgasm, her body trembling, nearly convulsing—an orgasm lasting this long was only heard of in legends.

Same goes for getting relaxed by a dragon, so I gess it's fair.

Good story!

HERESY?! WHERE! Ready The Bolters Brothers!

Hahaha that pic is awesome hahaha :rainbowlaugh:

I hope the sequel is a threesome

She took a moment, looking down at his dragonhood then back up into his face, she nodded furiously, her eyes wild and hungry with arousal. “Spike, if you don't impale me with that magnificent, mouth-watering, wonderful cock of yours now, I think I'm going to burst into flames. Please! Fuck me already!”

Like in Season 1 Episode 15 Feeling Pinkie Keen:rainbowlaugh:?!

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