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Escape from the sinking - Do you see what I mean?


Anthony Grimm is a 30-something adrift in life. He has no wife or children. His old friends have moved on with their lives. His parents barely remember he exists. Life hardly seems worth living to him anymore.

One day, due to some unfortunate events, Anthony dies. But that’s not the end of him. Instead, a powerful entity offers him a chance at a new life in Equestria.

Anthony, determined to live life to the fullest now that he has a second chance, accepts the offer and begins his new life as a pony. What new experiences and adventures does Equestria have in store for him?

Read and find out! :pinkiehappy:

First-person POV

Featured: 4/17/23 :yay: (thanks for the support!)
Back in the box: 8/3/23 :rainbowkiss:

Chapters (5)
Comments ( 175 )

Looking good so far, you have my interest and I look forward to seeing where you take this and wish you the best of luck with it

Starstruck gets up to greet him. He turns and pulls her into a deep kiss. Uh… what?

the way i physically stood up and went what

Lol! I wish I could’ve seen that reaction :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you! I hope to keep up a good rhythm with chapter releases so stay tuned! :twilightsmile:

Let me guess. The ponies are polyamorous and he has no idea.
My mans seems confused AF.

Funny ending. I'm reading all of Lodestar's thoughts in Patrick Stewart's voice.

Great story enjoying it 😎👌

Ok this is a very good story please keep updating it!

Sounds quite promising. Rarely i see fanfic with human turned infant pony. I'll be sure to track this one!

cool start!

keep it up!!!~

bros becoming a pony
hope that doesn't happens to my soilders when theyre dead

pretty good story 10/10, anyways back to the frontlines

Having him not understand the language makes sense but all the lines in what I assume it a made up language, or at least a language I don't get are distracting.

They feel superflous since they won't be used at all later and right now just stop the flow of the story.

I'll be honest; I was wondering how this hit the feature box considering it looks a bit generic. Then I read it and realized "Oh. That's why." The MC being reborn in Equestria, as a tiny baby pony to loving parents, is something I haven't seen before, and the literary mechanics are rock-solid.

I'm excited to see how this develops. There's a certain vibe to this story that I really dig.

This is really good so far, though I hope our MC will be able to do a bit more than nothing soon.

Looking forward to more!

This story is very nice so far. Great horse words! Can’t wait for more :yay::heart:

Interesting premise, I really look forward to next chapters

i like where this going and i hope to see more of it

Man, that's a nice prologue. Honestly tho, I feel Anthony here, as a 32 going on 33 something myself with nary an achievement to my name.
Feels very real.

I like Faust here, it's rare to see her in fictions, though I doubt she'll be doing much more here than just setting up the story.
Anyway, I'd definitely take her offer, beats out Earth by a country mile.

Looking forward to more of this, the chapter quality is great and just enough chapter length to get invested.

I think Gilded Sister started similarly to this if you wanted to check out another one

I feel like I recognize the language being spoken here. Like, I can read the words and figure out the words at like 60% accuracy, familiar, yet different, like the rest of this story.

That ending has me thinking that Herding is a thing here. That or ponies are just free with love and expression. Pretty sure he's not a sleaze ball though since no one seemed surprised that his mom showed up so quickly or acted in any way to hurry up to not be seen.

Anyway, looking forward to more of this, and it feels like we're before m6 timeline, I haven't checked the tags as of writing this comment, so I'm curious to see what you have lined up for Lode Star/Lodestar

*Edit* seems m6 is in the tags, so this event here is probably when the rest of the m6 are also young or not yet born. Be interesting to see someone far older hang out with 6, as I've seen younger or same age before.

Thanks for the comment!

Yes, I tried to make the language familiar by basing a lot of root sounds off of the same roots that English uses. Glad you noticed that. It’s a lot of extra work for a small detail, but I’m all about the small details :twilightblush:

Your predictions on herding and the timeline are on the right track, too. To that I’ll just say, “read and find out!”

I dig this a lot.
Keep up the awesome work.

I don't imagine the formative years will last long, judging by the already several months passing in just a chapter.
That said, it's always gonna be feel bad to not see the meat of the work when you're waiting for updates.
Like, waiting for updates, I want action now, who cares if word count is less than 20000, I wanna know what happens!
If fic is already done, well, it can go as slow as it wants. 3m words? Awesome, just more to read.

Basically, I understand the want for a time skip, but I know the story would be more enjoyable overall if the Author is allowed to go at their own pace and fill in the time as they want to.

Gleaming Shield...
Makes me think of one or two possibilities here.
First: This is an au of mlp, where the characters are gender-swapped. Don't really have any idea as to why, but I feel like it's not really like this as much as the second one.
Second: Only the main characters that are around the same age as Lodestone will be mares, or at least those he interacts with fully. That way herd things would be a more prominent part of his maturing.

Again. These are ideas. Not necessarily what it's gonna be. Just some thoughts about what might happen is all.

Or it's a mistranslation on the part of the not-pony.

WOOO lets go another chapter
this one went so hard

Well this definitely confirms that Lodestar is gonna be Older than the m6, or at the very least, older than Twilight.

I can also see, depending on how that baby date goes, that Lodestar and his "apparent love" of books, will be a way to establish a connection to Twilight. There will most definitely at least be a brotherly bond between him and "Gleaming Armor" I feel.

This is getting pretty exciting, looking forward to another chapter.

I love the close translations on the names. "Half-Lit" sounds like an insult until you realize that it is a pretty close approximation of the meaning of her name.

But, I digress. The main point is that polygamy and polyamorous relationships seem to be the norm here. Starstruck isn’t the only other mare in the herd.

that's actually fascinating as hell to me

It’s funny. When I was an online accountant I used to keep track of electronic currencies like bitcoin. Now it looks like I’ll still be using bit-coins in this world… Ahem . That was a joke if you’re not laughing.

that got me

“ Myné galegi! ”


keep up the amzing story, i am a huge fan

Thank you!

I do try to make them make sense in a way. Takes a lot of research sometime and looking through a thesaurus. I’m glad it’s appreciated. :twilightsheepish:

You’ve got a lot of great theories there. Out of every comment I’ve seen yours are always very close to my train of thought (are you reading my mind?!? :rainbowderp:).
I’m happy someone is picking up on the foreshadowing. :raritywink:

Hmm, maybe not reading your mind so much as following a train of logic. Which is a good thing, a story that makes sense based on what's written and allowing us to come up with these conclusions means it's so far, a good story. Or I could just be picking up the brain waves you're putting out. You'll never know.

But yeah, I'm thoroughly enjoying this alien yet familiar setting, and I'll be glad to leave my thoughts on each chapter so long as you enjoy reading them.

I’m really enjoying reading your reactions to the story. Seems like you’re reacting right at the points I was hoping. Thank you for the continued support. :pinkiehappy:

bro i might be one of your biggest fans lol, this story is almost everything i look for

I can't wait for more

I was excited to see you updated today. Another entertaining chapter, looking forward to more and seeing where you and the protagonist take things. Keep up the good work!

Aw, thanks!:twilightblush:
I’ll try to keep the content coming. Thank you for the support!

I really like the way you’re bringing this story together. I look forward to more! Thank you for sharing it.

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