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Not a bad start. Needs an editor, though.

I feel like it's a bit rushed, but I am curious to see where this goes.
You may also want to check your short description and fix the 'reverse roles Equestria' to just 'Equestria'.

Read this specifically because I saw the garage photo and wanted to know what car you'd pick. God DAMN that is a good choice. Here's hoping you actually use it.

Not a bad start. Can't wait for more and Accursed. But I will wait

“Absolute wagon”

Hmmm new story new read. So far so good let’s see where this goes shall we?

You caught my interests so ima keep an eye on this. Good story so far

I was a die-hard Ford guy.

EW Ford. Found On Road Dead...


are you saying you DON'T drive a F150?

Nope I drive something that's more reliable than A FORD F150 or a CHEVY or a RAM




Toyota Tundra

Well now I'm invested in both stories damnit

Interesting start, but I'm going to wait 2 or 3 chapters before I make a final judgement.


Lol, having been there I liked the very real "why the hell doesn't this work" moment..

Awesome start, can't wait for more.

I am amused, looking forward to continuing to be amused in the future ^^

Hmmmmm...... I am interested in this, added to the tracking list.


EW Ford. Found On Road Dead...

I always thought it was...

Or ill do you one better...

I'm not surprised this is still in Featured even though it has only one chapter

Very nice chapter.

wow such a great rushed chapter and then five months of nothing. really looking forward to all the twists and turns this totally consistently updating story will bring and will totally be completed and not left to rot like it is....

I understand that I wrote this chapter very quickly and didn't pace myself. I was planning on going back through it for editing. However, I just got graduated school and am trying to get myself sorted after moving states. My life comes first, sorry if that isn't what you wanted to hear.

Life comes first, so don't worry.

That said, I would certainly enjoy a new chapter when the time comes :twilightsmile:

As a Ford man myself, love the 351s, 302s, and the 300 inline 6... I have 2 Ranchos, 77 GT, and a 79 500 with them side molding shaved off.

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