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Why are there so many red tags?

Interesting... some editing could improve very much the quality, but very interesting. I'll be aware of the next chapter.

You’ve got me interested comrade.

If i had to guess, he is just making sure he's not breaking any kind of guidelines in the near future for fimfiction rules.

You’re basically on the money. But it could possibly get that dark.

One question who gets the sattalite laser ray gun Eric or Luna

That depends. Would Luna have the patience to crank that thing every single time just to get one shot. They both will extend the other weapons but Luna might remain with the pistol for now.

She might since she would be like nah why fight for ages let’s show the, we have this and be like fall in line or be blasted she’s political like that

Yes but in the world of fallout you won’t have the luxury of healing a bullet wound easily. She needs weapons that can shoot faster and allow her to be more agile. After all if she wants a laser beam she could just use her horn.

True seems more the kill a building opition

It's called Euclid's C-Finder. It's not a gun, per say, rather a targeting device for an orbital laser strike

Art by CaptainPudgeMuffin IIRC if anyone's curious

Orbital laser strike: noted👍


Thanks also as I said why bother fighting though a area or building or a death claw nest when you can just nuke it with a giant laser or Anna take over the entire commonwealth and wastelands a simple show of force could work

Also why do I wanna have my own oc in this universe causing mayhem but not interacting directly with Luna just for the effect of somone saying when she first meets them.

Not another one

This has a lot of potential plse keep updating this.

Great story !!! I hope she will not be abandoned.

pretty good the second prologue, keep it up!

Hey! And do you want to add anything to the like/dislike pile

Well, it caught my attention that Discord was analyzing Erik's last event, he would have thought that being a Spirit of chaos he would have snapped his fingers making the moon and Erik appear in a random world or reality, however I like this discord that is acting like a change agent and not like an atomic idiot XD hehe
Now, in which part of Fallou will you make them appear or take them to separate places and have them come together?

I always occasionally look for Fallout crossovers with Luna in it as the main character but could only find a few. Can't wait to see where you come up with this story!

This will be a realistic version of fallout 4. With a few twists. That’s all I’ll say for that.

I don’t plan to disappoint.

Good premise and good layout for the story. I like the uncertainty that Luna holds and the distress with Eric, which certainly will carry over well into the Capitol Wasteland. Although, I do recommend fixing up the grammar in the first chapter. The story itself suffers from the errors in the first chapter and almost drove me away, but once I saw the second chapter, it became much better to read. You can always read the chapter out loud or in google translate before posting, or get an editor. Otherwise, a pleasant read. :twilightblush:

this looks interesting cant wait to read when more chapters are out

Ah Discord, you sometimes can do the kindest things.

I personally don't think its Luna's fault for what happened, but Celestia's. How the hell does she expect her sister, who has a 1000 years out of date information of how the world works, to run a kingdom? She could at least have given Luna lessons on modern day technology, politics, nations, and other general information before throwing her into the deep end. But thats Celestia for you, tossing you into the water expecting you to learn how to swim before you sink.

Piper and Nick's reactions is going be entertaining. I wonder how the BoS and Institute are going to see Luna?:trixieshiftright:

consider me intrigued. i will add this to my watch list ^^

Good point, but would she be able to resist the opportunity to rain death upon her enemies from space?


Thank you. Please tell me what you liked and disliked.

No I don’t think it’s Luna’s fault. But I don’t think it’s fully to blame on Celestia. Most of the chapters she remains tired. (there is a reason behind this to) I should’ve specified by Celestia only picked easy task for a sister to do. She had no idea about the investigation that was taking place. And Luna has been taking some lessons just not for so long. Her sister realized it was too early. That’s why she would take most of the blame especially when going to meet the Griffin diplomats. In celestial own way, she was just trying to help her sister. But sometimes that isn’t enough and you can accidentally hurt someone you love.



Thank you all for commenting. Please let me know what you liked and disliked about my story.

the issue with the Euclid's C-Finder is that it's a fallout new vegas weapon tied to a platform in the mojave desert called HELIOS One

where will they apper? the valt? are they going to a universe where the main charicter died or didnt exist? I expect poy cuddles!

I just expect this will be not a dead story in the near future

Euclid's C-Finder does not work inside buildings in the game, heh

If you've played Fallout New Vegas, you can obtain the device from a kid in Freeside, but it's useless unless you divert the electricity from the Helios Power Plant into the Archimedes satellite

i sadly have not started reading it yet but I will get to it soon

Fair, but Celestia has been know to be a terrible teacher.

Why what? He saved the dudes life. And got him out of a terrible situation that he was in. And is possibly going to give him a friend. So I say he's being kind, in a way

Yes... and as he said. “Celestial will find out I’m out of my stone prison.”

Considering all this takes one week after nightmare moon it’s clear to say he is still in Stone prison. He hasn’t even begun his redemption arc... so why is he doing this...

Chaos, simply chaos. Who knows, he's a chaotically fun guy

Greetings my friend. Thank you for leaving a comment on my story. Feel free to add anything to the like/dislike pile

An alternate start mod starring Eric and Luna? I like this premise already. Discord’s a slightly better teacher than Celestia.

Yoooo, he needs some milk.

Story is good. But you need someone to help with a little grammar and punctuation.

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