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Hi. *tips fedora* love to make stories on the spot which is unprofessional and reckless but oh well. #YNWA.

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This story sounds familiar and I'm 100% anti-smoker.

Comment posted by BlazenWolf2019 deleted September 27th

What story might that be? Might have a look myself and get inspiration.

Sorta reminds me of Under the Purple Hood

My man... you are incredible.

This story already got me hooked. Worldbuilding is gud, kinda reminds me of Hotline Miami in first chapter. Main character is a little bit edgy at the beginning for my taste, but that's alright. What you did with the mane 6 is unusual and I like it. They're not over the top bad (yet, I hope), but evil enough for start. Please, don't abandon this work. Even if you need time for a new chapter - I'll gladly wait. Also, it's not good or bad to smoke. If you want to - you smoke, it's your choice.

Thanks lad, that's genuinely made my day.👍😁

I've read that story and it did bring me inspiration for the development of the plot and Main character but, I've got my own plans that will come into play soon.

It's not my place to tell you how to do you, but maybe you could put some kind of a scene. Okay, hear me out on this. If you seen Hunchback of Notre-Dame - you remember how Quazimodo was humiliated at Fools Day. If the elements that hate our human want a revenge on him for "stealing" Flutters - you could put something similar in action.

I don't want to give too much away but, I will say that revenge is a big part in this fanfic for some characters, some more unexpected than others. I promise the development with be massive!

Lookin' big, king. Can't wait. If your story going to be around 400k-500k words - it would be incredible.

That's the dream. Obviously, it will take time but, it will be worth it.

Absolutely it will worth it.

Unrelated note : if you combine ork and Shrek - you will get Shork

Damn... Never thought about it like that.

Unrelated note: Bologna is just hotdog pancake👍

Absolutely LOVE this story keep it up bro!!!

Chapter 3 is going to take a longer than usual, I was 8000 words in but something has happened and I can't recover my work, so that's a little frustrating.😫

Damn, hope nothing too serious.

The Legion from Dead by Daylight in the Equestria Girls universe? Hmm, interesting concept. I wonder if The Entity will eventually make them 'vanish', along with some of the humane 7. There has only been one really indepth story about Dead by Daylight on Fimfiction, that I know about that is, so I hope this will join that story.

(Note: I haven't read the story yet, this is just from looking at the story art and reading the provided descriptions/summaries.)

Sorry bud, I should have made it clear that this fic has nothing to do with dbd, I have put that in the description now.

Aww, that sucks. But using a pic of The Legion from DbD, people who see it will automatically think, well, The Legion from DbD. If I may, I suggest changing it to a mask from...what was that movie series again? Uh, oh! The Purge. Though, that might end up making people think that this is a Purge fic.

I just really like the outfit and wanted to use it for the killer.

Good chaptery boy keep it going. Love this story.!!!!

One more thing these other girls need to EARN his forgiveness my boy better not forgive Easily. Lastly I hope he's cold as hell towards them when they try to communicate with him lol. Can't wait for next.

Hehe, We’ll have to see next, bud!


This story has been added to the dead by daylight group. You may want to address that if it has nothing to do with DbD.

Fixed! Thought that a reference to dbd would be enough for the story to be added to the group but, clearly not.


If I'm looking for a dead by daylight story, I want some dead by daylight content. Not just a mere reference.

This is true for any crossover content I suppose. If it's a mere mention, it's not really a crossover. It'd be like saying something is a Star Wars crossover because some character declares they "have the high ground". Or something is a Star Trek Crossover because someone makes a "space... the final frontier" reference.

This was actually pretty good hope to see more soon

...WTF is this story doing in the Past Sins group?

You have encountered a wild Cliffhanger, brace yourself!

In all seriousness, good job on this chapter, friend. The only questionable decision is trusting Spike so easily. And... am I blind or where is Dinky?....

It's not that he trust Spike completely, It's more like he needs him. As for Dinky, she did get a little appearance after Joel put Ditzy to sleep.

Wow this is a really good story, I'm a big Dead By Daylight fan. :twilightsmile:

My man, you disappointed me a little here. The chapter overall is good, but one thing here make me cringe. Why did you called Joel "Baba Yaga"? If it was just a reference to Johnny - that's still not good.

A little bit of education : Baba Yaga (or Grandma Yaga) is a russian folklore character. She represented in old stories and soviet films as old, ugly woman that lives in the forest alone. Some stories said that she was a cannibalistic witch that lived in small shed-like house, with chicken feet supporting the building. Overall she portrayed as negative character that catch travelers that venturing trough the forest and eat them, especially liking the lost children.

So the equestrians are humanized ponies?

I didn't look too deep into the meaning. I was just was just watching John Wick one day and thought the name was cool. It's nothing serious to the plot, just a name.

It didn't make sense. Call him "Boogeyman" and it will fit, but not Babad Yaga...

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