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A writers who's somewhat out there now, also taking commission's Let's see what you guy's got for me. I even have a patreon

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Heh, it's funny; I used to think that a pilot episode meant that there was an actual pilot in the episode :derpytongue2:

Were you somehow inspired by the Subverse game that Studiofow is going to release soon?

lol yeah, originally i was going to call it Stargazing but I just thought it would be a little more fun since this is a pilot chapter XD

um no actually I never even heard about that till your comment


Well, the player captains a ship with a crew of sexy aliens, humans, and androids. Just look up the species of the girls on the studiofow website. There's a link to subverse.

well saw the trailer or one of them lol definitely seems interesting XD It even had one of my idea's but I definitely have a long ways to go before my stories fully ready.


The gynoid's my fave. Anyway, the type of alien femmes that are in the game include succubus-like aliens, devil-like aliens, elf-like aliens and even catgirl-like aliens. Maybe for diversity, the girls can be mixed.

hmm well I've got some idea for my own aliens, including a cat like girl- and other types but their still in the process

Oh, what if one of them is a cyborg?!

I'm invested, but you might wanna work on making it clearer on who's speaking in a given moment. I also noticed a few grammar errors here and there. If you need an editor, I'm happy to help.

They I could use some help and I'm glad your invested

Now im curious


Vixen is

Hey nice reference.:pinkiehappy:

An alien porn story. Neat. Hey if you need any ideas for some female aliens; here's one from Brickleberry. An alien stripper with 4 sets of titties. I wish I could show the image but I can't share it, even if its a pic from my phone.

I think it's just Vixens

'that which belongs to the space vixens'

'more than one space vixen'

his messy brown hair, and sea blue eyes

Uh, aren't Spike's eyes and hair suppose to be green?

long black hair

And isn't Chrysalis' hair suppose to be dark cerulean?


'that which belongs to the space vixen is'

Let the thirsty sexy begins!!!!

OBJECTION!. This is an Alt universe HUMAN story. So get off if the author wanted to give them more realistic coloring.

An interesting start, I want to see where this goes

This is awesome it's like the start of a anime.

Hmm... If Twilight's not the captain, then who is? 🤔

Hmm I guess you'll have to stick around and find out I guess XD But a hint she is definitely going to be a twist

I get that this is supposed to be porn, but the spineless submissive human MC kinda ruins it for me. So I'm tagging out my dudes.

Um, You realize I'm setting up character development for the MC, I mean, he's literally dealing with Aliens, He's not Arnold Schwarzenegger, so He'll be gaining a spine

Also they're space pirates, they're not Disney princesses.


Ok... you're throwing out Schwarzenegger and Disney princesses for straw man. The fact of the matter is this guy was kidnapped, held against his will, experimented on against his will (which is considered torture by law) and was threatened with being dissected. What has he shown after being released cowardice and submissiveness. Most human beings fight their captors... not immediately submit to them. I digress, you write what you want to write you do you my dude.

In it for the porn. That is it. And sexy alien ladies

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's a bad story idea. It's just being built up as a fetish story specifically a sub male dom female fetish which is fine, it's just not my thing.

Yeah I can understand that, I'm just writing it how I could see someone getting kidnapped by aliens and start to grow, I'm just got to make sure the characters do grow, I just dislike writing characters that are sudden badasses, or just starts overwhelming, since he is in a disadvantage at the very moment.

I understand that, but shifting to the extreme on the opposite side by having them act like submissive and scared children makes for bad reading.

man don't know if i should envy him for meeting some alien women that would do that for a type of examination or feel sorry for him

Four arms and tits eh, now you've got me curious about the other five

I am a bit confused about this.

His clothes were gone, as he laid in a hospital gown.

This is at the beginning of this chapter

“Good, Now please remove your clothes"

This is midchapter. At what moment did he put on clothes when he is strapped down?

I feel annoyed by this

“Say that to all the sapiens you meet?”

Reason by this is that I don't believe aliens would use the term "Sapien" or any human terminology, unless that the TransWorm is substituting words so that Spike can understand but I feel like that would cause a bit more trouble later on.

“Help, get me out of here come on, I know I have rights!”

I feel like it's missing a comma in this sentence.

“Wait what?” Spike was quiet confused

she was quiet an intimidating woman

interesting Species and quiet New the universe

you’ve cum quiet a bit

You kept using quiet instead of quite in which it was both funny and annoying. Unless this TransWorm needs to update its grammar rules.

I can do an estimated guess on who is the Captain.

I am still surprised that Spike isn't more shocked at the moment, but I can guess that he is a bit of a Sci-fi aficionado. Or seen enough 90's Tv to know where this is going!

The moment you mention her four arms and tits, all I could think of was Sheeva from MK 11, a Shokan. I was already in love with this ship!

Please don't get mad about the errors or get discouraged.

Lol yeah your on the money with the transworm and its translation needing more updating ita basicly the most successful version twi made the others before it had dangerous side effects. As for the clothes well that was my fault

Is this a nudist thing?

This was a wild first meeting with Twilight,I wonder who the Captain of this ship is.

a space adventure, this is really unprecedented, i've seen middle ages, modern and supernatural, but this is new.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

So now we have Sunset show up and SHE'S the Captain of the ship, I thought for sure it was going to be Princess Celestia who would have been the Captain.

I was originally going going to have Celestia be the captain, but as I thought about it more, i thought it would be more interesting story telling, since i could imagine Sunset being more like a pirate riding the stars and causing Chaos. I even have a slight plot idea if i had done Celestia as the captain

Sunset as Captain means she claims dibs on Spike.

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