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Just your average writer who gets books out and even have a patreon. https://www.patreon.com/Mrmidnightwolf


Bordello of the sun Kindle edition · 2:21pm Jun 28th, 2022

Hey there guy's well its time for you to know, that Bordello of the sun, The kindle version is out for you guy's to read, and have fun. It's been a very fun ride working on this book, and appreciate it. So who is ready to check out and enter the world of the Bordello and hold on your bookshelf, Cause soon you can get ahold of a version of it on Hardback and paperback You'll also be given special art and facts about the two books with five fun facts. I'll announce it as soon as possible and

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So I have a red Bubble · 3:00pm Apr 19th, 2022

Hey there guy's I wanted to let you know I have a red bubble and if you wanna check out some of the stuff I'm selling I say go for it and check it out, I've got a few things there. https://www.redbubble.com/people/DustinMidnight/explore?asc=u&page=1&sortOrder=recent


So I'm retiring from doing commissions · 7:03pm Feb 3rd, 2022

Hey there guy's yeah the post is really simple, but I've decided after seeing the new tax laws were you make over 600 on Paypal and all you'll have to report it. I don't feel like dealing with the headache of keeping that track I am officially retiring from doing commissions. It's been fun getting some of the more weirder commissions from you guy's heck it helped get my writing out there. But time to spread my wings and try out for other things. But if you wanna support me and help my writing

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Who should be the next goddess? · 9:21pm Jan 16th, 2022

https://strawpoll.com/egzphrgfh you have a choice who will be the goddess next time celestia, luna, eris or Twilight

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The Cupid Agency · 5:37pm Oct 18th, 2021

The Cupid agency when you can't find love,
when your lonely and filled with desire.
When you need a little help finding the one you might love
The Cupid agency is here to help you find love, be it another human, or a supernatural being
We find the right spouse who could be your soul mate our job is to find the right partner,
We're professional and can get the job done.

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Bordello of the sun Halloween special vote · 4:52pm Sep 22nd, 2021

https://www.patreon.com/posts/56471311 I say lets have some fun, vote for who might appear for the Halloween season so who will win?


Bordello of the moon is out · 2:16pm Sep 9th, 2021

Bordello of the Moon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FRZY6KC/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_0C4B9T3D5HBWWYHTEY62 Bordello's out on amazon so come all come one for the chance for Bordello of the moon you get the edited story exclusive pics and the first chapter Bordello of the Sun with extra sexy


So i'm getting an interview · 5:08pm Aug 31st, 2021

So today i was just sent a request to do an interview for the Bar Cast, and i'm taking it so on saturday night around 7 o'clock eastern time, and I'll be on there if you want to ask questions and want to know whats going on with me and have some fun, well come to this link subscribe and get ready to have a lot of fun, who knows what could happen. madness i say, MADNESS!!


Bordello of the sun sneak peak · 5:42pm Aug 25th, 2021

Still being worked on and will take some time but a sneak peek
Chapter 1: Bordello of the sun
“So is this the place?” Rumble said looking through the bushes to the large building. His face was dirty from working out as his dads farm early this day.
“Yeah this is the place, heard about it from my cousin Jimmy. I reckon we get a better look there Rumble.” Button Mash said as he gave a smirk. The two friends watched on to the old house. Yet Rumble felt a shiver run down his spin.

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Meet Embers Hybrid form · 3:44pm Jul 21st, 2021

SO yeah had this commission a while ago, great guy, and this is one of the varients a bit of an inspiration for her she will appear in the book version showing off some of the sexiness, I call her Ember prime since variant color version exist. i joke this is what happens when a dragon takes on a slightly human form before going full human to roam around the world.

https://twitter.com/DustinMidnight/status/1417872281892757508 Warning NSFW In the official book she's refered to as Astrid/