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The pony in the picture is Starlight Glimmer, right? She looks kind of like her, but I can't tell.

Yes it is Starlight

So this is before Spike's 18th birthday in the sequel. Underage anthro?

Ten bits that in the third part of this potential trilogy, Trixie gets hooked on Spike, and there is gonna be a surprise pregnancy; my guess is Starlight first (when she mentioned her spell to keep her from getting knocked up will PROBABLY work, she pretty much jinxed herself). That's my thought anyway...

What the guy requested a prequel so yeah really a pain in the ass
Oh boy XD you where thinking i thought this threw didn't you XD but i love that theory, you earn a cookie

My god, I think I've fallen in love with Starlight, look at how sexy she is

LOL...I didn't realize it was a prequel, and then re-reading Spikes Birthday Orgy, I didn't see that part of it was already done. So it would work that Trixie could be very interested in Spike, especially after how thoroughly he tapped Starlight...not many mares can say their future baby daddy is a dragon. I have to wonder how Lulu and Tia react that they're going to be Auntie and Grandma respectively.

Heh its fine XD but im glad you enjoyed it

"It must've been my imagination," Spike muttered before walking out and heading off.

Spike must be a skyrim guard in training :facehoof:

Spike use to be an adventure than he took a pounding in the dick by seven mares :moustache:

Story's good, but what's up with the wrongly placed punctuations. You got dependant clauses everywhere.

Quite hot and most excellent.

Finished one kinky story, now on the next one

A good story, but you need to work on general grammar, punctuation and capitalisation. Not that those minor mistakes kept me from fapping

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