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I like the story so far I shall be watching with great interest

Good job with the story so far its real easy to read and get into

I plan on this being a long, and I mean really long story.

Thanks, I have some experience writing on other similarish (furry) sites. I like to think that helps.

If your gonna make this a long story try and pace yourself so you don't burn out trying to appease us.

I plan on pacing myself. Had burn out before, it sucks. Still I'd like to get 1 chapter a week, with a reasonable length. Honestly chapter 5 went through about 5 revisions in my head before I typed it out.

Now Begs the question was twilight still watching

Maybe she was, maybe she'll pick up on something left behind. I already went through a few ideas, and I think I've settled on one. Teasing and blushing might be involved, mares might get introduced. Until I get to typing it (probably Friday, maybe Thursday) I'll be relaxing with Chess and Fallout; maybe a few stories on here as well.

Thanks Terras for another great chapter. Good luck with the next one, and as always have fun writing.

You're welcome and thanks for liking. I pretty much have the next chapter done (6), and a solid idea for the next; although depending I might just roll them into 1 chapter.

Well.... damn. I have no words for the development other than he will regret this one day, but that is for future Julius to deal with.

What can I say, we all do stupid impulsive things when we're just waking up. His was just more, suggestive, and ignorant 😆. Ah well taking all bets on how well Luna will react, banishment to the moon, blushing embarrassment, cold indifference, or something else. Or maybe Celestia will do something.

Well..she got what was coming to her, considering what she did when he was asleep.

*<>* how is Celestia going to fair when she meets man - 1000 + yr dry spell and lil sis gets to him first - oh ho no no no .. wheezes

Busy business mare who's too busy with business to realize that something is missing from her life. Surrounded by sycophants, worshippers, and timid stallions too afraid to approach her as a mare, I'm sure it'll go over just fine.

I just see him holding Luna when she wakes up like a angry cat.

I'd imagine holding any of the princesses while they were sleeping would end poorly if they woke up while you were holding them. I'd rather take a cat scratch then a hoof to the face any day. Ah well, I got the next few chapters worked out in my head, and Luna does wake up to something; better in some ways, worse in others.

More will be coming. I'll be uploading a new chapter every week on either Thursday or Friday (my weekend). Though X.5 chapters won't follow that.

The ponies definitely pass the test, but reconciling what you want to do that'd take time; I figure about a month is more then enough time. Not entirely related, while not really being a scalie would still smash that serpent :twilightsheepish:.

Thanks Terras for another great chapter. I really enjoy reading this story, it's well written and contains just the right balance of plot and smut, with nothing to outrageous store-wise that would make the characters seem OOC. Good luck with your next chapter, and as always have fun writing.

Thank you. I want to keep as close to the original characters as possible, honestly there is a lot to work with for the mane six. The Princesses and Zecora however, well that's less clear; though I do have an idea for Luna and Celestia. To be fair two ideas for Celestia, but I pretty much know where I'm taking Luna, it involves fixing a certain in show event. I try to keep the plot moving along at a good pace, I do want it to be more plot driven then smut driven. I do want smutty things in it though even though smutty things do tend to slow down the plot a bit. Ah well next smutty event will involve world building.

Julius couldn't buck the trees, but he could grab and shake them hard enough. Sure it took more energy and effort but it worked.


I don't disagree that that game was a hidden gem, but I feel the Animal Crossing one is just a touch more accurate to the literary imagery we were presented with.

Thank you. I plan to, though I may have a one-shot story in mind. It shouldn't interfere with the release of chapters for this one, I hope. Well either way this story will be my main focus until it's finished.

Ok I like this story a lot! I can hardly wait to see the mane 6+Zecora next week with Julius!

Thank you.
Well there is going to be a party happening at the end of the day, I'm sure that everything will end just fine 😉.

Wonder how well zecora will be received by the general population. Julius is turning out to be quite the ladies man in this environment. Let's see next chapter if he worships Zues. Looking forward to more.

If humans were Pokemon.
Humanity Ability, Lusty Aura, effect, Humans naturally emit lust inducing pheromones members of the opposite sex get afflicted with attract. :raritywink:

Honestly though I couldn't break up the mane six. Kind of makes a problem for Discord if he shows up but meh problems for later, ideas forming now. I can't help but feel like I'm forgetting some character, oh well.

I'm enjoying your story so far. It has been interesting also even though it's still a few weeks away but merry Christmas

"Luna I told him I wouldn't tell you, but you need to hear this. He knows that you are a princess, he knew from you being an alicorn" Rarity tells Luna much to Luna's surprise. "He doesn't know about Midnight Moon so don't worry about that. He said that it was up to you to tell him that you're a princess, and that until then he'd keep treating you as he does" Rarity explains to Luna.

Midnight Moon?
Is that somehow different to Nightmare Moon?

Glad you're enjoying it. A few weeks will pass by quickly so merry early Christmas.

Midnight Moon is the daughter of Nightmare Moon and Midnight Sparkle. :rainbowlaugh:
I was just a bit tired and about 8ish shots in, I missed it, but it's fixed now. :derpyderp1:

Thank you, I've started working on chapter 11, and I know what'll happen in 12.

Excited for chapters 11 and 12 that your working on and I hope you enjoy writing out your story, every bit and piece of it

I know, I was joking about a mistype I made while drinking. :twilightsmile: I couldn't resist.

Either way glad you liked the chapter.

I'm honestly trying not to rush getting to chapter 12, I already have it planned out and really want to rush ahead to it. Ah well, just means I'll probably be putting out more chapters then normal this week.

Would you believe me if I said that I started to follow this story just for the inflation fetish? Now I stay for the story and content.

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