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I hop in and look what I see! Glad to see it up!

I just hope I can do your story justice. Let me know if I do something wrong, haha!

“YAAAAH!” she screamed into the windy chasm before her, her voice being carried away by the winds, forever lost to them. She vented her frustrations. “I was just trying to help you, Griselda! Is it so wrong to buy you some food when you can’t afford it, Gary!? And I was only one minute late that day, Gerald!! You didn’t have to dock my pay for one hour! Stupid, stupid, STUPID!” She continued shouting her varying angry thoughts away, and as she did so, her heavy heart lifted. As she’d had a longer list than normal, she was there for about half an hour, repeating the same things over and over again. Finally, when she was finished, she stood on her two hind legs, spreading her wings and letting the harsh gales that constantly blew through the Abyss wash over her like some sort of cleansing bath of air. She definitely felt a lot better than she had before, and she fell onto her back, wings still spread.


The creature smiled back tiredly. “Gabby, huh?” he said, and there was something in his tone that caught Gabby off guard. Almost like he knew her already. However, it was gone when he said, “I’m Gregory. Gregory Graystone.”

Another human?

Gregory pulled his more wounded hand away from the idol, looking at it carefully. It was still stained with blood, but there wasn’t any new blood appearing. Quickly, he knelt and wiped his hands on the grass until both hands were clean. Standing, he looked at both only to see no wounds at all. “I…wow…I feel so much better than before,” he said, sounding surprised. He took one step, then another, then jumped up and lifted his knees. After a bit of self examination, he turned back to the guards. “I think I can take those bags from you, now.”

Did he get healed?

You have the attention that I ordered.

Good. Now let’s hope I can keep it and do the original justice.

Oh hey! I didn’t expect to see you commenting on this story! Welp, cool to see you and have a good day!

Do you know me? I don’t think I remember seeing you.

No, but I've seen a lot of your comments on this story's prequel.

I literally saw the name "Jason Wright" in the description and it immediately grabbed my attention

I saw "Jason Wright" and I yelled, thanks for taking this

Now let's just hope I can do the story justice.

Sweet. I love the ending series. I never expect this one to get a sequel, though.

Oh I'm looking forward to this, the previous story was a banger and this one looks pretty promising as well.

Now the story progresses more, and now I am updated :D.

The real question is up to what point in the show is the new guys knowledge and what of the expanded lore from some of the comics that was acknowledged as canon?

It's going to be interesting to see what will happen in the future of this fic.

Huh, never thought I'd see this AU pop up again! With the massive addition of canon between now and when the first stories were written (Starlight, the movie, EQG etc) do you think any of that is going to factor in, or will it still focus primarily on the characters and events already introduced?

I will watch your story with great interest

I swear when I saw Jason Wright's name I automatically said "Fuck it all, this is going to be good."

We'll be watching your story with great interest.

“Cough up the-GAH!”

Gabby to the store owner :

OMG! OMG! I'm following this

Very interesting! I hope to see Gabby some more, and Gregory certainly seems like a very moral person, with how insistent he was on returning the idol.

The tent she had set up near the site of her own boutique was larger than most since she had promised to Lately her mane didn’t have its normal styled appearance,

Looks like you accidentally a sentence! :twilightsheepish:

Heh that’d what happens when you’re writing at nearly midnight. Fixed.

i finished the previous chapter as this one was posted. first time for me and i wonder what will happen...

Jason had gone through literal Tartarus because of her. She allowing herself to be overwhelmed with her prejudices against humans. She should have known better. What she’d learned about humans during her first trip through Star Swirl’s mirror had tainted her views of them. When Sunset had learned what had happened, to say that she’d been angry would have been a gross understatement. She’d literally stormed through the mirror and, the moment she saw Twilight, had reared back her hoof and sent the alicorn directly into one of the crystal walls of her castle with enough force to crack the wall. She then verbally tore into Twilight with so much anger that the unicorn had nearly had a magical surge. When she’d said her peace, she told Twilight never to contact her or her new human friends ever again before running back through the portal.

So Equestria Girls is canon here as well?

Granted, that should've been obvious given the tags. Even if it's only going to be references.

But right now; all ties (if there were any in this verse given the context) are permamently severed. Would not be surprising if the image of Princess Twilight is forever destroyed once the other (humane) girls find out. Let alone the rest of CHS.

Though I wonder when this takes place and if Sci-Twi is part of the Rainbooms or not? She will definitely be appalled & disgusted when she finds out what her counterpart did. (It's been awhile since I've read A New Ending)

Then again, the line "her new human friends" is the only hint we have for a possible time frame as maybe after Rainbow Rocks?

If it is then would the events of the Friendship Games come into play?

Cause then it would be quite the spectacle for everyone in Equestria to eventually see the EG humans and the final confrontation between Midnight Sparkle and Daydream Shimmer.

