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I have accomplished my halfway point of my goal and am now a halfway decent writer. Thank you to all the friends and fans who support me.

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I didn't think No Means No was too bad, it just had a lot of miss-spellings and contextual missuses of words and homophones

Hmmm, some context about his past would be nice. I mean, I know that this story is relatively new and that his past may be brought up later on in more journal entries( Personally, I think you should call the chapters that, just for variety). Other than some grammar mistakes, it’s an interesting story!

I personally liked No means no. This journal entry seems to go all over the place. I'll read the next chapter to see if it improves.

This chapter was better. Less a journal entry and more a moment in the life. I like that. Plus dialogue.

The first journal entry was a prologue without specifically being a prologue. That whole entry is ironic.

No means no was actually pretty good. So I wouldn't say it's terrible.

I was just tired of people bashing it. I've got most of the same concepts but without all the randomness and to be quite honest it was incredibly cringeworthy looking back on it. But I've grown and experienced a lot more, plus this gives me the opportunity to write more. I fell off that wagon but now I'm getting right back on it.

You know I didn't think your other story was that bad. But this is better. Hope to read more soon.

Hmhmhm. Atta boy Mickey.

Good for you. I hope you are able to stay on the wagon this time.:raritywink:

Looks like things are going at a slower pace this time.

Applebloom is supposed to be Apple Bloom. Other than that, I like where this is headed.

Ha. Between the Lions. Nice.

Also, wouldn't Zecora be in line for head mare? Since she's obviously had the longest relationship with Mick? It was clearly a "friends with benefits" type deal, but still...

I'm getting to it. I'd never leave out my favorite zebra.

I can see Discord heading to Canterlot to get himself a front row seat for this.

I think the story you are looking for is :

TChaos: the Age of Spike
Discord retired from being the god of chaos, naming Spike as his replacement. With the CMC as his agents of chaos, this is a new age of chaos for Equestria: the Age of Spike
Kaliann25 · 288k words  ·  276  26 · 8.4k views

I found it a wonderful tale of opposite sides living & working together.
I hope to see more of your incredible work soon!! :pinkiehappy:

Here is an interesting point that is brought up from time to time:
Why did the elements banish Luna to the moon when Celestia had them but cured her darkness when the main 6 had them?
Hmmm, suspicious...

and thus the glass sealing finally cracks time for the truth to be revealed for all to see and the Equestrian empire to fall!!!

What was so bad about it? Why did people bash it?

It was all over the place is my best guess, I made Mickey's mood flip flop over the place and made him be a total douche. So I wouldn't make it seem like he was even consistent. But I'm rewriting it and now have a plot planned out.

Not that I'm complaining, but what happened to the confrontation with Celestia?

Oh, okay. The confrontation hasn't happened yet. "Curiouser and curiouser."

Then again why should have I expected anything less, she's a master chess player and I'm a wildcard that was thrown onto her game of roulette.

Sounds like Zap Branagain right there.

I don't call him Big Mac because it would just remind me of a cheeseburger

Why did you do that to me?

"Luna had a 1,000-year hiatus on the moon when she got pissy and threw the world into an extended daylight savings." I countered.


"That's a tarp." Rainbow pointed it out.

Am I the only one that read that as trap?

Huh, I doubt that this is going to end well...
I know nothing for what may happen next, but I hope that Micky will live through it.

well shit Mickey knows how to lay on people

Well, may Faust have mercy on their souls.

I was a willing participant in that, like a legendary teal armored space warrior from the future would say 'bow chicka bow wow', all jokes aside I was sitting out in my cellar.

Noice red vs blue reference


Well, Tree Hugger is a Hippee, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. Although, I think she may have gone a bit overboard.

To be honest, i'd be surprised if he went to the sleepover.... and now that i said that, he's gonna go, isn't he?... :facehoof:

Alright, now tell me what are the winning lottery numbers?

here's numbers for the Rapido lottery in Russia:derpytongue2:
01-04-06-08-11-14-18-19 / 03


PS: you forgot to specify what lottery...:moustache:

Cold, the air and water flowin'
Hard, the land we call our home
Push, to keep the dark from comin'
Feel the weight of what we owe
This, the song of sons and daughters
Hide, the heart of who we are
Making peace to build a future
Strong, united, working til we fall
And we all lift
And we're all adrift together
Through the cold mist
Til we're lifeless together

Perfect song. Always a favorite.

I grabbed a bag I hadn't used in about a year or so, I used to bring it with me to work. When I took breaks, I brought water as well but mainly it was just things to fuck around with when I wasn't busy, like a book I was in the middle of reading, or a knife and a block of wood to make a new carving. I didn't get out much. I had emptied it a long while back when I became a bit more reclusive. Now I was going to use it for something, a little bit more fun. I put some clothing in it, toothbrush, toothpaste, and my memory foam pillow. I have problems with my neck sue me, actually don't. I don't have any fucking money, I built the things I have the, rest were given to me.

Wrong order


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