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I don't like most of their attitudes against Spike's new "body change". I mean, it's not that big of a deal????!!!! He finally grows up, and has become some sort of a Chad to them!!!!!

So, why the Hell aren't the Mane Six, and the other girls get horny on his handsome body. And are over reacting that he is the Hulk or something, and are so bothered by it?!

Heck, most of Ponyville and even the CMC mistreated him for his new body. And Celestia stupidity misinterpret what she says, that he is "dangerous", and has to leave???!!!

It makes me so PISSED OFF, that I want to punch Celestia's groin area multiple times! Johnny Cage and Cassie Cage styles!!!!

Edit: Why a dislike?! I just defending Spike's honor!

It'll all be explained in the next chapter... remember this is somewhat of a Nopor


Yeah, like I said. Hopefully, you should edit that.

So, they will be Romance, Sex, Pron and Fetishs due to the tags. But, it's the type that has a Plot Story, correct?

So I'm dying of laughter atm. I'm very much invested in this:rainbowlaugh:

Not a bad start. I do see quite a few spelling errors though. Might want to take another look over it, or have someone else look it over. I can maybe try if you want.

One such instance:

“Is it true you are mortified of Spiders?” said Fluttershy

“Yes, a million times yes, I can even look at them without fainting,” said Sunset

Pretty sure you meant 'can't' there.

EDIT: Also it'd be "Asked Fluttershy" as she's asking a question.

However there is one BIG thing I need to point out. So you have Applebloom arrive at Zecora's and Zecora slyly says Applebloom can wait in her house for her to return. EXCEPT when Spike is walking through town:

“Nah, Applejack would defeat’im faster,” said Applebloom

How did Applebloom say this if she's stuck at Zecora's?

Love the story, hope to see more chapters soon. :twilightsmile:

Damn bro she is hooooooooorny!!!!!!!

“For the first time I have to agree with AJ, it’s this sort of behavior that drew him away, I mean, we all know that you like him, and that he’s turned you down more times than considered legal, but…” Rainbow Dash started.

Actually, Spike never even realized her advances, so he never rejected her,” Fluttershy defended Rarity

Refreshing to see the Sparity issue (just a term, not the ship surprisingly) is on the other foot, as far as Rarity is concerned...like the saying goes: "You don't know what you got til it's gone." I can see another point where some creature else is gonna have a Dragon Prince and Rarity missed her chance being so cautious...

Damn stop putting stuff in sparity fokder that ain't. I demand this to be taken out sparity group!
I skipped all the ewww incest part btw I'm not being dragged into a twi spike fooled by this being supposed to be sparity why do you play with readers feelings? I really don't have time to waste reading stuff i ain't like. And I hate anti sparity btw.

Forgot to mention, twilight is a terrible friend. She goes with the guy her friend likes without even telling her anything first. Ewww twi.

This is fun for sure. Tho I do think that it would be great if not all the girls and ever mare in town is attracted to him. You made a very clear point in the last chapter to address that there are many different sexualities and things between the group. So I think if not ALL of them want him would be fitting. Just like how ever mare in town shouldn't throw themselves at him. I think having a core group and we see those relationships build, grow, and evolve would be so much better than a story where every chapter is a new female throwing themselves at Spike.

Then trust me, you'll enjoy the next chapter.
Possibly coming out tomorrow

The synopsis confuses me. When did the Storm King appear in the Equestria girls world? And when did Ponyville ever appear in it?

It's a minor crossover, it was easier than explaining why there is a version of Sunset Shimmer around.

“ARGH!! IT’S NO USE!!!” screamed Twilight as she threw the book into the air “No matter how many books I read, I still can’t stop thinking about Spike and Rarity… maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to the idea… Nah, knowing Rarity, she would’ve raped him if I hadn’t, plus, she’ll only have him for tonight, so that means, tomorrow Spike and I can go back to making babies!... Oh yeah, still not on my period… oh well, we can still have a great time, just the 2 of us,” she said

WTF?! Twilight!!! Plus, Rarity would never f****** do that! And Spike will hate her, and possibly the rest of you forever. And this potential act, will give him a good reason to leave, due to your psychotic sex drives!!

“Girls?... why don’t we…” Spike began

“SIP IT SPIKE!!!!” they both screamed at him making shut his mouth

I won't act submissive as Spike. I mean, a Real Man NEEDS to have his say to this too? Otherwise, this won't be a equal relationship.

And they casually making it like Spike is just a "living sex toy" for them to share with. This will not stand!

And maybe have Celestia or Spike himself stop this jealous rivalry. Before they do something that they will heavily regret from their uncontrolled envy and lust!!!

Why did I get Fairy Tail vibes from this?

...Because that's a plus in my book!

Twilight is such a whore and terrible friend. I really hate hey in this fic. And I hope the stalker is fs and she gets to be with some and rarity and NOT with twilight. But heh that's me.

Pia, I have a feeling the "stalker" is indeed Fluttershy, so I am looking forward to seeing her. We know from the previous context tha Shy has romantic feelings for Spike as well as Rarity, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie (I speculate she is the fourth of the Mane 6 that will reveal she has a crush on New Spike, but often times I'm wrong :derpytongue2:) Though I think she is gonna surprisingly show she's the most promiscuous of the mares. As the saying goes: "Its always the quiet ones..."

Would love to see the element’s mothers react to spike.

Whenever I think of Gowan I only remember A Criminal Mind.

Not to sound like a dick when I say this, but this chapter is littered with misplaced "he"s instead of "she"s and some words are just misspelled outright. Again, not trying to sound like a dick but please be sure to check the spelling before posting the chapters. Other than that, it's a great story. Keep up the great work underrated Drake.


"We shouldn't be doing this here." Rainbow Dash moaned as she slowly dropped to her knees and began to kiss and lick the tip of Soarin's throbbing dick.


The writing in this chapter ruined it.

"But... but Shy! I really have to pee!" Robbie protested.

Who the fuck is Robbie?

He was the main character in the old version of this story, before I modified it for ROMDRA

I want to see a new chapter 😭

Not to sound rude, but when is this story going to be updated? Again, not trying to sound rude or impatient but other readers and I really like this story and would like to see where it is going.

Comment posted by BloomyJack_22 deleted Oct 5th, 2022

"But then came a news she never thought she’d recibe".
The word Recibe. 🤨. It's supposed to be receive. Here is a misspelling.

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