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Spike is a famous animator of Metube, and he is being followed by a stalker, he planned to confront his stalker but ended up with him being forced to have a date with her. It ends in the way you expect.

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Cover art is not related to the fiction but is like a reference over Spike's animation he is doing.

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Comments ( 11 )

Does he have a pet?

I don't think so, but I think the Dazzlings have, like they are rich, maybe they have animals like tigers or lions on their mansion LOL.

At least she didn't say to Spike"Would you like to hump our sister and us in addition?"

I'm trying to avoid making Spike's harems shipping, specially with the ones he doesn't has a solo fiction with it. Like, I needed to make one per dazzling to make at least one fiction about Spike and the dazzling ship fiction LOL.

Adagio already has a fiction about him and her dating and it was ready to have a sequel in 3 months.

Arial already has a Spike boyfriend on a videogame championship.

Now it's all about Sonata XD.

Speaking about that VG championship story....

yep, what is it?

You have my attention

If this goes the way I expect it to go it's gonna need the dark, gore, horror, and comedy tags.

It will take a while for some new updates because I have a lot to work to do, but when I have an update I will publish a blog explaining.

Just comedy tag, I suck in doing horror or dark stories. So make a comedy slice of life is good for me.
I'm glad I could take your atention. XD

So, what you're saying is that it doesn't go the way I expect?

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