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Yes I'm going to try and include him more in the story.

I'm Kat curious if you did trap to the dragon migration how tag a turn out ?

you had hoof's in stead of hand's and do the pony's have hoof's for feet or thy have feet

Drum Bunker Dragon, Bal Dragon, and Demon Lord Dragon Batzz.

Can I please get a picture of what those costumes look like?

Comment posted by Keshaunthesilverwolf deleted Apr 15th, 2019

Sorry. I'm going to fix that. This the first time I writing a story and one that's anthro.

Somewhat I'm letting him keep peewee. I'm maybe making Garble a girl. And also a few other things.

They have hooves for feet. I mean hands for like in general.

I have a question for anyone. How do you let someone help you write?

the nfsw part was good nearly worked on me if it was longer and more detailed you had certainly worked here. thanks for the fic

So Black Beak was backed into a corner?

Yep. He was actually going to a good guy before he was killed. Cain too but he was going to still be somewhat of an asshole. Just a likeable asshole.

Keep up the greatest work!

When is the next update?

Soon I'm just having trouble with ideas.

You guys are dead

We can wait for the next update

Great chapter, keep up the good work! Im wondering if you will include undertale abilities?

Mostly. I'm just trying to be a bit more original with my story.

Ooooo, I see Caleb's armor is a re-colored version of the Dragon Knight from White Knight Chronicles I & II. VERY nice choice.

*sigh* This story is good, but a little TOO fast paced.

Sometimes that's a good thing. A little bit of filler then a little bit of plot.

Where is the new chapter. I've got update that says there is a new chapter popped up?

Is there a chance that Eris going to be with one of the guys in the future by any chance? Just asking


"Ugh, gag. Fine, go ahead. Try and use your little Elements or other things. Friend me. Just make it quick. I'm missing some excellent chaos here. And if it doesn't work red boy is my boyfriend." Eris said.

Drum Bunker Dragon is red.

"Oh, now you want to fight. Where you went when I was battlin' Discord?" Applejack it is Eris

You should do a chapter of paruko showing the gang in the buddyfightverse the buddyfight

Nice chapter! Just imagine if Keshaun, Caleb, and Justice went to a Buddyfight version of EqG. Probably disguising then a buddy fight.

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