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So wait if spike was dating gabby how exactly can they date now if hes older then her now?

Never said they dated they just wrote letters to each other after The fault in our marks episode. But how would any older sister/mother react to finding out that their boy was talking with a girl. That’s the idea I’m going for. No dating, just good friends.for now

A that makes sense though I'd be more worried about cadence finding put and going on a ship fest

I ment I really like this series lol i accidently forgot some words, and now its fixed.

Yay one of my favorite bounty hunters is back!

Oh snap cant wait for next chapter.

Little Strong Heart leaned over to Braeburn. "Sweetie you are a buffalos uncle, remember Little Dancing Winds." Said Little Strong Heart. She looked at Spike not fazed by the fact that he was there. "It is good to see you again Mister Spike."

ooooo Strong heart x Braeburn nice

It will soon I’m trying to finish dragon mommies first,

Huh now im kerfuzzled on which ship i want gabby x spike or
Death x spike

I'm laughing at how within 2 seconds of discord showing up hes demoted from all powerful chaos god to a chimera chewtoy

He is a dragon so why not both?

YAY (and if u ever need help I can do it)

so far so good, can't wait to read more chapters. I like that discord and starswirl created the portal.

I see you made a reference.

amen loved this fully need more spikie/flurry play time cuteness

Never underestimate little girls and their bizzare creativity

Could you pass me a link of the cover image?

sorry man, I had that commissioned and she never posted it anywhere to my knowledge.

Too bad, because it turns out that the cover image is so small that I can't see all the details well

"That works, thanks Twi." Said Mal as he finished the crossword puzzle.

Oh I forgot about the crossword

Comment posted by tx-300 deleted Mar 5th, 2020

Ok so daybreaker is a nymph sub who needs some to dominate her then I wonder how moonie will react to her and weather or not she will bitchslap daybreaker as well

:facehoof: I can't believe daybraker is this horny.

...... Daybreaker needs something to keep her company...

I got to know how many did you add?

Daybreaker = Molestia:twilightoops:

Everyone run, RUN!!!

Dude that's hilarious and omg dragon Luna and celestia is cute

…………………… (sets up a large table) I got ember as the odds one fav to get in bed with spike for good.
any takers on that or others? :ajsmug:

dude do you have a problem, you already have a bet going on Firebreathers? Also do you remember a show called Storm Hawks?
Red Same question, do you know Storm Hawks?

I do not have a problem!! I make the bets where they happen!!! and what do you mean with that old cartoon?

I'm working on a story around that Idea called the Storm Dragons

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