• Published 12th May 2020
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Purple Star - TAD2

One day, Spike was walking around and he wishes on a shooting star for something exciting to happen to him, he just never thought it would work

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things are gonna go crazy for spike as soon as he gets back.

i do belive the hounds would be like puppys nibbling you compaird to sparkel butts grilling

keep all of it under wraps from Twilight and the others

Why would Spike ever think that's a good idea?


Monica smirked. "Spike, I have fought off a pack of Valovian Death hounds, how bad can your sister be?"

"Well, seeing as your my nonexistent marefriend that I have never told anyone about, I'd say the hounds were easy. But good luck Strawberry Wild." Said Spike.

Oh please! 🙄 I think some Alien Creatures could be a LOT WORSE than seeing Twilight upset for a silly or dumb reason.

Not her upset her in research never ending onslaught of questions Tests that only 2 beings that can not be research or understood by her mode

This story is very funny a dragon that was forced into a war

Reminds me of The last starfighter, Still love this fire.

This great, never seen anything like it.:twilightsmile:


I think Monica can handle Twilight's Over Reacting Questions and Research "Tests". I mean, the Federation SHOULD have some Scientists and Researchers that act like "Twilight" from the Many Planets, Solar Systems, and Galaxies. Right?!

Monica nodded as she made a note on her chart. 'Possible Q in sector, be on alert.' "Now tell me about the planet, what stage in development are you at?"

its more funny when you realise they have the same voice actor

"Engage." Said Spike, he then blinked. "Why did I say that?" Spike shrugged it off and floored it.

are these all star trek references? lol

No the whole ship is a reference, replicators, shuttle bay, the decks, the uniforms, even the meeting room all starship enterprise

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