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Hm. A few grammar errors here and there but overall I like this so far. I'm assuming the crossover is with Sons Of Anarchy?

Nope didn’t even think about that and never watched the show, but thanks.

What's the crossover with? Also to reply to someone hit the double arrow icon near the top right of the icon.

I don’t really remember but I’ll probably go with your idea of a sons of anarchy because it fits with what I’m going with. Also I know how to reply.

"Please be careful, you know I would prefer you learn to drive a car, instead of these two wheeled deathtraps."

Well, lucky for her, it has four wheels and independent suspension on each, so it's not really a motorcycle. On the other hand, it has an extremely wide turning radius, and no one has been stupid enough in real life to go past 100 mph on one of the few that were built.

Btw, the Tomahawk used the 8.3L V10 from the third-gen Dodge Viper SRT-10 - first and second-gen were 8.0L, fourth and fifth-gen used an 8.4L. No 8.2L exists, not factory stock, anyway.

Thanks for the information I’ll change it soon to make it right.

This is looking like a good start. I'll keep an eye on it and see what else Spike gets involved in.

Comment posted by Amos Anon deleted Sep 18th, 2019

ok this story is very fun to read, can't wait to see whats going to occur during this story


You...do know this is a make-believe story about a dragon in a made up world called Equestria, right?

I think the guy wants to avoid this story crossing over with Sons of Anarchy because there's "enough people" out there who think "motorcycles = Sons of Anarchy.

As a form of entertainment, sons of anarchy is fine. The issue is that people believe that's what motorcycle culture is all about, and then are disappointed when they realize they have to get a license. I've never been a fan of sons of anarchy, and my opinion is that I wouldn't like it if this story went down that route.
Yes, I'm aware this is a story, and the things I said are suggestions of what to take into consideration when writing about motorcycles. As authors, we should try to do a little bit of research into what we're writing about in order to make the story more believable to readers. It doesn't mean that every little detail has to be correct, but saying, for example, that Spike had chosen a full-face helmet instead of an open-face because of his concerns for safety would add some depth to the story, and make it more interesting to the reader. Just my two cents.
For the record, I'm happy that someone is writing a story that includes motorcycles, even if it may be flawed. Kudos to the writer for doing something I've lacked the inspiration to do.

Yep. Just clarifying.

Comment posted by TAD2 deleted Sep 18th, 2019

Okay. I respect your decision.

I deleted the original comment. It was way more harsh than I intended it to be. As a motorcyclist, I meant to offer some of my knowledge on how the author could improve his story, and I didn't think my reply through thoroughly. I apologize for that.

ho shit bor Spike Is a boss

I don't think it was harsh. I neither play Son's of Anarchy or ride a motorcycle, so I wasn't offended.

Remember those six time lines created in the fifth season finale? I wonder if Spike will be fighting those who were in charge of those time lines?

Awesome job. Nice they recruited a new member who's an old friend of Spike's. And damn he is lucky to score with two hotties like Zecora and Chrysalis.

Thanks, and in my spike with those two are one of the less used ships.

Everyone looked at Spike leaving. They all looked to Fluttershy. "What did he tell you?" asked everyone.

Fluttershy retreated into herself and shook her head. "I'm not telling."

...why do I feel like Fluttershy is part of the gang?
And why do I find a Fluttershy in black leather hot?

No she is not, and no comment.

So I might have missed it but what kinda mask is Spike wearing? I know it's one to hide his face a bit but correct me if I'm wrong that it only covers the lower portion. What about his hair?

Lower portion right up to his eyes

Okay... but again what about his hair or is this a case of me looking too much into this? I apologize if I'm looking too deep.

Is going to play a part soon but as for right now yeah your looking to deep.

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Aw a shame really. I would'vs liked that

I cant wait to see whats going to happen with diamond tiara and spike. That ending for chapter 3 got me super excited/hyped to see whats going to happen.

I sure can't wait to see how Spike's first day of school goes.

The thing about living a double life is to keep them separate or they will clash eventually.

Spikes a trooper, that's what.

Just out of curiousity how often will this fanfic be updated

When ever I can get it out, right now I’m trying to get oddworld out, and the next chapter is kinda pissing me off right now so I’m going through it.

As Spike and Diamond rode off, they were unaware that they were being followed by 7 girls in a truck.

...Aw shit... How'll Spike spin this?

As Spike and Diamond rode off, they were unaware that they were being followed by 7 girls in a truck.

Don't know how spike is going to get out of this one but he is screwed.

Love this stuff I just started it today but I gotta ask are the dealers in the dragons minor stuff or the stuff that can destroy your life if you use it even once?

That's Good and lol I wonder how shinings gonna react to finding out and then being told the cops are off limits to being attacked

Good job. I like how Spike and Diamond have this sibling or parent and child thing going. But I'm worried the girls are stepping into dangerous territory when trying to uncover Spike's secret.

7 girls in a truck.

That doesn't sound that bad if you read it out of context right ?

Hang on....
I think I know the other members of the riders...

Loved how Spike was being kind with Burnt Oak, and glad the girls were thrown off his trail. But still I know they'll eventually pick back up and try to uncover the truth. And when they do there will be trouble.

i really like the scene between burnt oak and spike

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