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Really, don't have much to say, I'm not a professional far from, I just like writing and the MLP universe is a good place to base stories around


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hmm I got to say not bad:trixieshiftright:

Now that Chris meet the Main 6. Keep up the good work

Well, I can tell what this story's about.


You've got me hooked for now, I will see what happens next. Keep up the good work.
I'm taking a bet she looks like this? Because I find this one of the better Athro Zecora pics out there.

D'aww, that was just to cute. I'd like to have a mr. Hedgy for myself.
So far this is a fun read while keeping me entertained with your humor and cute moments. Keep it up.

Damn, you know how to pull the strings on a mans heart. Amazing chapter and I can't wait for the next one to come.

Good story. On a side note nightmare is one word

Not bowing to royalty he's either dumb or full of himself doesn't matter what you think it's proper etiquette to bow to a king or queen or any member of royalty. The whole everyone is equal thing is nice but lets keep it real Celestia riaising the FUCKING SUN and she raised the moon to while Luna was on the moon and she's lived for like a thousand years pretty sure she's superior to him.

Will this be a harem fic? Or will it be a monogamy fic?

Great chapter. The interaction between the protagonist and Fluttershy was very sweet and his friendship with Ixia is funny. Hope to see more of this story.

6328210 You'll just have to wait and find out. :raritywink:

The chapter was entertaining, but you might need an editor.

she doesn’t always say something, thank jeebus.

umm is this a typo? dont you mean thank jesus unless you made up your own jesus thing for equs

6363680 Actually, 'Jebus' is typically used as a joke. An intentional misspelling of 'Jesus'.

Thanks for the entertaining chapter.

I'm curious to what was in the letter from Celestia

Nice chapter, but you should definitely edit this... The errors are glaring and I'm a bit afraid they're going to start beating on people. They're rather shady.

Poor dragon, the last words she hears are ones of anger and distrust.

Really? No-one said anything yet? Okay then I'll call it. FAIRY TAIL REFERENCE FOR THE WIN

Hope the updates for this story is regular and often. This is quite a good read.

Awesome i love your story hope to see the next update soon

How'd what's-his-face know Zecora makes potions, much less being a master at it?

So he outwardly freaks out and runs into a forest while inwardly freaking out and is wondering what's going on after he asked a dragon to send him someplace no one has ever been before, and then tries to claim he isn't freaking out and not a lot can make him freak out?

So he's one of those "humanity sucks and we're killing our planet" types huh... bleh.

6327528 eh, depends on religion and belief. But in all honesty, most people would bow, but I do know a few that wouldn't, only reason being is because they're really just representatives and don't actually do anything in the government really.

6449885 I see your point but in this case it would be a smart thing to do he's the only human in a completely different world and he decides not to respect one of its leaders thats like me being teleport to the world of akame ga kill and telling the prime minister and the emperor to fuck off

You know I'm gonna be perfectly honest and say that I didn't like Chris at first because he just seemed so perfected but know I'm rather enjoying the fact that he's not normal. :yay:
P.S. Hoping for a Spike vs Chris dragon magic battle (fight/friendly competition/dare/argument/training, just make it happen please) :moustache:

6462953 All I got from that was Eh vorey gein do dovah sos
?? ?????? One of DRAGON blood

6462953 eh is not in skyrim wikia or my translate link neither is vorey can you add link to the website you found these words in reply to this

Thiss story is Awsome i want moar:flutterrage::heart::flutterrage:

Chris’ face deepened at least 50 shades of red before he managed to stammer out a response, “I-uh-you-ummmm- I’m ok with the couch.”

And for zecora it would be the movie

She smiled, “Oh I think I would like tha-AAAAIIIIIIII!” She squeaked because she got groped hard by Chris who then took off running down the hall. “Oh I am going to enjoy him.” Celestia said with a giggle.

So he groped her tits and got away with it.

How does one perform such dangerous action?

6476919 My guess, luck and run really really fast before she has time to react

The horns thing reminds me of the fable video game where ur character changes over time. Also when will a sequel be posted. I like how fluttershy is in this story shes more open. :pinkiesmile:

“Basically, I need to find out what makes me happy and calm and what I want to protect and defend. I have no idea what I those would be though.” I sighed.


It was confusing in the two places where it changed from third person perspective to second person

6476919 By being confident...

...it also doesn't hurt when the princess flirts with you first and initiates the game of cat and mouse

I'd pick a ferret, but a hedgehog is pretty cool too

Oddly convenient job opportunity as well as quick one-week love interest...

...so far the only major problem for me has been the viewpoint shifting between first, second and third person (I, you, Chris)

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