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Star Sunrise

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It's Bait's request to help, they set up for Spike.

Spike is Dead. End Story

:twilightblush: Really happy I finally got this chapter out now then how do I revive Spike Oh boy:facehoof:

Maybe twilight can find a forbidden time spell in the royal library. I just need all of ponyville to be pissed off at the Mane 6.

:pinkiehappy: Of course elements only arrest those who have evil dominated by the heart in the case of Spike is the exception. Spike's love has come to save him

I hope there is more to this. Obviously there is a bit of specism going on if all they thing all dragons are brutes; this dragon is social, has a zebra mate, and the pheonix with him is his pet that Spike raised from an egg. Secondly, how stupid are the Elements?! The fact that Spike was protected by the Elements instead of destroying him would be a HUGE flag he's not the creature they should be pursuing...

Also, i would enjoy seeing Ponyville being quite pissed that they (the Mane 6) wrongfully assaulted an innocent creature. There need to be repercussions to it.

A cowardly set up.

Coco Pommel saw the Double Dragons of Damnation.



I need to know what’s next please release the next chapter

bet when they learn that they were lied to attack a innocent dragon then they are screwed

just started reading this its good

pulls out my twin demon swords * ok whos beeping flanks do i need to roast and freeze for doing that to spike

ah never mind then there gonna get zecoraed

I hope there's gonna be a threesome at some point, Coco has to taste the dragon at least once...

This story had potential. Hoping for a update.

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