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Their going to make it seem like Spike was the one who did it, and send him to get killed. He's going to be like, fuck you guys, and awaken his powers and kick the other dudes ads, before turning and telling everyone they were all assholes.

Thats my theory.

Love it! Nice to see spike getting some respect and friends.

Not bad, tell me if you need me to edit again.


I eagerly await your next update with great interest.

Wow even though I like Twilight after what Spike said she kinda deserves that

“Don’t try to Cpt. Rex me, it means nothing towards what you're trying to ask…” Spike said before being interrupted by Flash.

A man of culture, this story 10/10 :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I like this story but he's to forgiving to someone who left him like trash and someone who made his life miserable for years. Makes you wonder if spike didn't have that power up after that fight would thay care?

I respect your comment but I'd like to ask you something, let's say you suffered the same or even worse things than Spike, and one day you become stronger than your bullies, would you stoop down to their level and behave the same way they did or would you act in a forgiving way.

I know that many people read this fic waiting to see Spike go back to class and just torture the hell out of his bullies. But if there is something that life has taught me is that Guilt can kill.

Spike ain't nice because of the kindness in his heart, he knows that everyone in school is either afraid or feel seriously guilty about how they treated him, so he is torturing them in a more subtle, yet, evil way. By acting nice and even saying he is willing to die to save the lives of everyone friend or foe, he is psychologically stabbing everyone who bullied him. Believe me sometimes words can be deadlier than weapons.

No I wouldn't stoop down to there level but I feel the feelings of the people that tortured spike should be brought up at some point more in depth. If you're planning to do this in future chapters sorry thanks for the reply. Ps keep on being you and have fun

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Comment posted by underrated Drake deleted May 31st, 2020

Looking at the cover art, I have to say: The artist got Overhaul's mask and eye color completely wrong. Everything else looks good, though!

because I think it was all misunderstanding, he didn't ask to marry you as much as a date as friends

Sad, but cute. I kind of expected Fluttershy to be some type of yandere but wow just wow. I love the story dude, keep up the good work!

Comment posted by tx-300 deleted Jun 5th, 2020

I feel that last bit is rushed and with the way you portrayed Fluttershy in it...Do you hate her or you doing a sick joke?
Don't get me wrong in another story could be comical or dark but here...feels....stupid.

I mean you ended the chapter with Spike asking Rarity to marry him already...wow....

Also work on your grammar!

Ch.7 is gonna be interesting. I wonder how they’re friends are going to react to the marriage situation.

If you need someone to help edit these chapters, let me know. Good premise so far but the story would flow more smoothly with better grammar. Keep up the good work.

I still think Spike should give Fluttershy one date, even though he's taken now. Doesn't show anything about being exclusively to one girl in his grandfather's will....and I'm a bit if a sucker for FlutterSpike and Sparity.

Nope just giving the fans what they want, when it comes to shipping I have no idea of who to ship

You're pretty good with Spike as the main character you should do one where Spike becomes Darth Vader's apprentice with Starkiller

Feel a bit rushed and I'm sorry but major pissed.

You mentioned in the story AppleJack had been treating Spike badly like she hated him, and then doing this one eighty pisses me off as it makes no sense, and worst yet we hadn't even heard why she acted that way.

Not only is that bad writing but it'sfeels liek your trolling the reader or just forgotten and or don't care about it., but never fixed it.

We'll get to that soon enough, and believe me, it WILL anger you

Remember, I left the ending of this chapter open

Comment posted by diablo4000 deleted Jul 3rd, 2020

Interesting story and concept but...

Another demonetized Flash? :facehoof:

Comment posted by underrated Drake deleted Jul 3rd, 2020

“Maybe I should flash him myself,” said someone in the background, but no one could make out who the voice was coming from.


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‘Say Spike, don’t you think that all of what we went through made us closer, like friends?” asked Twilight

“Yeah,” Spike said

“So what do you say? Friends?” she said

“No,” Spike said

“But I thought,” Twilight said

“I agreed that it brought us closer, I didn't say that we were friends,” Spike said walking away “That doesn’t mean I’m not open to the idea of re-befriending you, sometime in the near future,” Spike finished as he continued walking to his bike.

Don't be sad Twilight, progress is progress. :raritywink:

How many of you believe the hooded figure is Filthy Rich, or the Flim Flam Bros.? Both have plenty of motivation to want Sweet Apple Acres from the Apples...

I think I'm starting to like this story over Dragonkin

Better plot setting

The Quiet Ones you better be careful with and Fluttershy's one of them

Fluttershy, you're starting to piss me off....will you fucking get over yourself and fess up already???? Rarity took the plunge and made Spike her husband, you should take that plunge also--the worst thing that could happen is that Spike says no, and honestly I don't see that happening. Plus the little bit where Spike nudged Flash into a polygamous relationship with Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle seems a bit of foreshadowing; in never said that Spike has to be exclusive to one woman...

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