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White Dragon Emporror

The Emporror of all holy Dragons has arrived and he's a huge Spike Fan

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So is this a rewrite?

guilt of thanos, changed reality.

Cant exactly say anything because its still new but I can already tell that this will be a great story. Also quick side question, will this story include sex scenes or will it just dance around the subject? Either way, waiting to read more soon. FEAR THE WRATH OF DRAGONS

I accidentally deleted the original

There is a website named FIMFetch that caches all of the MLP fanfics including the deleted ones, you can find it on there.

Thank but I think keep going with this

um, how often will you be updating, if i may ask?

I'm working on chapter now but it takes awhile cause I use my phone

sniff.....sniff....... Beautiful... Just so beautiful. I can actually image seeing a jojo "to be continued" meme right at the end of the chapter.

l"The White Dragon of Death"

whats next the black pony of life

I see someone is a fan of Hunter x Hunter.

Fatality, brutality.
Spike was in Mortal Kombat

I have question for anyone who cares. I have an idea to show a bit of what happened to Spike in the next chapter. Should I do that or wait a bit?

Good........Good..........Let young Spike's journey to the Dark side commence. We shall see this young one turn into a weapon of unnatural power and rage.

I know that flashback, more Moon could see in the fragmented dreams of Spike's memories, will be going to find out who Lex is?

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What is this a crossover of?

It's not a direct crossover to anything the story in general will contain a few references to video games like Mortal Kombat and anime like Hunter x Hunter

I think we'll see Spike's first fight in the Coliseum when he was kidnapped I'm interested to see if flashback:pinkiehappy:Other thing I want to see blood.:pinkiecrazy:HAHAHAHHAHAHA

"Hmmm how about my first fight in the colosseum." The man nodded and turned the T.V. on to play the memorie. Neither one of them notice the other patron that sat in the very back.

luna, calling it now

I wonder if anyone got reference I was using in the beginning with Zane

Is it a reference to a Mortal Kombat character called Scarlet

"I'm already a deadman, and no he doesn't. He's still recovering from when Spike escaped." Zane answered with a smirk. "By the way where is Spike? I've been looking for him." He asked.

Actually no it's a reference to an anime called Deadman Wonderland in there are people called Deadman who can manipulate their own blood. Its really cool you should check it out.

I really should, a friend told me about it a while back but I was watching One Piece at the time and forgot all about it

"Hey why don't we have some fun before I take you home?" He asked. Lily perked up and nodded. "Alright hold on tight!" He said humping high into the air.

Yeeeeaaaaahhh, might want to edit that. Could be taken completely the wrong way. Spike humping the air while asking a filly if she wants to have fun is pretty creepy.

*sweatdrops* How the heck did I miss that thanks for the heads up

Fixed it geezs that's really embarrassing thanks for telling me

Spike went full Ghost Rider on those ponies.:moustache: I sure did

This is an interesting story. I like where this is going. Is it going to be a simple shock for the others or spike going to fight someone he’s running away from before telling his friends what he’s been through. There is a lot of potential of heroism and drama in this story. I like it!

👍 Good

it took, but finally a new chapter, very good

In my opinion this would be a hell of a lot better if you cut back a bit on the anime elements other than that I like it.

Thanks and I’ll try cut back on them

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