Yeah, I was wondering about Sci-Twi too

Despite the circumstances behind Discord’s death, she still couldn’t find it in herself to blame the instrument of his death, Jason Wright. He’d been through so much because of her, her friends, Ponyville, and Discord. Even now, she still couldn’t tell whether or not she should be feeling anger at what Discord had done or not. She’d yelled at him, yes, but upon thinking back they’d all forgiven him a bit too easily. Not even her own feelings for the draconequus could hide the fact that he had tortured and mutilated an innocent being for years and had never even bothered to check to see that what he’d done hadn’t done damage.

True! I was like, "For a creature who is responsible for the torture of an innocent human, he seems to be forgiven too easily."

The massive capital of the Griffonian Empire, Griffonstone.

The party has started boys, I cannot wait for the next chapter.

Pardon that I've never read the first two parts in which this is a sequel so I'm gonna wing it & say this.....

Seems like this Jason Wright is the tride & true example of 'one bad day' but molded into a long period of time via his torment from people he thought were his friends that did him dirty with Discord being the main perpetrator! Him ending up this way after all that seems like a realistic situation.

A person could only take so much til they snap!

Discord ending up murdered by essentially his own creation is karmic justice regardless of how Fluttershy feels about him now. (trust me I really feel bad for her but me personally? It's "Fuck that drac!") Dude was a physcho tormenting an innocent person. I ain't surprised it came back to bite em in the end. I can only hope Flutters finds some peace of mind eventually in the aftermath.

Every bad beginning doesn't mean a bad ending. Pray that Jason can understand or it'll be too far gone for him.

Excited for this new human in town! Wonder how the world's gonna react to another one of Jason's kind.

This is one hell of a dark story. Definitely gonna read the beginnings when I have the time because man is this fucked up version Equestria interesting! Call me intrigued beyond belief! 👀

There were three large gashes in the knuckles of his left hand, and two others on his write.


She more than likely couldn’t hadn’t shouted even if she’d tried,

I think there is one too many negatives here.

Very emotional chapter. I hope to see more.

Yeah discord never thought about getting a taste of what he wished dish out. I'm not sure what this human can do fix this mess beyond make them realize how stupid their prejudice was and that he wasn't ever a monster and they were.

thanks for the great chapter!! It was nice you mentioned Sunset Shimmer, I loved that part. It was cool all the POVs will you write Luna, Shinning Armor and Celestia's POV, maybe also Chrysalis? that would be so cool. Again thanks for the update

Damn this was a really good chapter in terms in world building and setting up character motivations. We know all about the mentality of the Mane 6 and why the Map selected everyone and sent them to Griffonstone. Well done! Looking forward to the next chapter!

You know, Sunset's inclusion and everyone wondering about the rest of the CHS crew hits on some fridge horror: What if Discord's spell wasn't limited to Jason?

I've been doing a quick reread of the previous story and Discord's spell altered their perception of humanS...plural. Now for everypony else, this just made them shun and harass Jason since he was the only human they knew...but a Twilight running on "humans are monsters" thinking would have, oh I don't know....shut down the portal to a HUMAN dimension and cut contact with anyone there? Meaning she would have left Sunset in the lurch if she called for help...

...like when her friends suddenly stopped remembering they were friends and treating her like a bully again?

Sunset may have major reasons to be almost as pissed at Twi as Jason was....

I'm curious as to how characters like Trixie would react upon learning what the M6 did.

Hopefully this doesn't end up with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie waltzing into Griffonstone to shove friendship down Gilda's throat like they didn't humiliate her as they did in canon.

Lol, the Idol of the King.

If you get the reference your well read.

Color me intrigued! Took a bit of reading to remember the original, it was what seven years ago. Turns out, it must have left a mark because I somehow remembered most of it. Now we have heartbroken heroes, fractured friendships, and damaged dreams... what's this? Everything was destroyed by a human, can it now be salvaged by a human? Nice Karma :)

I wonder how long they will ignore the blinking cutie marks?


That probably still depends on when the invasion took place.

I will admit that I did heavily edit my original comment:
But I did add that the line about Sunset telling Twilight to never contact her again also included the line "her new human friends" as a possible hint.

I do think these events happened sometime in between Rainbow Rocks and the Friendship Games.

At least, it's something "I" think is a possible timeframe if Twilight reluctantly kept the portal and then reluctantly went back to CHS when the Sirens showed up.

But that's just speculation on my part unless morbiusgreen adds more references in later chapters to give some more cohesive information.

I do have to wonder how the changelings themselves have changed from Jason taking over.

Oh ey, a sequel to one of my favourite sequels to one of my favourite stories! Keep up the great work! Not been so excited for a fic on here in ages. :moustache:

I've been waiting for this sequel for fucking YEARS!


I wonder if Chrysalis has mellowed out during the time Jason has been in charge of the hive. Or, a better question is how is the hive doing since their occupation of Equestria. Because it was made clear during the previous story that some of them were not comfortable with what they were doing to the ponies.

Loving the story so far, keep up the good work. :3

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