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I'm thinking brawler, mainly because I don't feel like I have seen this enough in the website.

Voting for assassin and brawler with a lean towards assassin in case any ties need to be broken.

Darn was hoping for DND online rules or something

U should have added paladin necromancer warlock priest(healing and buffing) archer/ranger u know branch off from the norm those classes u got r very basic and have huge flaws



Yes it is hie. And hie stands for human in equestria

Also i vote swordsman.

Where'd you get the cover art from?

I found it on facebook. The artist watermark in the corner. I tried finding them so I could source but, I couldn't find them.

This could be interesting... I say Brawler

You may need to add a human tag if Anon is human in this

First of all I am sorry if my English is not good. With that said, I want to say the following:

I've seen quite a few Spanish-Speaking fics of the same type, like Equestria RPG, Equestria Fight, to name a few of the Fanfics, but this one seems curious. Usually the "hero chooses between fighter and killer.

Normally I would say the following, to opt for the "sub class" of Battle Mage or Hybrid Espadachin, as are the paladins. More than anything because of the versatility that it can take on the battlefield in the use of magic and obviously sword. In addition, it would be a natural "tank", because swordsmen both by their own resistance and vitality tolerate damage and mages do raw damage, so it is up to you. Again I would ask for swordsman and that you implement variable sub-classes, such as The "Lord Knights" "Cruzader" "paladin" "Runic Knight" by others. Thanks: D

and a very good start.

I've looked at your work and most of them seem to have great ratings. I'll be sure to read them up and I hope this does good ^^

I'm voting Mage. If I were Anon, it's what I'd choose.

If you want my thought process though and how I rate these choices...

  1. Mage: Intelligent gameplay. High intelligence class which relies on magic to do the heavy lifting. Twilight knows magic and will probably teach him some. It opens the possibility of him finding his own way home--or at least negating magic walls like the one Twilight used to trap him.
  2. Assassin: Smart if cowardly gameplay. Probably good at hiding, laying low, and avoiding unnecessary battles.
  3. Brawler: Simple gameplay, but painful. Every problem becomes a nail, where your fist is the hammer. Could be good if he finds the office confining and enjoys exercise and letting out his inner rage. But this is a world with a swordsman class--You want to punch someone wielding swords?
  4. Swordsman: Brave gameplay. Carrying a sword is a statement, so is being a rare race. It marks one as an obvious target, but hiding might not be feasible if he looks alien. You don't even know if you'll get a sword soon--but in time, magic weapons might be an option.

I want to see anon as a mage, but be a brawler fighting with no idea what he's doing but winning at the same time, so maybe like a monk punching things with magic fists

I have to see a physical class because since most of the race knows how to use magic multiple Alcorns can’t stop them that I think we need his more than physical so I’d say probably brawler just because it be funny to see him punch them in the face

I'd vote swordsman but a distinct investment toward learning magic.
Swords are weapons that are relatively easy to learn, versatile (considering all the different types), an effective intimidation tool, and to an extent defensive weapon.

Magic can be powerful but you need to build up to being anything useful, while a human would at least understand to basic idea of operating a sword

"Do you even know how to use a sword?"

"I know which end goes where, does that count for anything?"

Artist is Vincher. Link to their post of the image on Twitter.

I vote for mage too. As an accountant he should excell the most in that class. Unless he has some form of military or martial arts training then possibly brawler or swordsman might be better. As Twilight could act as his mage for magical attacks, defense, buffs, debuffs and such.

I honestly would go with Mage because I think magic will be very more Affective and useful

First pick? Brawler. Second pick? Mage.

Add 'em together and whaddya get?

Or, you know, pretty much every shounen anime ever.

I really don't know how to feel about any of this but if it's a vote I'll go with Brawler you don't see that very often.

Mage, though and though.

While the other classes may give him better stat bonuses, Magic is gonna be an issue off the bat and assuming he can Cross-Class at a later date/level being a Mage now will give him the Ground Work for Mele-Magic.

Also Author, is this an "RPG-Equestria" or is this a "The Gamer" story?

Damn, where summoner class?
Summoner class is the best in every isekai

please tell me it won't be a version of shinchou yuusha and there will be clops

Swordsmen, your typical hero, classic underdog with no magic vs a seemingly invincible foe only to use wit to gain an advantage and become victorious!

Dude, if you're not allowed to mix
Brawler for sureee

Aren't you tired of being nice all the time? Don't you just want to go ape shit some time, let's go brawler!

Holy shit this blew up while I was at work. Guess I will make chapter 1 tomorrow. I will keep voting in mind until I write it though so here is the current standing:

Brawler: 8
Assassin: 1
Swordsman: 4
Mage: 4
I don't know what that RPG thing is so...Idk. This just me telling a kind of RPG story where I let some of you make decisions for the characters. I will then just write chapters based on the votes. I personally love the idea.


I vote Mage.
Because he can become a Necromancer and than multiclass into bard so he can call himself
"The Necrodancer".:pinkiecrazy:
Or he combines Summoner and Enchanter to be a Cummoner.:trollestia:

Mage seems like it'd be the most interesting choice

Str: 10

Dex: 10

Con: 10

Wis: 10

Int: 10

Cha: 10

I see we are D&Ding this bitch. Excellent.


Brawler is for the Chads who cast fist, so its the obvious choice.

assassin because the other ones are overused

Go to the village. Anon needs time to adjust to this new world, therefore he needs rest before he can save Equestria.

Rest, dude just lost half his health, and maybe while in town he could get something to help prevent him from becoming a glass cannon. Also, that Burden of Power debuff is pretty whack.

Go to the Village:
anon needs info, equpments and items...

First of all I’ll go to the village so you can rest up and probably get some better equipment that might be a little that negative affect

(And this is why I would of went as a mage)

Okay, first off, this is my reaction on the selected class.


Second, agree with everyone here, you need a slow start at the beginning and not get ahead of yourself.

What kind of heckin nerd saves a nation by lazing around and talking to old people. It's time for action let's save that mcguffin

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