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Can never get enough of your stories

Spike wasn't going to take the time for Storm King to give a stupid answer or for him to beg for his life. "Fuck it." Spike pressed a button on the throne he was sitting on. The button released the chain that was holding Storm King up, letting him fall out of a large hole in his former flag airship.


Hey big question that I've been wondering for a while now, Shelly and Sheldon, Skystar's clams, how do they have googly eyes if A there is no way glue of any form would be able to dry in the water, and B, where did she even get googly eyes, hippogriffs have been gone long enough for them to be nearly forgotten, and googly eyes are pretty hard to find in the bottom of the ocean, seeing as they actually float.

I think it's a amazing story

Well as for the google eyes the Hippogriffs have only been living under the sea for most of Skystar’s life so chances are that it’s less than say 30 years so it’s not impossible for the google eyes to have existed before the big plunge. Also she makes regular visits to Aris so she could be getting the eyes that had been left there. As for the glue it doesn’t have to have been glue she could be using a form of the adhesives natural sea life use (eg Mussel foot proteins)

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So a remake of the Movie? Ok.

Just be careful with our dialogue and sentences, because when Twilight had interpreted Spike, that should have been made into another sentence, not an addition the Spike's.

All in all. This should be interesting! Hell, would love to have Tempest in my lap!:moustache:

wow...………… talk about a new way for spike.

*immediately tracking this*

any story when spike calls twilight out on her bs treatment of him and its not some instant make-up is already alright in my books.

Nefarious, man I always love playing as a villain

First impressions.

After being ignored for the last time, Spike decided to say screw it and forge his own path, but not as a hero, but as the world's worst criminal.

Oh, one of those-

This is a Nefarious crossover, with Spike as Crow, Tempest as Becky

That's new! Definitely giving this a look see later!

ok is this a game cross becuase this sounds fun

all i imagine is spike and his band of loyal creatures rushing a place as there ships speakers plays mackelmores cant hold us now

Nice start. I like how Spike's no longer a pushover.

I look forward to more of this. Book horse will get her dues.

More please, also include his rise to power.

Oh hey I played the game. The story is going to end with Spike “conquering” the world and Twilight having to become a “hero” right?

I seen the AMVs of Nefarious andI think you should used them as inspiration for upcoming chapters and the white hair girl reminds of EG Twilight a little

That’s Becky and she’s tempest

I know that but her hairstyle just looks exactly like Twilight in Equestria Girls and her singing voice sounds similar to twilight

lol spike took half of manehatten of i so wamt in on that

………… so dose that mean he has the 3 stooges wrapped around his little claw??

Spike being a merc is one hell of a story.

Good job on this chapter As someone who Did creating writing in high school and some time in college. I've never wrote a fan fiction before relic reading them because they're fun Sorry if like some words make no sense being there I'm doing this on mobile You gave the 1st chapter which caught my intention now I'm waiting for the rest to see where it goes further than that good job

I just hope that I can get some quick bits for helping him out.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, I'll only kill as long as I'm being paid.

As spike always says "take what ya can, give nothing back" jack sparrow

I already love this Spike💚... he's a bad guy but he's not heartless or a Mindless psycho.

things are going to be in interesting in the dragon kingdom, also Spike being awesome as I always knew he could be.

seems like the best type of bad guy to be, can't think of any unusual downsides in his line of work that could come back to bite him in the ass later.

Just saw this in my feed, love it!

incredible idea, super creative and well made, this new peak will also be very interesting, I can't wait to see the princesses when they hear the news

Are you going to update tomorrow?

If not tomorrow then Friday but I’m updating most of my stories this week

Am I the only one who let you use their oc?
It's a yes or no question; you don't have to go into detail.

Kinda a few of my friends gave me permission to use their oc’s when I need to but your the first to show up.

I just thought that others had done so before me. I can't wait to see how Spike will meet Astral.

That's the thing, I've changed it so that he already knows Spike, and is in his part time employ. Is that cool with you?

Sure, as long as you include a short flashback.

Fine, but it wont be in the same chapter. I've set it so that Astral is out in the field training, when he gets a call from Spike to do some work. When he gets back I'll do the flashback.

larceny, assault, weapons trafficking, embezzlement, a few that are so out there, that Discord found them to be crazy, and the worst of all, burning a book.

On another note, did doing those crimes allow him to pick up close combat skills, weapon usage, and other valuable skills via on the job training?

Except for the book burning which I could only see as a means of spiting twilight.

nope i just bet him 50 bits to burn a book in a photo and send it to sparkle butt best 50 bits i ever lost (joking)

sooooo A when did spike learn of power armour B im totally calling him dating ember and tempest and having a army of dragons C he wins by booping embers snoot and kisaing her outta nowhere

hey man i olaced 3 bets up for the bect chapter mind marking them down

most of the ponies in the room knows it was mostly twilights fault right??

OK, I'm as excited for then as I am for Thursdays.

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