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So far I'm really liking it. I especially like the more realistic reaction to finding himself in a fantasy world. I can't wait for more

This is awesome. I'd love more, please.

One piece of advice, writing in bold usually translates to yelling. If they're speaking in another language, I recommend using parenthesis. Like this: "But even so…(speaking like that brings me comfort)"

Thanks M-G for the last couple of great chapters. I just started reading this story today and have thus far enjoyed it immensely. I've especially liked the dialog and interaction between Jethro and Zecora so far and am curious to see how you flesh out and extrapolate on Zecora's character in the future, like with what you did with the cliffhanger at the end there with Jethro speaking Farasi. Thanks again for all the time and hard work you've put into this story thus far, and I wish you the best of luck with your next chapter. Cheers!

Woah language barrier broken XD

Keep it up!!!~

This is shaping up to be interesting, looking forward to see how this pans out

Ok, I'm definitely liking where this is going. It's great that you actually had him act believable without hindering the pacing of the story. So many times, when a HIE story is written, the guy is like: "I'm in a world of talking, cartoon ponies?....Yeah, ok." Like, hello? Give us some reaction. Show some panic at being brought to another world. Sadness of not being able to see their friends and family again. Anger for being forcibly taken from their homes. You seem to have gotten that down.

Also, I like the fact that you keep him out of Ponyville and the Mane 6 at the beginning. Again, many stories of this type jump into the character meeting the Mane 6 and, while not bad, just seems to follow the same beats. Human meets Mane 6, ponies ask what human is, human gives explanation, Mane 6 offer to help him out, etc. Here, at the very least, the guy has a bit more free will as he has his own place and amenities.

Heh, well I learned to try and bring realism into this story. I mean, eventually he'll meet the Mane 6, sure, but that's a few chapters away (since I've already written fourteen chapters). I'm trying to be as original as I can.

Zecora is gonna play a bigger role in this story than even in the show, at least that's how I've written her in the chapters I've already finished. Glad you enjoyed it!

“ There’s nothing wrong with changing your schedule, you know? ” I said, before putting my hand in front of my mouth. I’d just spoken a whole new language.

Love to see this sort of thing in Stories

This is quite interesting, writing is well done as well, good job.

I love your story, and any story that has a good helping of Zecora in it, is always golden.

awwwe, I love this sooo much!~
Zecora and Jethro are gonna be a couple for sure!!

keep it up~~~!

I chuckled. “ I promise, there will be no hanky-panky. ”

A fine choice of words

I agree... and l think that this is actually the first story l have read, where it is Zecora who is the love interest.

i really like the story. i love the pacing, no rush, and dont listen to whiners for "main story" bull.
best stories are the ones that take the time they need.
The MC seems to have some mommy issues. fun character quirk :)
i didnt get the joke tho

There's nothing to get about the joke. It was meant to be just silly and to lift his spirits.

I haven't gotten any whiners about the main story yet.

I loved it, hope he will use his humanicorn form for some pranks ;)

Kinda hard to do it when you'd be the only Humanicorn/Alican form in Equestria :rainbowlaugh:

Funny he hasn’t tried his email yet.

Surprised he hasnt used his pc to contact home yet

no I didnt mean pranks, oops. I meant for good; super hero or something.

sadly it is not my taste. The protagonist seems to act quite unnatural in my opinion, sometimes exaggerating certain emotions while other things are just brushed over and shrugged off. I liked how the main character was built up, him being a bank manager and whatnot, however, the next two chapters its simply thrown away and he accepts nonchalantly that some alicorn who was a greek god on earth teleported his house to equestrian and he's now a demigod. And he's not freaking out nor wanting to go home?

It's just not for me I guess. The writing is well done, however!
Good luck with upcoming chapters

Just finished a binge read. Very nice story! °Uº

Thank again M-G for another amazing chapter. Lot's of good dialog and nice fluff this chapter. I'm looking forward to your next chapters. Good luck with writing your next chapter, and as always have fun writing.

“ Baked Jollhoof Rice ,” she replied, placing one bowl beside me.

That sounds similar to the Nigerian and Ghanaian type of rice.

He sees Zecora as similar to his mother and they are now sleeping in the same bed together. I'm getting some real Sigmund Freud feelings here, lol. Other than that, I like this story.

Baked Jollof Rice. I looked up African vegetarian dishes and found that.

Nice.... Considering I'm Nigerian, and that's a very good meal to have.

The pictures definitely looked appetizing.

When I woke, it was late afternoon. I heard a gentle breathing in front of me. Opening one eye, I saw Zecora still sitting in her Zebra loaf position. I smiled slowly. “I’m glad you’re here with me.” Reaching for my phone, I opened it up and began browsing the web. “Staticweb or not, there’s still plenty of use for you,” I chuckled. “Let’s get started, shall we?”

Zebra loaf position is a cute position!!~
also what is he up too?

keep it up author man!~

This idea is indeed intriguing. Let's see where this road would lead me.

And froze. My neighborhood was gone, replaced with a dark outline of a forest against a sea of stars.

What am I gonna do with my trash now?

I reached over and turned on the light next to me. It came on just as it normally would. Pulling out my phone, I opened the weather app and refreshed it. “Clear skies…with a twenty percent chance of eternal night…what the…?” it was then that I really noticed the location on the app. “Location: Ponyville?”

Wow, your phone has a really, really smart service provider auto-connect. It must cost a lot.

"I figured you would need to use this so you could get a feel for how much power you have in your astral form," she explained. "It's a Magic Point bar, like in video games."

Athena must have been around the humanity a lot. I think even I know less in game department than her.

Hmmm... that was one of a few time that I saw Zecora spoke in her native tongue. Now that I think about it, seeing creatures from different countries all speak the exact same language really sounds weird from human's perspective.

How much slice of life elements does this story have?

“ Like changing my entire appearance to become a mix of Alicorn and human? ” I asked, swallowing hard.

The correct terminology was 'anthro' my friend.

I know that, and you know that, but he doesn't.

Still waiting for the Second Contact. (Zecora already made the First Contact.) Show Pinkie a human's pastries recipe and you are golden.

Second contact is coming soon. To a theater near Ponyville!

“Jethro!” she had her hooves on her hips, looking at me with a frown. “Is that really important that those who help you are humans?”

Are they anthropomorphic or not?

i think she was sitting down, plus she lived among humans for a really long time. I would be more surprised if she didn't pick up at least some human mannerisms, they are also in the dream realm, physics don't mean shoot

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows! Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows! ” the song played for a bit before I closed the video. Going back to my email, I tried hitting the send button again.


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