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A Pegasister/Brony since early 2011, My name is Speda Hooves (Oc), and I love mlp as much as I love my family. SOUL Sister to EmeraldBreeze777

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Sorry, not really that good with Grammer hehehe..

DPS is not a stat ;p you should change that for endurance or stamina cause DPS is determent from the weapons you are using or cool down of spells :D Yes i read The Gamer too ;)

DPS is Spike's personal stat actually. Dragon Power Scale. I made it up, but it's because of his DPS that'll determine him being more powerful than other Dragon people, like Garble, Smolder, and Ember. I didn't want to just be a Copycat to other stories, (though that is one of Spike's Skills xD)

"Spike, what are you yelling for this early in the morning?! I just started my coffee, so I'm still not awake, so don't push it. You should know this.", Miss Draconian spoke a little angrier than she meant to, but was expected as she was always this way before coffee.

SILENT/Soft touch with mind do this!

well First we have more warrior luck assasin or luck and events . second souft touc not yell or say it just THINK OF IT.

Gamer's Mind, Gamer's Body, Copycat, Draconian Flames, Draconian Wisdom, Draconian Blood Bending Heritage

Copycat ? that is quite good skill.

ook. now how it will go ?

What's with adding my story to all your groups xD and I'm still working on the fourth chapter

Well Ijust red your story and that is the groups where Ithink it fits. it is not in librtary but classified . as multy class it fit there , and there.

Mmk. If you do add it to anything else, the only classes I can think of is Gaming, Romance, and a few Harry Potter References

Ok... It is where Ihad red the story , some science because something new never seen so interesting and important .
Red Gamer

confusion ; good timeline

I'm not sure if it is EQG .

Neither I have proof to add Harry potter if it is there .

Nothing really that obvious to add it in EQG , Just Twilight which is hidden dragon from the other side of the portal , but needs more proof . as well as Luna lovegood to see something too spectacular to sort it there . so that is for now.

Spike is Human in this EQG timeline, there isn't a portal at the moment, Twilight is still human, but with powers, and Luna Lovegood, is Princess Luna, I just borrowed the last name from Harry Potter as I've stated. Almost everyone is MLP Equestria Girls have powers, it's just not that common to awaken them. Also no offense, but can you try to spell correctly for the words you are trying to say?

Sorry , I just thought what Ihear to write . Luna's name was ... very hard to write so Just about as close plus minus .

This was a awesomely interesting beginning I can't wait to see where this goes. I hope his mom's states and hidden and be has better emotional control of the gamer mind.

This was a awesomely fun and chill chapter I'm officially hooked/hyped to see where this will go.

This was a fun and interesting chapter but short I hope they get longer in the future.

This was a epically reunion chapter I can't wait to see who he reunites with next.

I think I already messaged you, but it IS a stat. A stat I Made up, that only Spike has. Dragon Power Scale, not Damage Per Second

Thanks for liking my story! Again, this is my first story, so I'd like some feed back if it don't make sense to y'all.

It's really not easy coming up with something on the fly, so 1000 words is an achievement for me in one chapter. I'll try to get better in the mean time

What does Silent/soft touch mean?

Are you still working on this story, SpedaHooves?

I don't know, maybe. I haven't gotten any ideas lately since I'm helping my friend with a book, designing characters, scenes, and alot more, I just never got around to my own story. So perhaps, but not yet

This is... actually pretty good so far! You led me to believe it would be way worse! Your writing skills have definitely improved since that Truth or Dare story you wrote!

As soon as Spike finished reading it, it started to glow brighter until it combusted in his hands, turning to ash, which left him freaking out for a minute.

How do these work? I mean, what if it combusted before it was opened? Couldn't that burn down a building? What if it combusted before its recipient was done reading it?

"Mom.... This is the best present you've ever gotten me. I'll look like royalty if I wear it to Colledge!", Spike exclaimed, and his mother giggled.


His mother sat their with her jaw dropped, having seen it was true, was still freaking out in her mind. Spike seeing this thought maybe it wasn't such a good idea to show his Mom, even though he knew having someone to confide about it would help massively, he didn't exactly have a 'Seonil' around all the time, the only one that fit the bill was called Discord, but he hasn't seen him in three years.

What's a Seonil?

Overall, the pacing seems a bit rushed (but learning how to get that right takes time), and there are a few mistakes and questions, but other than that, this chapter's good!

"Ah, Spike Draconi we presume? We hath been waiting for you to cometh on thing journey! We are the Vice Principal of Wonder Colts Academy and Thy name is Luna Lovegood. Handsome looking suit, are you a prince~?", She spoke with a strange accent, and way of speaking, then giggled at the end of it.

I think you meant thine

Again, pacing seems a bit rushed, and the chapters are a bit short, but other than that it's good!

Seonil is a character from the Actual Gamer book who was the main characters best friend. And yeah I misspelled things a lot

Yeah auto correct is an ass. I am trying to slow things down, so I'll try to do my best with the next chapter. Who do you think should be teachers out of some of the characters? None of the main 7, Starlight, Discord, or some of the rest are allowed to be teachers, but like Bulk Biceps, Shining Armor, etc.?

I am working on a new chapter now

Ah. I've never read the book, so I didn't know.

Sapphire Shores
Iron Will

Agree with all, though I'd swap out Sapphire Shores with Ms Harshwhinny (Gotta fill up the cliche strict professor role)



Thanks for your Suggestions. You may also advise on future teachers, whoever they might be. There around Twenty-twenty Five teachers that are not anonymous. So far this is will be Seven teachers, 1 VP, 1 P, so that will leave 11-16 others for staff

While I love the Strict Professors in stories (Like Snape for example) you also gotta find that loving side to them. Not everyone is a bad person/pony. I'll definitely think about Ms. Harshwhinney, but there is still two to three days before I post the next one, so there is time to decide

Iron Will is kinda a PE teacher to me, and that slots already filled up. Any ideas for what he could be that could convince me to put him in?

Cranky Doodle (Algebra)
Novo (Water elements)
Chrysalis (biology)
Discord (drama)
Raven Inkwell (English)
Rockhoof (Earth elements)
Zecora (chemistry)
Meadowbrook (botany)
Flash Magnus (Air elements)
Stygian (astronomy)
Somnambula (social science)

Woah those are a lot of names already. Well, For most of these they sound good, but I'm thinking of making Cadence and Chrysalis share both biology and Sex Ed.

Discord isn't a teacher, nor will he be. He'll be a student

More... MOAR!!... if you don't mind that is...:fluttershysad:

This was a fun and interesting return chapter. As for teachers Grand pear and maybe hopefully Buttercup and Bright Mac.

Y'know I didn't expect people to be all that interested in my story?

Alright, I'll make more

Nope, no, and no. They aren't teachers and that is final. They are farmers through and true

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Why would they be dead? Just read when I post, and no demanding

Mostly because they are in most fics and I didn't mean to be demanding sorry.😥😓

And no offense, but when you text on someone's story try to have some decent grammar so we can understand what you'll be saying or asking

My WiFi has been out and I'm literary am texting my reviews.

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