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0_o should.... should we tell tia about this???

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one...

Nanotechnology: where science becomes magic!

Not bad keep it up :pinkiehappy:

if you give up on this incredible story, i will go! I'll! I'm gonna cry! :fluttercry:

:facehoof: spike. your gonna have to tell tia eventually. so better tell her soon rather then never.

I swear if they see spike in that armor and don’t recognize him I’m going to start questioning their IQ’s

I await your next update with bated breath

Really interested in this with the ships and all.

Wonder what Luna might be doing in this scenario?
I am pretty interested on how her interactions with Spike would be.
Really just loved how you handled SpikexLuna in that "Dragon on the Moon" fic and their interactions in "Take your nephew on work day" fic.
Would love to see on what you have for Luna in this fic with Spike.

This reminds me of TWRP's video for their song Starlight Brigade

That's where I got the idea.

what show or game is this from?

okay two things one: wow and two: more hehehehehehehe hahahahahahaha

Interested on what will happen next there.
Wonder if Luna might be involved due to space stuff there?

Yeah.. pretty curious and such.

im lovimg thus / why the buck do i imaging chris as a very sarcastic voice

im calling the spike nukes something by accident bet right now

I like how this spike was dragged into a war ge didnt want to be in

this .... will get fun in so many ways.


Well he has NO CHOICE anyway! Since the Enemy Empire are being Major Dicks!!! By trying to conquer and enslave Equestria, or even KILL Everypony/Everyone on the planet. :twilightoops:

When Twilight finds out that what Spike said about the Star Fighter, and an Evil Space Empire was TRUE the entire time! I like to see where Twilight thinks she's was an idiot for not believing Spike before. :facehoof:

But I was upset for this.

"Well, for his sake, I hope he doesn't do something stupid, I'm pretty sure that would not end well for him or the Orion. Chris prepare for atmospheric reentry." Said Spike as he reached his home, and started going to the ground.

Spike, WHAT THE HECK!!!! DON'T SAY STUPID STUFF LIKE THAT AGAIN! 😡 Are you trying to piss off the Space Faring Good Guys, and make an enemy on BOTH SIDES??!! Stop saying idiotic stuff like that. Plus, I DOUBT the A.I. Chris wants to help you attack and betray the Federation.

And the fact your being just too cocky to think your unstoppable Pilot. I like OP Characters, but taking down the MORE POWERFUL Warship from the evil empire. And even taken down a Strong Strategist Captain that command the ship itself. All by yourself in the very FIRST TRY???!!!

That's sounds like Spike has some Insane Beginner's Luck, or the Evil Captain himself got too cocky and has losing his touch?! And I don't want Spike to act a little Gary Sue back there.

nah starlight just thinks hes being overworked and might recommend he has a few days off

5 boops on he sleeps with zecora at somepoint

"I do not know, we have gone so far off Federation guide lines that anything is possible, but seeing as you have engaged the Goliath, it is more than likely that the Empire and Federation will now be looking straight at this planet. My recommendation is to return to the planet and inform the leaders of the world what is going on."

"Yeah, not going to happen, if they find out about this, then we're all screwed."

That DOESN'T make any sense and sounds stupid from Spike. Why the hell can't you tell Princess Celestia, Luna, Twilight and her/your friends ( Mane 5), Shining Armor and Cadence, Dragon Lord Ember, King Thorax, and any other World Leaders and friends that a MASSIVE EVIL EMPIRE is going to invade your planet now!!!!!


Edit: Why am I disliked?


Then again, Spike does has the Most OP Starship from the Federation. The Ship even has 8 FRICKIN MODES like a Overpowered Badass Transformer!!!! 😲

It's like a Jack of All Trades Ship. It has a 1. Normal Star Fighter. 2. A Freighter Transport for Cargo. 3. A Heavy Bomber. But what are number 4-8 Forms?

Curious on when will the Royal Sisters(such as Luna especially) would find out about this?

things are gonna go crazy for spike as soon as he gets back.

i do belive the hounds would be like puppys nibbling you compaird to sparkel butts grilling

keep all of it under wraps from Twilight and the others

Why would Spike ever think that's a good idea?


Monica smirked. "Spike, I have fought off a pack of Valovian Death hounds, how bad can your sister be?"

"Well, seeing as your my nonexistent marefriend that I have never told anyone about, I'd say the hounds were easy. But good luck Strawberry Wild." Said Spike.

Oh please! 🙄 I think some Alien Creatures could be a LOT WORSE than seeing Twilight upset for a silly or dumb reason.

Not her upset her in research never ending onslaught of questions Tests that only 2 beings that can not be research or understood by her mode

This story is very funny a dragon that was forced into a war

Reminds me of The last starfighter, Still love this fire.


I think Monica can handle Twilight's Over Reacting Questions and Research "Tests". I mean, the Federation SHOULD have some Scientists and Researchers that act like "Twilight" from the Many Planets, Solar Systems, and Galaxies. Right?!

Monica nodded as she made a note on her chart. 'Possible Q in sector, be on alert.' "Now tell me about the planet, what stage in development are you at?"

its more funny when you realise they have the same voice actor

"Engage." Said Spike, he then blinked. "Why did I say that?" Spike shrugged it off and floored it.

are these all star trek references? lol

No the whole ship is a reference, replicators, shuttle bay, the decks, the uniforms, even the meeting room all starship enterprise

While I wait for a new update to this story eventually.

I'm more concerned, and a bit upset that nobody ( including you ) didn't respond back, or answer any of my comments!?

Well that’s going to change don’t worry, I’m still working on this story I’ve been looking for a job as well. But I’m still writing.

As for this question, I feel like they wouldn’t act like twilight because they have seen many things that would be considered strange and weird before and they know how to not blow their cover.

Yeah, I’m just working full time now. So not much time to write.

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