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I like writing stories starring Sunset Shimmer and sometimes Adagio is there.

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my vote is for Pinkie Pie to meet her next.

My guess is that Rarity is the one who opened a shop at Bunker Hill.

Who else think Rainbow Dash with Black & White striped hair would be HOT

If you haven't gotten far into the next chapter... i'd say Fluttershy is teamed up with Cait.
The two are so opposite of each other it would just work... Fluttershy would be like her moral support, and helping her get over her addiction.
And i just think the interactions between them would be cute.

Who is the mare in your avatar?

This story is pretty neat, so far. The next chapter started to grow for my liking. Maybe a huge audience is necessary for reading this legit story.

Good chapter, but was so hoping Fluttershy would have been friends with Cait.

Rarity was pretty awesome and I like that two of the girls are members of the Railroad. So out of the remaining girls, Pinkie, Rainbow and Twilight, who's with the Brotherhood and who's with the Institute?

Twilight would fit well with the Institute but that'll cause conflict between her and Sunset. The Brotherhood is the second most advanced faction in the Commonwealth and would also make a decent fit with Twilight and Rainbow would love power armor. But where would Pinkie fit in best? Hopefully she doesn't go Pinkamina and join Raiders or Gunners.

Good chapter though not alot of Nora surprisingly enough.

Should have know thats were Pinkie Pie was gonna be

What happened to the laser musket? Corvega plant is a complete bitch if the protagonist noobs it out with only 10 mm pistol

If one of humane 6 ended up with who I think they were the final ending is going to end up in three way pissing match between Railroad, BoS and Institute

It's like they don't want to be together, so they could go home. Oh this is rich, Rarity and Sunset are in the same faction and they don't know it.

Well, I guess this is the end for the Bos adventures.

Ah yes, here we go We want to save the Synths by commiting a genocide against them mentality.

Do you realize how stupid that sounds? The Synths are going to kill the farmer so they could field test their advanced seeds. Nobody would take this argument seriously.

Awesome story. I hope you'll continue writing and that MLP will continue to inspire your stories.

The only ones left were Nora, who sat down with her back against the base of the horse statue, and Fluttershy, who had removed her helmet, goggles and Pip-Boy, and was looking at Eve while rubbing her chin.

“What are we gonna do about you?” She asked, earning herself another face lick.

I imagine Angel is going to show Eve who is in charge when Fluttershy is not around, and fail horribly.

Twilight acts horrified after learning that they're going to blow up the Institute because, misguided or not, there are some well meaning people there.

I wonder how she would react to learning that the Railroad had just blown up the Prydwyn, WHICH HAD CHILDREN ON IT.

I know this sounds really fucking weird, but why does the image of Pinkie dressed as Nuka Girl give me a boner?


Kind of wish there was at least one more chapter containing an epilogue to explain what happens afterwards. They kind of just left Nora alone there in a new world - though, I suppose Fluttershy would have done something about that.

Great work on this story though, you've managed to wrap up the majority of story elements of FO4 in a way where the protagonist is not the only one doing all the work! Lazy NPC's...

I want to see a sequel. It would be very interesting. Great story, I loved it!

“There’s a friendship problem that needs your help I’ll market on your map “ XD

The railroad say they are such good spies get their password to their facility is literal railroad and they try to align right to their new headquarters. How did nobody find them lol

Reread for the third time. Absolutely love it! Any chance of a sequel? :twilightsmile:

I mean if I didn't already wish Nuka was real the image of pinkie promoting Nuka sealed it

Come to think of it, Fluttershy's animal-friend abilities would make her super-dangerous in any Fallout type world.

It would be amazing if you wrote a continuation for this story.

I can see it now a huge pack of wild death claws suddenly appearing and storming a raider outpost just because the raiders leader slapped her.

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